Toto didn’t come!

Last week, Whisper Mountain was joyfully invaded by some great people from Kansas!  Group in coveThese seniors and their leaders spent their end of year trip serving different ministries in multiple locations! We felt so blessed to have them choose WM as one of their stops!

They helped us dig holes for our amphitheater seating in the prayer garden, helped drop and chop dead trees around the property, and several other small yet important jobs around camp!Cove


Tree drop
In between the work they were given the chance to scale new heights…High ropes

High ropes 2
High ropes 3
High ropes 4
High ropes 5
High ropes 6 …and run through the woods!Pntball 

Pntball 2
Thank you, Kansas Team! We loved having you and feel blessed by your footprints left behind!

2 thoughts on “Toto didn’t come!

  1. Thanks for the pics; memories abundant and awesome, in a Godly way.
    Thanks for the privilege of sharing in the ministry.
    Jeff Walker


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