Awesomeness Takes the Stage 2019 | Ellie

She’s a delight. She’s fun. She’s got some moves. She’s in love with Jesus. She’s ELLIE! Welcome her to the Awesomeness Takes the Stage today, will you?!

ATS Ellie Name Card

We were so thankful when we heard Ellie wanted to come back as a Guide this summer! We loved having her last year! She’s got the sweetest demeanor about her. I haven’t met a person yet that doesn’t love her!

Ellie Welcomes Campers

Her excitement to serve is contagious and she never displays an attitude other than, “I’d love to!” She bubbles with joy — she’s refreshing to all who are around her!

ATS Ellie and Alex

And she’s pretty great about making people feel at home that might not otherwise feel that! Which is perfect for campers getting to spend the week with her. Ellie makes people feel special because she has the filter of Christ for all things in life.

ATS Ellie Boowhip

Ellie, thank you for coming back and for spending your life pointing people to Jesus! We are all encouraged by your living!

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Summer Camp 2019 | Southbrook 1

When the groups coming to us are too large, often they will divide their group into two separate weeks of camp. Definitely not ideal, but we are completely thankful youth pastors value our ministry here at Whisper Mountain enough to come two separate times during the summer! SO last week was Southbrook Week 1!

Southbrook Church at Whisper Mountain Camp

They came on a big bus from Charlotte and because of our current property layout, there’s not a great turn around place for big ole buses. The teens get dropped at our gate and get to walk the trail to their cabins. If you’ve ever been here, you know how big of a walk that is! Talk about instant immersion😂!

Southbrook Arrival walk.adrienneSouthbrook Arrival Walk.cassi

Nobody seems mad about it though! They are just happy to finally be at camp!

Southbrook fun at Whisper Mountain CampSouthbrook at the Lake.cassi

While we were all about having fun with Southbrook;

Southbrook High Ropes BattleSouthbrook High Ropes Dangling Duo

and we worked hard to make the adventure purposeful and life lessons tangible;

Southbrook Solo TimeSouthbrook Solo Time 4Southbrook Solo Time3

it was actually the time spent alone being quiet in God’s Word that we heard the most feedback from! Because it doesn’t matter what we plan or how well we execute a plan, God’s Spirit moving in personal and powerful ways in teen’s lives is where it’s at! And Southbrook Part 1 experienced God this week!

Southbrook Boyz.Cassi

Thanks for coming and spending a week with us! Keep pursuing Jesus! Be Holy because He is Holy!

Find pictures from their week using #southbrookatwm on Instagram or on our Facebook page!

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Awesomeness Takes the Stage 2019 | Adrienne

Have you ever been walking along with your arms so full you’re about to drop everything AND you have to get a door open? You’re struggling, struggling and then — praise the Lord — someone shows up just as your arms are about to give out and drop it all; and that someone not only opens the door for you but takes the heaviest load out of your arms too. The biggest wave of relief and ginormous amounts of gratitude wash over you and bubble out of you and you get reminded that everything’s going to be okay! Do you know what I’m talking about? That’s Adrienne Brand for me (Cassi)! Let’s welcome her to the Awesomeness Takes the Stage today!

ATS Adrienne Name Card

Adrienne is our camp’s photographer this summer, although she also wears a partial guide hat as well! Have you been seeing some of her pictures on Instagram or Facebook?! She’s capturing the story of camp so so well! Ahh, I’m just so thankful!

ATS Adrienne Camera

Adrienne brings much more to the proverbial table than her camera though! She’s a willing servant, a listening friend, and an encouraging role model to these campers coming through the gates and the staff she’s living with all summer!

ATS Adrienne Laughing

ATS Adrienne and Jessie

She is quiet in her approach to connection but gives the touch of sincerity and kindness that really makes people feel seen and heard. And she likes to laugh! Getting to see God use Adrienne’s gifts and grow her in new ways — it’s a privilege to see!

ATS Adrienne Cart

Thank you, Adrienne, for giving your summer to serve and capture the power of camp with your lens and for being here with us! We are all pretty thankful to have you on the team this year! (But I don’t think anyone appreciates you as much as I do 😉 !)

Author + Photography | Cassi

Awesomeness Takes the Stage 2019 | Chaz

We are kicking off this summer’s Awesomeness Takes the Stage today! In case you are unfamiliar with this, we like to spotlight each of our staff to help you get to know them a little better! We get to see how awesome they are every single day, but you need to know too! So let’s dive in with Chaz Grant!

Chaz Name Card 2019

Like almost all our other staff, he started at Whisper Mountain as a camper! The top 3 things that come to mind when I think of Chaz: initiative, trustworthy, invader of personal bubbles. We know we can fully depend on Chaz for whatever comes up.

Chaz Lead Guide

We have had Chaz on our team for the past four years! His first year with us on staff was as a GIT — a Guide In Training! We were super impressed with his initiative and willingness to do whatever needed to be done. He continues to excel at both! Now he serves as Lead Guide, helping to lead the staff and make all the things run smoothly for the campers! He does so with such ease, knowing the role like the back of his hand, but still wearing an attitude of service and joy.

Chaz with campers

Even though he enjoys invading people’s personal bubbles, his sincere care for people is one way he really shines His love for Jesus.

Chaz Welcome Hug

We are thankful for the front row seat we’ve had getting to see God grow Chaz over these last four years. We are completely thankful to have Chaz serving with us again this summer! He is one of the manly’s on campus that gives us hope for this generation of men entering the world!

Be that world changer, Chaz! We have loved getting to watch God grow you into a man who shares His love with this needy world! Thank you for being part of the WM Fam! 

[See his second year spotlight here! (sorry, we missed last year’s spotlights!)]

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Summer Camp 2019| Relevance Community’s Impact Youth

Last week we welcomed our first campers of the summer to Whisper Mountain! Relevance Community Church has a heart to serve people and sending their teens to camp at Whisper Mountain is more about them coming as a work team to minister in our local community!

Relevance Group Pic.adrienne

The Landscape Team went out to help clean up the yards of those who were no longer able to do so.

Relevance Landscape HouseRelevance LandscapersRelevance Landscapers2

The Hospitality Team helped out at a thrift store, spent time with those living in the nursing home, and played music and helped people out to their car with groceries at the local Ingles.

Relevance HospitalityRelevance Thrift

The final team was an onsite construction team that helped to build a staircase coming down from our cabins to the Hub! YESSSSSSS! Amazing!

Relevance Construction BeforeRelevance ConstructionRelevance Construction After

Of course when all the work was done for the day, our staff was able to lead them in worship and teaching and they were able to have some fun at the lake too!

Relevance Lake2.adrienneRelevance Lake1

Aptly named, Impact Youth have impacted us here at Whisper Mountain and in our local community. Thank you for loving through serving! Keep chasing Jesus above all else!

Find pictures from their week on our Instagram feed with #impactstudentsatwm or on our Facebook page!


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2019 Summer Beginnings

2019 Meet Summer Staff

Maybe it’s because God gives us just who we need each summer, but every year we find ourselves saying how great our staff is. This year is no different — we have a GREAT team working with us this summer!

2019 Summer Staff Pic

I look forward to introducing you to each of the staff through the summer months, but for now you need to know we have the strongest worship band we’ve probably ever had, each is capable even if still learning their gift set, and all are sincere and caring people who love Jesus and are pretty pumped to help others know Him too! Aren’t they beautiful humans?!

We hope you’ll enjoy “getting to know” each staff as we share about them individually all summer long! For now — off to train a bunch more so they are even more prepared to work with all these teens coming our way! To God be the Glory!

Author + Photography | Cassi

Life is Better with Strawberry Pie!

Spring is in the air here in North Carolina and we are beyond excited to see the sun and feel the warmth again! Winters make the springs more beautiful! Without them, we wouldn’t appreciate the beauty as much! In life too, ya know?!

Strawbery Pie Strawberries

Spring is a great time to make strawberry pie since the fruit is in season then! Our family can’t stop making and eating this recipe we love from A Year of Pies by Ashley English (don’t forget to put us in your if you purchase this delicious book!)!

Strawberry Pie Book

Strawberry Pie Dough

Selah has been taking pie lessons from a woman in our community that we love dearly! She talks about mentorship while baking the pie in Whisper Mountain’s Latest YouTube Video!

Strawberry Pie PicnicStrawberry Pie Slice

Using Pampered Chef’s quality baking stones and utensils made this pie a snap to put together.

Strawberry Pie ForkfulStrawberry Pie EatersStrawberry Pie Plate

We made even quicker work of downing this thing! So delicious! Did you know you can get your kitchen well stocked and support Whisper Mountain at the same time?!

Strawberry Pie Shop Link

Shop through our link to help meet needs at camp! You can also host a catalog show if you’d like! To find out more on that, email us at!

Whatever you do…go enjoy the season you’re in, with or without pie!

Strawberry Pie YouTube Screenshot

Head to the YouTube Video!


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Weavings Were Woven | Spring Craftivities 2019

Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 1We had such a great time with the ladies who came to our Spring Craftivities Event last weekend! Getting away, even when we think we can’t, to do something we don’t always do has a way of sparking life inside our souls! We saw this be true for these women!

Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 2Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 8

We learned the basics of weaving (on a loom — not to be confused with basket weaving, cough Anna Gab, cough cough! 😉) and were given the opportunity to create whatever masterpiece we could think up!

Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 4

Here’s the fun part: everyone was given the same supplies, the same amount of time and the same set up, but every single loom was woven from a very different place. Each person brought something different to their piece and it was amazing and exquisite and such a wonderful reminder of our uniqueness!

Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 3Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 10

We spent a little time talking about such things and more application found through the experience and found encouragement through the Word in little snippets throughout the weekend. So fueling and refreshing!

Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 5Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 9

Along with the enjoyment found in weaving, many found frustration when the project wasn’t getting done quickly enough, or they wanted to be on the other side of the project. Having persevered, every woman went home a little proud of their accomplishment and a lot thankful for having done something creative!

Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 7

If you were on the fence or unable to come this time, how about planning to join us in September for our next Craftivities Event! September 28th! Block it off now, work it out with your friend or family! Plan to be here! You won’t regret it!!

Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 6

Thanks for coming ladies — it was a joy to spend the weekend with you! Hope to see you soon!



Author + Photography | Cassi


Crossover Outreach

Crossover Outreach Group

What a week with this all guys group! For many, coming to Whisper Mountain Camp was the first time leaving their city! Imagine only knowing a Florida landscape and coming up to these North Carolina mountains! What’s a hammock? I have to walk all they way up what mountain? To where? Again?


But the challenges they willingly faced, the group building they experienced, the rivalry they laughed through, the practiced quiet they discovered…the whole week was new and tough and an opportunity for growth.


Not all of them knew Jesus, but they have been given the chance to hear of His love and to experience His love through the amazing commitment of their leaders, who in many ways have proven to be father figures for many of these guys!


We were entertained by the fun personalities, encouraged to see God working in their hearts and through their leaders and challenged to connect and Proclaim Christ to any and all groups God sends our way!

WM VOlunteers

And we are so grateful for the crowd of volunteers we found ourselves sharing the work load with! WE HAVE THE BEST VOLUNTEERS! They are our superheroes! Thanks guys for loving and serving with us this week!

And thank you Crossover Outreach for coming to Whisper Mountain! We pray God continues to show Himself to each of you and infuses you leaders with His love and strength as you continue to serve these teens!


See more of their time with us on our Instagram or Instagram Highlights!



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A [Cheesey] Gathering

Cheese Party 1

Sometimes we can overcomplicate things that are really meant to be simple. For example: gathering people together. We might say, I can’t invite them because the house is gross. I can’t have anyone over because my house isn’t good enough. I can’t get together with them because I don’t have time to make anything. I can’t… I can’t… I can’t… We will always find excuses for things, but in the excusing we are missing out and settling for a life lacking a fullness and depth! The times I have felt most loved and at home with others is when I was welcomed into their reality, their mess, their not-so-put-together lives. Because I can relate to that. And I bet you can too!

Cheese Party 2

If you’ve been craving community lately, don’t wait for someone else to plan it! Jump in, be brave, ask some people over! But take the pressure off and keep it simple! Pick up the house (not required!), but don’t scrub it. Think about the food, but keep it simple; or better yet, ask them to bring something! Don’t know what to do when they come? Conversations are great! Play a game! (or combine the two with a game like this!) When people get together, things naturally just take place! So know worries about “entertaining” them!

Cheese party 3

Selah recently had some friends over and made some simple snacks! She enjoys making things, so she made some pita chips and churro dip (something similar to this!) along with a cheese plate and chips and salsa. Watch the latest In the Kitchen with Selah video for inspiration!

Selah In the Kitchen Cheese Party

If you don’t enjoy making things, no sweat! Ask everyone to bring their favorite snack and you do the drinks or something like that. The bottom line is: gather your people together. Doing life within a community of people can feel hard sometimes, but the bravery and investment is always worth it in the end! God created us for community — with Him and His family! So lead the way if no one else is!

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*Note: We create these “In the Kitchen” videos for inspiration and to help promote Pampered Chef as a fundraiser for Whisper Mountain Camp! All proceeds go to WM! If you’d like to shop to support us, follow the link here!

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