Life is Better with Strawberry Pie!

Spring is in the air here in North Carolina and we are beyond excited to see the sun and feel the warmth again! Winters make the springs more beautiful! Without them, we wouldn’t appreciate the beauty as much! In life too, ya know?!

Strawbery Pie Strawberries

Spring is a great time to make strawberry pie since the fruit is in season then! Our family can’t stop making and eating this recipe we love from A Year of Pies by Ashley English (don’t forget to put us in your if you purchase this delicious book!)!

Strawberry Pie Book

Strawberry Pie Dough

Selah has been taking pie lessons from a woman in our community that we love dearly! She talks about mentorship while baking the pie in Whisper Mountain’s Latest YouTube Video!

Strawberry Pie PicnicStrawberry Pie Slice

Using Pampered Chef’s quality baking stones and utensils made this pie a snap to put together.

Strawberry Pie ForkfulStrawberry Pie EatersStrawberry Pie Plate

We made even quicker work of downing this thing! So delicious! Did you know you can get your kitchen well stocked and support Whisper Mountain at the same time?!

Strawberry Pie Shop Link

Shop through our link to help meet needs at camp! You can also host a catalog show if you’d like! To find out more on that, email us at!

Whatever you do…go enjoy the season you’re in, with or without pie!

Strawberry Pie YouTube Screenshot

Head to the YouTube Video!


Author + Photography | Cassi


Weavings Were Woven | Spring Craftivities 2019

Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 1We had such a great time with the ladies who came to our Spring Craftivities Event last weekend! Getting away, even when we think we can’t, to do something we don’t always do has a way of sparking life inside our souls! We saw this be true for these women!

Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 2Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 8

We learned the basics of weaving (on a loom — not to be confused with basket weaving, cough Anna Gab, cough cough! 😉) and were given the opportunity to create whatever masterpiece we could think up!

Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 4

Here’s the fun part: everyone was given the same supplies, the same amount of time and the same set up, but every single loom was woven from a very different place. Each person brought something different to their piece and it was amazing and exquisite and such a wonderful reminder of our uniqueness!

Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 3Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 10

We spent a little time talking about such things and more application found through the experience and found encouragement through the Word in little snippets throughout the weekend. So fueling and refreshing!

Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 5Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 9

Along with the enjoyment found in weaving, many found frustration when the project wasn’t getting done quickly enough, or they wanted to be on the other side of the project. Having persevered, every woman went home a little proud of their accomplishment and a lot thankful for having done something creative!

Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 7

If you were on the fence or unable to come this time, how about planning to join us in September for our next Craftivities Event! September 28th! Block it off now, work it out with your friend or family! Plan to be here! You won’t regret it!!

Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 6

Thanks for coming ladies — it was a joy to spend the weekend with you! Hope to see you soon!



Author + Photography | Cassi


Crossover Outreach

Crossover Outreach Group

What a week with this all guys group! For many, coming to Whisper Mountain Camp was the first time leaving their city! Imagine only knowing a Florida landscape and coming up to these North Carolina mountains! What’s a hammock? I have to walk all they way up what mountain? To where? Again?


But the challenges they willingly faced, the group building they experienced, the rivalry they laughed through, the practiced quiet they discovered…the whole week was new and tough and an opportunity for growth.


Not all of them knew Jesus, but they have been given the chance to hear of His love and to experience His love through the amazing commitment of their leaders, who in many ways have proven to be father figures for many of these guys!


We were entertained by the fun personalities, encouraged to see God working in their hearts and through their leaders and challenged to connect and Proclaim Christ to any and all groups God sends our way!

WM VOlunteers

And we are so grateful for the crowd of volunteers we found ourselves sharing the work load with! WE HAVE THE BEST VOLUNTEERS! They are our superheroes! Thanks guys for loving and serving with us this week!

And thank you Crossover Outreach for coming to Whisper Mountain! We pray God continues to show Himself to each of you and infuses you leaders with His love and strength as you continue to serve these teens!


See more of their time with us on our Instagram or Instagram Highlights!



Author | Cassi

A [Cheesey] Gathering

Cheese Party 1

Sometimes we can overcomplicate things that are really meant to be simple. For example: gathering people together. We might say, I can’t invite them because the house is gross. I can’t have anyone over because my house isn’t good enough. I can’t get together with them because I don’t have time to make anything. I can’t… I can’t… I can’t… We will always find excuses for things, but in the excusing we are missing out and settling for a life lacking a fullness and depth! The times I have felt most loved and at home with others is when I was welcomed into their reality, their mess, their not-so-put-together lives. Because I can relate to that. And I bet you can too!

Cheese Party 2

If you’ve been craving community lately, don’t wait for someone else to plan it! Jump in, be brave, ask some people over! But take the pressure off and keep it simple! Pick up the house (not required!), but don’t scrub it. Think about the food, but keep it simple; or better yet, ask them to bring something! Don’t know what to do when they come? Conversations are great! Play a game! (or combine the two with a game like this!) When people get together, things naturally just take place! So know worries about “entertaining” them!

Cheese party 3

Selah recently had some friends over and made some simple snacks! She enjoys making things, so she made some pita chips and churro dip (something similar to this!) along with a cheese plate and chips and salsa. Watch the latest In the Kitchen with Selah video for inspiration!

Selah In the Kitchen Cheese Party

If you don’t enjoy making things, no sweat! Ask everyone to bring their favorite snack and you do the drinks or something like that. The bottom line is: gather your people together. Doing life within a community of people can feel hard sometimes, but the bravery and investment is always worth it in the end! God created us for community — with Him and His family! So lead the way if no one else is!

Thanks for reading here and watching on YouTube! Subscribe to see all the latest!

*Note: We create these “In the Kitchen” videos for inspiration and to help promote Pampered Chef as a fundraiser for Whisper Mountain Camp! All proceeds go to WM! If you’d like to shop to support us, follow the link here!

Author + Photography | Cassi 

staff take a road trip | GIC 2019

GIC Title Pic

A couple weeks ago our staff hit the road and headed down to Florida for a week to participate in what’s called the Global Impact Conference! As a supporting church of Whisper Mountain Camp, McGregor Baptist invited us (and many other missionaries they support) to participate in their weekend of blessing and encouragement. We couldn’t be more thankful to have been included.

GIC Connection1GIC Connection2GIC Connection3

Much of our week was spent connecting with people, life groups, churches, families and friends. The community of people within Whisper Mountain is amazing! People who share our heart to proclaim Christ to teens, who support us and participate with us, who encourage us to keep going! Amazing: the number of people God pulls into His work here at WM! We wouldn’t be able to do any of what we do without the community He’s pulled together! (If you’re part of this – thank you for being here!)

GIC Beach2GIC Beach1GIC Pool1

Along with the event, gathering and meeting with people, and some of us getting brave to speak in front of crowds, we were also able to have a few stolen moments of play and relaxation! A quick swim here, a hurried beach walk there, a nap when possible.

GIC Nash Home

How refreshing to find a piece of hold still and enjoy the beauty of winter days in Southwest Florida! We were completely thankful for the hospitality of Brad and Melloe Nash! They welcomed us, invited us to make ourselves at home (which we took them up on!) and overwhelmed us with love and fellowship and goodness of all kinds.

We put together a video to give you a glimpse into our trip! We hope you enjoy!

Thank you to all who made the time to meet with us, encourage us, and give to us in some way! You are a big reason we remain encouraged to keep going in this thing called camp ministry!

Come visit soon!



Author + Photography | Cassi

A Basketball Team Escapes the Noise

2019 kaleigh team laughing

Last weekend we had a middle school basketball team come to camp for a retreat! Kaleigh, who was first a camper and then a summer staffer, is now a teacher and coach! She wants more for her team than just a winning record on the court! She is after their hearts knowing and loving Jesus! Which of course we think is amazing and we want to support in any way we can!

2019 kaleigh team worship

The team giggled their way through the weekend, having moments alone with Jesus, moments of worship with former staff Hayden and challenges by Kaleigh and Shaun.

2019 kaleigh team gym

They worked on their team unity and strength with our Low Ropes Elements. They were even able to catch a local game in town while they were here!

2019 kaleigh team group

We don’t know if this was the most life-changing weekend of their entire lives, but we do know their group left stronger and more sure of God’s love for them. Do you find the same true in your own life as we do in ours: that those small things in our walks with the Lord are really the big things? A little more surrender, a little more trusting, a little more growing! When it comes to the things of the heart, those things take time! So keep investing in your walk with the Lord. He is always working!

We are thankful to have had the time to invest in these girls along with Kaleigh (and Brent who drove the bus and hung out all weekend!). These times away really matter!

(want to have your own retreat with us? visit our retreat page for more information!)

Author | Cassi  >>  Photography | Cassi & Brent


Teens Study the Bible

Sometimes our world can feel overcome by darkness and suffering. The way America is headed can feel daunting and too far gone. But I’m here to tell you … there is a generation of people who still have a heart for Jesus. There are still young people in pursuit of Jesus and desire to spread His light with the world! One of our favorite things about working in camp ministry is the privilege of catching glimpses of God’s work in the hearts of teenagers. To watch Him raise up the next generation to proclaim His name and bring Him glory!

2019 study retreat at whisper mountain camp

A couple weeks ago we welcomed Salt & Light Youth to camp for the sole purpose of learning to study God’s Word. This retreat was not for the faint of heart. They spent hours reading and re-reading and discussing and seeking to understand the text and the heart of God.

2019 study retreat teen

Not every teen will come and do this, but we loved watching this group dive in and wrestle with the things of God!

2019 study retreat table

2019 study retreat teen in the word

We are excited to continue to share the journey with this crowd of people when they return this summer!

2019 study retreat group at whisper mountain camp

Until then…may we each make getting into God’s Word our top priority this year! Encountering Him is life-changing and life-giving! (If you don’t have a Bible-reading plan yet, we have an easy and trackable and FREE printable to help with just that! Click here to print it!)


Author & Photographer | Cassi Werner

In the Kitchen with Selah | Gingerbread Biscotti

Christmas Break is here and we are sharing a quick and easy recipe for you to make to enjoy while watching Christmas movies or playing games with family and friends!

Gingerbread Biscotti Image

Head to our YouTube channel to watch Selah lead you through the recipe! Here are the ingredients you’ll need to make the Gingerbread Biscotti Recipe:

1/2 Cup + 2 Tablespoons Sugar
1/4 Cup Melted Butter
2 Eggs
2 Tablespoons Molasses
2 Tablespoons Water
1 tsp Vanilla Extract

3 Cups Flour
2 tsp Baking Powder
1 Tablespoon Ground Ginger
1 tsp Ground Cinnamon
1/4 tsp Ground Cloves
1/2 tsp Sea Salt

Gingerbread Biscotti TopView

We hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

Shoot Straight 2018

2018 Shoot Straight Retreat Header

Our annual Shoot Straight Men’s Retreat was the best it’s been so far! Experience, they say, is the best teacher, and when it comes to improving this retreat every year, we couldn’t agree more!

2018 Shoot Straight Retreat Group

Thirty-nine men and young men (8+) came for a weekend of bows and arrows, walking the woods and being encouraged by those fabulous Benham Brothers. Whether experienced or not, shooting the bows was an experience the men enjoyed, even if some of them admitted to having sore muscles by the end!

2018 Shoot Straight Hatchet Throw

The event started with some dart throwing for the young men and hatchet throwing for the grown men! Hitting the target can be harder than you think, but they enjoyed their turn at trying!

2018 Shoot Straight Drawing22018 Shoot Straight Drawing12018 Shoot Straight Drawing3

Later in the evening, the guys were given a bunch of tickets to enter the giveaways, which were held all throughout the weekend! There’s nothing quite like the suspense of hearing those numbers called out, watching them match up across the ticket, and your heartbeat quickening when you realize your number has been called! YESSSSS!

2018 Shoot Straight Benhams

The Benham Brothers shared encouragement throughout the weekend, offering the young and grown alike the challenge of walking in godly manhood through the sharing of their own experiences and walk with the Lord.

2018 Shoot Straight Practice2018 Shoot Straight Practice2

Saturday morning, after a hearty and delicious breakfast, the guys headed to the field to practice shooting their bows! We had guys who were at a hunting level, which means they hit the bulls eye a bunch! We had guys who haven’t shot since last year’s retreat, and still others who hadn’t shot a bow before ever! The competition was friendly and I don’t think anyone felt out of place because of their experience level!

2018 Shoot Straight Tourney

After lunch, the guys were broken into teams and the tournament began. Most of the 3D targets get sprinkled throughout the woods of our paintball course, with a few out in the open just outside the woods. Hiking around the property to shoot at the 20 target locations is about as fun as trying to hit the animals striking a pose!

2018 Shoot Straight connect12018 Shoot Straight connect2

We heard the guys mention how they enjoyed the intimate atmosphere and being able to get to know the other guys at the retreat. Not feeling overwhelmed with a crowd helped them each relax just a bit more, which is the point of such a weekend!

If you like what you’ve seen here and want to be in on next year’s retreat, block off the weekend of October 4-6, 2019 and plan to join us! We’d love to have you be a part of escaping the noise and encountering God’s whisper in the woods of Whisper Mountain Camp.

The Beginnings of Summer Camp 2018

The Beginnings of Summer Camp

We have officially kicked off the 2018 Summer Camp Season here at Whisper Mountain with the welcoming of our summer staff this past week! Midway through our first week of staff training and we are super excited for who God has brought to serve alongside us!

Table Setting at Whisper Mountain Camp

Each one brings something unique to the table, so to speak, and we know God orchestrates all things for His glory so we are looking forward to His work through each of our staff this summer!

Whisper Mountain Staff 2018 Collage 1

The laughter, the camaraderie that’s beginning, the stretching beyond expectations — all this and so much more are molding this staff to be an instrument for God’s glory alone!

Whisper Mountain Staff 2018 Collage 2

We look forward to sharing more about them and their summer as the weeks go on!

SUMMER STAFF 2018 — thank you for being here at Whisper Mountain Camp this summer! We are so glad you are here and look forward to what God has in store for you this summer!