Summer 2022 | Drawing Back the Curtain

The first week of camp is a moment for reflection, at least in my opinion. We welcomed groups Berry’s Grove and New City’s Middle Schoolers on Monday, which is the day that is always interesting. You have these huge groups of kids come in that usually do not know the other group, they hardly know where they are, and they for sure don’t know who they are. So, as they settle in and familiarize with one another, they become more comfortable and vulnerable.  They begin to trust one another in a short time while also begin to draw back the curtains of their lives, pain, and wounds. Yet their joy and passion shine through too. 

What brought this to my attention was paintball.  Of all things to inspire it had to be a game of war and battle. I watched kids duck and run for cover while they fired back at the opposing force. One by one they came out covered in dirt, sweat, and obviously paint.  Some of the kids more roughed up than others, but each one was going through the struggle. It’s scary how much this relates to life. We go through life constantly running and jumping and trying not to get hit in the process from every angle. It’s not always possible to dodge the incoming heartache and we collect up wounds as we go. However, the worst part is when we then hide the damage behind walls we so carefully create. 

Yet some wounds or scars (depending on how long ago the pain was) are just too big to hide. People can see or even feel them. They try to help but they only pick at self-healed edges, and it rips open all over again. The key term there is “self-healed” and they never fully close until you allow one individual to fully stitch you up. Jesus. You must let His love and His forgiveness flow through you freely. Trust him to erase the pain and be there for you if it ever comes back. From personal experience, you will heal if you take these actions. It is going to hurt and take time, but you will come out the other side a stronger, better person who can help others on their path to restoration.  You can be the already vulnerable kid at the beginning of the week that helps your whole cabin get to the place you are…

Thanks for a great first week, Campers!

Author | Koda Moody
Photography | Koda Moody and Cassi
Groups | New City Middle School & Berry’s Grove Youth

Awesomeness Takes the [2013] Stage // Emily

Whisper mountain staff emily 5When a girl loves to play gaga ball (read: conquer the guys) as much as Emily, she becomes Queen of Gaga Ball! She represents the girls well, I'm telling you!

Whisper mountain staff emily 4Emily first came as a GIT (Guide In Training!) last year and wanted to come back for sm'ore! I've seen her grow more this summer and become a stronger leader because of it! The thing with Emily is she really has a way of connecting with others! 

Whisper mountain staff emily 1

Whisper mountain staff emily 2She's fun, thoughtful and stays pretty upbeat even when stuff gets tough! And we all know it does! Emily has the ability to take what is dished out and rise to the occasion with finesse! Though I believe the finesse came through life's hardships, she certainly is better equipped for whatever life brings. You know, that whole God works all things for the good thing?!

Whisper mountain staff emily 3As Emily gears up for her first year of college, I think I say for all of us…You got this Em (insert swat on backside!). Catch more of this ball 'o fun on instagram @emily_roedding.

Toto didn’t come!

Last week, Whisper Mountain was joyfully invaded by some great people from Kansas!  Group in coveThese seniors and their leaders spent their end of year trip serving different ministries in multiple locations! We felt so blessed to have them choose WM as one of their stops!

They helped us dig holes for our amphitheater seating in the prayer garden, helped drop and chop dead trees around the property, and several other small yet important jobs around camp!Cove


Tree drop
In between the work they were given the chance to scale new heights…High ropes

High ropes 2
High ropes 3
High ropes 4
High ropes 5
High ropes 6 …and run through the woods!Pntball 

Pntball 2
Thank you, Kansas Team! We loved having you and feel blessed by your footprints left behind!

Europeans in the Kitchen!

 Our European Craftsmen were up from Florida to install our new floor tile in the kitchen! (They've been along the trail before when they came to paint the cabins!)

Floor They were gone as quickly as they came, working in organized whirlwind fashion (jammin' to their Romanian tunes must have helped tremendously!) Of course there was a little time for playing!  The Craftsmen joined in on our locals paintball game we held at the camp over the weekend!


Paul-w-gun WIth each piece of tile they laid, our Romanian friends invested talent, hard work and generosity!Tile-guys We are completely thankful for them (and those generous donors who gave the tile in the first place!)  Now comes the fun of moving everything back in! (ugh!)

Weekend’s Coming!

Today at the office is business as usual!  We have a local's paintball game scheduled for tomorrow and another for next weekend!  The guys just hate it when they HAVE to organize a game! (sensing the sarcasm, I hope!)  I got to do a little designing…we are posting an ad in our local newspaper!




All my other work today is completely work…not enjoyable data entry, printing, etc.  At the point where I was needing a distraction, I spun around in my chair and got one!


Tegan had pulled off his diaper and was standing under the printer in full office attire!

I thoroughly enjoyed the laugh and the twinkle in my boy's eyes(and then chasing him down to put his diaper back on!)

Happy Weekend to You!