Summer 2015 >> Gateway Grace

Gateway-Group-ShotFor the past few years we’ve had a group come to us with a heart to serve our local community! Breaking into teams, they share Jesus based on their team’s focus: landscaping, construction, jail ministry, nursing home, etc.

Gateway-Teens-at-Whisper-Mountain-Camp-1 Gateway-Teens-at-Whisper-Mountain-Camp-2 Gateway-Teens-at-Whisper-Mountain-Camp-3 Gateway-Teens-at-Whisper-Mountain-Camp-4


We have seen them reach many people with the love of Jesus! This year they even sang at our town’s Fourth of July Heritage Festival! (They sound really awesome!)Gateway-Teens-at-Whisper-Mountain-Camp-6

We are thankful for their inspiration, for the one who found Jesus within their own group this week and for the blessing of seeing that there are people living on mission for Jesus and making a real difference in people’s lives.

Gateway Crew — thank you for your contagious joy and servant’s hearts! You’re beautiful people!

(See a few more pics on our instagram feed at #impactWM2k15)

Photo Creds: Megan + Kinsley + Cassi

small numbers, big purpose

Many camps shoot for numbers, big fun, big noise. There is a place for this. There is effect in this. Here at Whisper Mountain, we've been given a different purpose. When numbers are less than hundreds, the faces become names and the names become hearts. We are able to offer a more intimate atmosphere fostering an encounter with Jesus.

Work Team at Whisper Mountain Camp 1Whisper Mountain recently had the privilege of welcoming a small work team all the way from Lagro, Indiana.

Work Team at Whisper Mountain Camp 3

Work Team at Whisper Mountain Camp 4
Work Team at Whisper Mountain Camp 5

Work Team at Whisper Mountain Camp 8Within this small group of teens, one met Jesus as Savior, two renewed their walks with Christ, and three asked to be invested in throughout the year through our discipleship focus. I'm not sure of your experience with camp, but for us, purposeful adventure and intentional connection is our heartbeat. 

Work Team at Whisper Mountain Camp 6For those supporting our ministry here at Whisper Mountain, know you are making a difference. Your backing of us prayerfully and/or financially is leading others to Jesus. We are a team and we couldn't do this without you! Thank you!

Work Team at Whisper Mountain Camp 7Lagro–we enjoyed having you with us! Thank you for your help around the camp! May you continue to walk with Jesus!

they bring more inspiration

You may remember the inspiring people I shared with you a few weeks ago. When these beautiful people were with us, I had asked if they'd brave the face of a video camera to share their experience with others. Brave they did. I am beyond thankful for their willingness, not just because we hope this inspires others to be involved in what God is doing at/through Whisper Mountain, but because my heart was touched through their perspective. You've no idea how encouraged we are when others find a passion for this ministry God is building and using to reach people for Christ. 

Take a look-see!


{if you are unable view the above video, click here!}

Aren't they inspiring? May we each go find someone to share our time, energies and talents with!

Nothing Short of Inspiring

Seniors-work-team-1A caravan of experienced and willing hearts teamed up to bring Whisper Mountain a week of service!


The men spent the week investing in several little and a couple bigger jobs around camp. A Laundry Room makeover was completed (on the inside!).



Construction of two bench/picnic tables was completed!

Seniors-work-team-7Starts out as a bench, folds down to be a table! Yeah, pretty awesome!

The ladies spent their week on the details we don't have time for but are ever so necessary! One of these details was preparing sweet sacks for a holiday extravaganza WM participates in via volunteers down in FL! 

Seniors-work-team-8Another big deal was prepping dinner for our whole staff each night! ummmmm….completely awesome!

Seniors-work-team-10I scream for (homemade) icecream!!!!

They even were able to help serve a group we had in over the weekend!


For Tegan, it was a whole new set of grandparents to love on him! He even called her Grandma!

Our entire staff felt completely blessed by these beautiful people! Though they never felt they did enough, for us, the encouragement of people wanting to come along side and support our efforts did more for us than we could ever ask! People giving of their time to serve God in whatever way they can…nothing short of inspiring.

Seniors-work-team-13Camp always brings out the crazies in our *campers*! ("COL-ON!!")

Thank you for coming to spend the week with us, for your thoughtfulness, your generosity, your fellowship! May God richly bless you and continue to use you to bring Him glory!

How have you been inspired lately?

Toto didn’t come!

Last week, Whisper Mountain was joyfully invaded by some great people from Kansas!  Group in coveThese seniors and their leaders spent their end of year trip serving different ministries in multiple locations! We felt so blessed to have them choose WM as one of their stops!

They helped us dig holes for our amphitheater seating in the prayer garden, helped drop and chop dead trees around the property, and several other small yet important jobs around camp!Cove


Tree drop
In between the work they were given the chance to scale new heights…High ropes

High ropes 2
High ropes 3
High ropes 4
High ropes 5
High ropes 6 …and run through the woods!Pntball 

Pntball 2
Thank you, Kansas Team! We loved having you and feel blessed by your footprints left behind!

goofy workers

Put a bunch of guys together and there will be tons of laughing & goofing off…Alumni


…and tons of work accomplished (even with rain!).Hedge trimming

Fire pile
Ground work
Thank you, Drew and Chris, for your time spent playing and working with us! We loved having you! Always remember, we have an "open door policy" at WM! (Hee-Hee!!) Hope to see you again soon!

WM guys, let me just say, I think you guys are top notch! So glad you are a part of my life and the life of this ministry! Anybody else think so?!