making an acquaintance with a barn

Tb 9 Old buildings, books, furniture pieces, trinkets, tools…these captivate my attention when I am around them.  Almost always I imagine how the piece was used, how it may have looked in its prime, even the people whose stories are woven into them.  Our tobacco barn at camp has long held my interest, but I have been leary of stepping foot inside its worn walls. For good reasons…looks like it could collapse at any moment and snakes are known to enjoy its many hiding places. 

Not too long ago, I was sent on a mission that required me to take pictures of some equipment we were going to sell on Craigs List.  The equipment was–you guessed it–inside the barn. (eek!) I didn't go there alone, but I did go. And I thoroughly enjoyed making the acquaintaince with a small piece of history!

Tb 1
Tb 2
Tb 3
Tb 4
Tb 5

Tb 8

Tb 6
Tb 7    I don't know the names of those who built this barn or hung up their tobacco leaves to dry, but their stories seem somehow still alive in each board that's standing! Their stories, in a small way, are intertwining with our stories as we go about our business at camp. The connection to the past brings a sort of comfort to the present. The hope of the present brings an anticipation of the future.

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