Mt. Tirzah, Robbinsville Locals, Community Baptist | Summer 2016

The Whole Group Shot

For our last week of our tenth summer, we enjoyed welcoming three smaller groups together into one big happy family!  Mt. Tirzah, Community Baptist and some local Robbinsville teens meshed together so well, we had a hard time knowing who was with what group!

3in1 at Whisper Mountain CampCommunity Baptist CollageHigh Ropes at Whisper Mountain Camp

The week meant different things to different people, but in the end (we pray) it meant an encounter with God and His love. Whether they enjoyed getting away from their home lives, hanging with people they enjoy or experiencing fun and adventure, these teens were given a week of intentional connection from their leaders and our staff, the truth from God’s Word and a place to pause and hear some quiet.

Mt Tirzah. Community. Locals

We loved spending this historical week in Whisper Mountain’s history with you everybody! Thank you for coming to spend your camp week with us! You are a great crowd of people!

Keep God’s vantage point in mind in all you pursue! Whisper Mountain loves you!

Awesomeness Takes the Stage >> Seth

You may not know it yet, but Seth is PRETTY awesome — welcome him to the Awesomeness Takes the Stage today, will ya?!?!

Seth is Awesome.jpg

Like so many staff before him, Seth was first a camper.

Growing a Leader at Whisper Mountain Camp.jpg

Watching him grow from camper to Lead Guide has been a pretty awesome thing to see. Seth’s leadership, this summer especially, has been a gift to Whisper Mountain, but also to those under him, whether they realize it or not! The humility he leads with, the sponge-like desire to continue to develop and grow, the willingness to do the hard thing if it’s the right thing are just a few of the ways we’ve seen him flourish.

Seth at Whisper Mountain Camp

Of course, every leader gets his face smeared in the mess of the thing he’s leading at some point along the way! While that can feel discouraging in the moment, in the long run, it’s just a few more rough edges shaved off the solid character being built! Seth has the proven character to show for it!

Warrior Seth at Whisper Mountain Camp

Focused Seth.jpg

God has been leading, growing and prepping Seth for mission or pastoral ministry! His focus to follow God in this is quite frankly a refreshing thing to see! Leaders really are being raised to proclaim Christ to this generation. Doesn’t it sometimes feel too lost?! This right here, friends, is just one among many that God is calling forth to change the world for His glory! The reality that God is still actively working and moving through His people should be making us shout with joy and confidence in Him!

Seth McClure at Whisper Mountain Camp.jpg

Seth, thank you for the years you’ve spent at Whisper Mountain Camp! It has been our pleasure to know you and be a very small part of your journey! May God continue to bless you and keep you as you continue to follow and Proclaim Him! We love you!


5 Stones Middle School | Summer 2016

5 Stones Middle School at WhisperMtn Camp groupWe simply didn’t get enough of Five Stones Church last week with the high schoolers so they went ahead and sent over their middle schoolers this week!

5 Stones Middle School Boys at Whisper Mountain Camp groupThe first half of the week was the girls! The second half of the week was the boys! What?! Wild and crazy, and we hope and pray, Christ filled!

5 Stones Middle School Boys at High Ropes5 Stones Middle School Girls at Whisper Mountain Camp5 Stones Middle School Boys at Whisper Mountain Camp5 Stones Middle School Girls at the Lake5 Stones Middle School Boys at Lake5 Stones Middle School Girls

While the activities remained mostly the same for both halves of the week (yes, two weeks of camp smooshed into one!), their content was able to be specially catered for the beauties and the warriors and how to become that with Jesus at the center!

5 Stones Middle School Girls Praying5 Stones Middle School Girls bicflawless

We were thrilled that half of the BeYOUtiful in Christ ministry was able to join us for the girls portion of the week! (You should check them out if you’re interested in custom events for girls!)

5 Stones Middle School Daryl Sutherland

After more than twenty years in youth ministry, their youth pastor, Daryl Sutherland, is moving into the outreach position within their church (something that he’s been actively doing even as a youth pastor!) We are thankful his last youth camp was with us and we pray God’s blessing as he transitions into this new role of ministry!

Thank you 5 Stones Middle Schoolers for coming to camp at Whisper Mountain! We’ve enjoyed you this week!

(see their instagram file of pictures here!)

Relevance Community at Camp Summer 2016

Relevance at Whisper Mountain Camp 2

Last week we enjoyed the company of Relevance Community — a mission work team from Florida! They have come for the past few years to make a difference serving in our Robbinsville community! The nursing home loves them as they sing and talk with the residents; the elderly in need of yard work help or minor outdoor house improvements can’t thank them enough; those unable to climb stairs any longer appreciate the ramps that have been built for them; those at our local thrift store appreciate the added hands making their work lighter; those all around town appreciate the bright light that comes to town when Relevance shows up!

Relevance Workers 1Relevance Workers 2

We also got to celebrate the lives of 5 fantastic people throughout the week! We are used to 1 or 2 parties in a camp week — but 5?!!! That was fun!

Relevance Birthday Celebrations

This year we added in a small sliver of the camp life at the end of their work week! They enjoyed tubing at Deep Creek and team building on the low ropes course!

Relevance at Whisper Mountain Camp 1

Their attitudes are some of the best I’ve seen in the teen world. Something about serving others develops such a joy and contentment in life! Inspiring for all of us watching!

Relevance at Whisper Mountain Camp 3

Relevance, thank you for spending a week with us this summer! Keep serving Jesus and loving each other well! 

See more of their pictures from the week in their WM hashtag folder on Instagram!

2016 SFCA Seniors

Our schedule starts to pick up pace again (after a couple months of slow) about the same time the SFCA Seniors arrive for their senior trip! They pack out their week with big fun and many opportunities to make memories to carry with them far beyond graduation! Here are a few pictures from our instagram feed from their week with us! #sfcaseniors2016


Thank you for coming to Whisper Mountain for your Senior Trip, SFCA! We appreciate you and wish you God’s best as you pursue life after graduation!

Have a great day, friends, and thanks for popping in here today!

Summer 2015 >> 5 Stones Middle School

I’m a bit late in sharing last week’s group with you — those middle schoolers filled our camp with noise and, well…middle schoolness (new word for the day!) Look at those faces. This is the future, friends. Are you praying for them?


The super cool part we’d like you to know about is the spiritual victories we saw take place! We aren’t fans of the whole number game, but sometimes knowing all our time and effort is having some effect is massively encouraging. For the leaders of Five Stones, for our staff, for fellow campers — it’s mega boosting to see God working through us! Last week we saw 13 teens come to know Christ as Savior! I sure hope you’re hootin’ and hollering’ because that’s exciting stuff right there! That’s the point of it all…people discovering a personal relationship with Jesus Christ! Many more chose to get intentional in their relationship with Him, which is equally exciting! Our times need these faith filled world changers!


As you may have seen through our Instagram feed, these guys enjoyed fun and crazy (and gross) times! We thoroughly enjoyed having them with us for the week and look forward to greeting their high school group next week!


Thank you Five Stones and may your faith grow ever stronger as you continue to follow Christ!

(Check out Five Stones on Instagram to catch a few more of their pictures from their week with us!)

Author >> Cassi | Photo Creds >> Cassi’s iphone

Summer 2015 >> Estero Teens


Our first week of camp welcomed 42 teens and their leaders! Hearing all the different stories and participating in a tiny piece of that story just never gets old!


The week was filled with fun and adventure and a turning of our thoughts and hearts toward the ever pursuing God!


The baptism at the lake, a teen finding Jesus as Savior and the bonding within the group were just a few visible highlights from the week! We love the opportunity to SEE God working, though we know He’s always in the undercurrents of it all!


Teens, keep choosing wisely who you serve and encourage one another continually! Parents, thank you for trusting your teens with us! Leaders, you are making a real difference through your time and love and attention given to these teens — keep going!

We don’t take lightly the gift of getting to serve and proclaim Christ to you all! Thank you for being a part of our summer!

[ Photo Creds: Tom + Kinsley + Cassi ]

day one begins now!

Arriving at whisper mountain campThe dust is still settling on the camp roads. Eager teens, unsure of what to expect, fill the vans. Passionate, on mission, fun-loving young adults jump excitedly, arms waving, voices raising — campers are here!

Today is the first day of camp for summer 2014. The excitement of all electrifies the air. We couldn't be more ready to see what God plans to personally accomplish in teens beginning right now! 

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to proclaim Him!