Mt. Tirzah, Robbinsville Locals, Community Baptist | Summer 2016

The Whole Group Shot

For our last week of our tenth summer, we enjoyed welcoming three smaller groups together into one big happy family!  Mt. Tirzah, Community Baptist and some local Robbinsville teens meshed together so well, we had a hard time knowing who was with what group!

3in1 at Whisper Mountain CampCommunity Baptist CollageHigh Ropes at Whisper Mountain Camp

The week meant different things to different people, but in the end (we pray) it meant an encounter with God and His love. Whether they enjoyed getting away from their home lives, hanging with people they enjoy or experiencing fun and adventure, these teens were given a week of intentional connection from their leaders and our staff, the truth from God’s Word and a place to pause and hear some quiet.

Mt Tirzah. Community. Locals

We loved spending this historical week in Whisper Mountain’s history with you everybody! Thank you for coming to spend your camp week with us! You are a great crowd of people!

Keep God’s vantage point in mind in all you pursue! Whisper Mountain loves you!

February in Pictures [2014]

FebruaryInPics-1 FebruaryInPics-2February was a month feeling scattered and out of routine for our Whisper Mountain Crew. Having enjoyed traveling or snow days on end, we are looking foward to the serious focus of March! The in-between of February – dousing of snow and teasing of spring — seems to have run its course, we've survived a bit of cabin fever, and we emerge ready to plunge full steam ahead with our summer programming and preparing! Getting those proverbial ducks in a row! While the crew does that, my kids enjoy some Saturday school and longer school days through the week to make up for all the days missed this month! Mhhm…good times! I assure you they are rejoicing–I drip with sarcasm!

On a more sincere note: thanks for coming to spend a few minutes here each day! You are pretty awesome! How was your February?! You looking forward to anything in March?!

the three percent & the power of camp

Three clay potsThe guys came home from their regional camp conference last week with a startling stat:

Three percent — read 3% — of teens in America today believe in Christian tenants.

Do you feel the shock I felt when I heard this? Alarming when we as Christians realize how we've failed to share the light within our families, workplaces and communities. While it's true that "the times" must get worse before our wait for Jesus is over, it's equally true that we have many to be reaching in the wait. Our "Africa" is outside our front doors

Camp ministry has the awesome opportunity to use the elements of adventure and undistracted quiet for teens to discover the hope of Jesus. A short video was put together by 3CA on the power of camp! Check it out:


[if unable to view the above video, click here]

I share this to awaken us, but also to say thank you to many of you for seeing the value of the ministry we do. We value your support and shared passion to see teens find Jesus! 

I also share this to encourage us to be brave enough to make a difference in the world around us. Our time and efforts investing in others with God's truth are not only vital but a worthy spending of the time we've been given.

A Booma-Chicka-Rocka Truck Came to Camp

<<< Did you follow our instagram feed yesterday to catch a glimpse at all the action?! (if you're on instagram, follow us @whispermtn !!) >>>

Field-storage1Last week, (all) the guys surveyed a spot on our camp field, very carefully preparing for a big move to take place!

Field-storage-boom-truck2When the big day arrived, Mr. Big Boom Truck was set in place. The Hub felt like a hive of activity from excited (and slightly nervous) little bees!

Field-storage3The prepping, waiting, praying, watching went on for some time until finally all was in place and the move began!

Clearing the roof of the Hub and Hub porch were the critical points in this event! We thought all was going perfectly…Field-storage4…until the little building turned out to be heavier than expected!


Field-storage-boom-truck3After some nail-biting struggle to figure out a solution ("who says you
don't need high school math when you're older?"  says Marty!)
, the
building finally made it over to the "moving truck" without any catastrophes!

Field-storage6The guys strapped her down onto the trailer, double-checked to make sure it would hold (eek!), then said a prayer for God's favor to fall on this little trek to the field!

Field-storage7Down the road, and round the bend, onto the field it goes!!

Field-storage8Favor was had all around! Barry did a fabulous job driving/steering the boom and ensuring our buildings weren't damaged! We are grateful for his hard work and patience on the job! We are pretty excited to finally have a decent storage building down on the field!

Field-storage-empty-spaceWe continue to prepare and raise funds for the new building to be built behind the Hub! This is our current priority project that must be done by summer! We are thankful to all those who've been giving to help us raise these funds! If you like carpentry and wanna come visit Western North Carolina, I know a place that could use a volunteer or two!!

stumped // what to do about it

The guys are doing some final work at our lake site, in preparation for digging the thing! Removal of the stumps is the current work. While capturing some (iphone…eck) shots of the process, I was hit with a life lesson right there in the middle of the mud pit!


Think with me…have you ever felt entirely uprooted, yanked out from what you'd always known, taken from the place where you were quite comfortably doing your thing?

Stumped2Then, tightly gripped in the claws of the inevitable with fear suffocating your heart, being carried away to the unknown?


Have you then been plopped down in the middle of your greatest fear, shaking and trembling and wondering just Whose idea this was and what was He thinking? Being out of the path of the known draped in feelings of inadequacy and unsurety, even ruin?

If so, we can relate to each other then! If not, enjoy your comfort for a short time longer;). I'm currenly finding myself in the uprooted position, and I need those feelings and fears to quiet down so I can function effectively. So here's how I'm working on overcoming the discomfort of leaving my comfort zone:

1. Breathe // seems a no brainer, but seriously, take a deep breath!

2. Get Perspective // pull out from the freaking out filling the head!

For me, that means remembering my small part in the work God is doing. He's got me here, all depends on Him! The world doesn't rest on my shoulders!

3. Dive in // Thinking about something is far worse than doing it!

Like homework, housechores, or gruntwork, they are much more overwhelming than if we would just get to work on them. In the middle of it, we wonder why we were freaking out!

4. Pray without Ceasing // Staying connected is everything!

For me, the more I chat through my fears and struggles, worries and cares with my Daddy, the less I feel alone with them, the lighter the load feels. Because I believe God is intimately acquainted with me, I believe He cares, He helps, He causes all things to work for His good. He's the magic behind life!

We don't have to stay stumped by fear. We can be uprooted for the glory of God!

Do you have ideas to help in the process of being uprooted and plopped in unfamiliar territory? 

making an acquaintance with a barn

Tb 9 Old buildings, books, furniture pieces, trinkets, tools…these captivate my attention when I am around them.  Almost always I imagine how the piece was used, how it may have looked in its prime, even the people whose stories are woven into them.  Our tobacco barn at camp has long held my interest, but I have been leary of stepping foot inside its worn walls. For good reasons…looks like it could collapse at any moment and snakes are known to enjoy its many hiding places. 

Not too long ago, I was sent on a mission that required me to take pictures of some equipment we were going to sell on Craigs List.  The equipment was–you guessed it–inside the barn. (eek!) I didn't go there alone, but I did go. And I thoroughly enjoyed making the acquaintaince with a small piece of history!

Tb 1
Tb 2
Tb 3
Tb 4
Tb 5

Tb 8

Tb 6
Tb 7    I don't know the names of those who built this barn or hung up their tobacco leaves to dry, but their stories seem somehow still alive in each board that's standing! Their stories, in a small way, are intertwining with our stories as we go about our business at camp. The connection to the past brings a sort of comfort to the present. The hope of the present brings an anticipation of the future.

Shaun’s Top 5 List :: #1

I know, I know…you haven't gotten any sleep all weekend because you were just dying to know what Shaun's #1 favorite thing about working at camp is! (hee-hee!) Plan to sleep tonight! (Drumroll please)

Without further delay, Shaun's #1 reason why working at Whisper Mountain is living the dream:

#1: pay day is big on the last night of campFire On the last night of camp everyone gathers around the campfire one last time. In the light of the flickering flames, hearts are opened in a way that isn't done in everyday life. Teenagers take the time to offer verbal encouragements to one another. They pray for each other. They pray for their youth pastor. Teenagers, and at times their leaders, become raw, spilling from their hearts all God is doing in them, all He is calling them to, all they hope to apply to their walking through life with Him.  Shaun's payday, as he calls it, is knowing that all the energy, lack of sleep, time and heart that is poured out throughout the week is worth it when the evidence of God whispering into lives is seen. This is the heartbeat of camp, the very life of the ministry…God encountering His people so they will know Him, they will know peace, new life, restoration and hope.  Now, that's a beautiful thing!


**Note: If you are just joining today, you can go here, here, here, and here to learn about the other items on Shaun's Top 5 Countdown on why working at Whisper Mountain is living the dream!

Shaun’s Top 5 List :: #5

Shaun This week we are taking a little jaunt down the trail to discover Shaun's Top 5 Reasons why working at Whisper Mountain is living the dream!  

Let the countdown begin!

#5: He loves the uniform!My-shaun The rubber boots, the goggles, the earmuffs…all are signs that he is involved in some sort of outside work. He loves the days he can clear some hiking trails. It's the kind of job you can start, see progression pretty quickly, then stand back and see an accomplishment!  Knowing that he is picking up sticks for others to enjoy the beauty (and safety) of the trail is quite gratifying, not only for Shaun, but all the guys on staff!M-T-tractor
R-and-S Next time (or for the first time) you come around to Whisper Mountain, take a path, enjoy the beauty and quiet of the trail. It's been prepared just for you!