stumped // what to do about it

The guys are doing some final work at our lake site, in preparation for digging the thing! Removal of the stumps is the current work. While capturing some (iphone…eck) shots of the process, I was hit with a life lesson right there in the middle of the mud pit!


Think with me…have you ever felt entirely uprooted, yanked out from what you'd always known, taken from the place where you were quite comfortably doing your thing?

Stumped2Then, tightly gripped in the claws of the inevitable with fear suffocating your heart, being carried away to the unknown?


Have you then been plopped down in the middle of your greatest fear, shaking and trembling and wondering just Whose idea this was and what was He thinking? Being out of the path of the known draped in feelings of inadequacy and unsurety, even ruin?

If so, we can relate to each other then! If not, enjoy your comfort for a short time longer;). I'm currenly finding myself in the uprooted position, and I need those feelings and fears to quiet down so I can function effectively. So here's how I'm working on overcoming the discomfort of leaving my comfort zone:

1. Breathe // seems a no brainer, but seriously, take a deep breath!

2. Get Perspective // pull out from the freaking out filling the head!

For me, that means remembering my small part in the work God is doing. He's got me here, all depends on Him! The world doesn't rest on my shoulders!

3. Dive in // Thinking about something is far worse than doing it!

Like homework, housechores, or gruntwork, they are much more overwhelming than if we would just get to work on them. In the middle of it, we wonder why we were freaking out!

4. Pray without Ceasing // Staying connected is everything!

For me, the more I chat through my fears and struggles, worries and cares with my Daddy, the less I feel alone with them, the lighter the load feels. Because I believe God is intimately acquainted with me, I believe He cares, He helps, He causes all things to work for His good. He's the magic behind life!

We don't have to stay stumped by fear. We can be uprooted for the glory of God!

Do you have ideas to help in the process of being uprooted and plopped in unfamiliar territory? 

8 thoughts on “stumped // what to do about it

  1. Well the digging of the lake can also remind you that even though you were uprooted and moved, it was to make room for something much larger and greater that will only bring joy to others and to yourself. Just remember that he always has a plan and His is wayyyy better than anything we could conjure in our finite minds. So yeah, that’s my reminder piece! 🙂 Always gotta remind myself who is in charge and who really knows what is going on.


  2. I thought you could read my mind and were sharing my thoughts ;). I appreciate you and am so glad God has you here! By the way I like the new blog look….crisp and clean!


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