May Day or mayday?

May Day FlowersDo you guys know about May Day? I've always wanted to start the tradition with my kids of leaving baskets of flowers on the doorsteps of those we wanted to share a little love with. Adding some happy to the unexpecting! Sounds fun to me! I just learned May Day was a (pagan) celebration of spring and as Christianity began to spread throughout Europe, the holiday began to change or be done away with. But the whole flower thing seems pretty awesome.

MayDay TunnelDo you guys know about Mayday? (no I'm not repeating myself here!) We have a tradition at Whisper Mountain that looks something like this: Mayday, mayday…coming in hard and fast. We can't slow down. We're gonna crash!  Mayday, Mayday. Doesn't sound as fun and awesome as the flower thing, but it's a tradition nonetheless (love that word!) The panic and pulling together of a million details the month before summer camp sometimes steals our happy. Details do that, don't they? They put on their scary eyes, hounding us until we cross them off our list and send them floating into completion. Meanwhile, our energy runs low, our mind feels fried, our heart feels numb. Is there any way around this mayday? I've found a few ways aside from the pretty big one of prayer: breathe in and out, take one thing at a time, laugh about something every day. 

I don't know which May Day you're facing, but I hope you are able to find happy and beauty quite unexpectedly on the doorstep of today. Happy May!

on being swept away

FireSo, did you sit a spell as encouraged on Friday? To be honest I got to feeling hypocritical because my weekend felt hectic and exhausting with no sitting. Until the end. Last night…ah last night. I sat still. Not for long, but just long enough to remember what it felt like to breathe slowly. In breathing slowly, I felt a spark catch inside–feeling alive rather than run down; a little want-to rather than the drudge of have-to; smiling rather than gasping for air! There was no blazing fire, but a spark is all it takes, right?

We are wise to guard against being swept away by the demanding whirlwind of life. In being swept away, our joy is lost. And without joy…well, life gets heavy & sour. So if you sat a spell…I’m very proud of you. If you didn’t, there’s always today!

I hope your day is awesome!

stumped // what to do about it

The guys are doing some final work at our lake site, in preparation for digging the thing! Removal of the stumps is the current work. While capturing some (iphone…eck) shots of the process, I was hit with a life lesson right there in the middle of the mud pit!


Think with me…have you ever felt entirely uprooted, yanked out from what you'd always known, taken from the place where you were quite comfortably doing your thing?

Stumped2Then, tightly gripped in the claws of the inevitable with fear suffocating your heart, being carried away to the unknown?


Have you then been plopped down in the middle of your greatest fear, shaking and trembling and wondering just Whose idea this was and what was He thinking? Being out of the path of the known draped in feelings of inadequacy and unsurety, even ruin?

If so, we can relate to each other then! If not, enjoy your comfort for a short time longer;). I'm currenly finding myself in the uprooted position, and I need those feelings and fears to quiet down so I can function effectively. So here's how I'm working on overcoming the discomfort of leaving my comfort zone:

1. Breathe // seems a no brainer, but seriously, take a deep breath!

2. Get Perspective // pull out from the freaking out filling the head!

For me, that means remembering my small part in the work God is doing. He's got me here, all depends on Him! The world doesn't rest on my shoulders!

3. Dive in // Thinking about something is far worse than doing it!

Like homework, housechores, or gruntwork, they are much more overwhelming than if we would just get to work on them. In the middle of it, we wonder why we were freaking out!

4. Pray without Ceasing // Staying connected is everything!

For me, the more I chat through my fears and struggles, worries and cares with my Daddy, the less I feel alone with them, the lighter the load feels. Because I believe God is intimately acquainted with me, I believe He cares, He helps, He causes all things to work for His good. He's the magic behind life!

We don't have to stay stumped by fear. We can be uprooted for the glory of God!

Do you have ideas to help in the process of being uprooted and plopped in unfamiliar territory? 

Trail Mix // Episode 09

After six months of running from the video camera, Dennis got brave! While serving with us this summer, he pushed through a few minutes of awkward and uncomfortable as he sat in front of his computer to share encouragement with us! I'm thankful for his timely message. I pray the experience he shares (in true Dennis fashion!) blesses you where you are right now!


{if you are unable to view the above video, click here}

Don't you love how even a bird with attitude can point us to our loving Daddy in Heaven?

May you find His personal touch evidenced today! Blessings to you friends!

where our feet are matter

Standing-on-rockHe set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. //Psalm 40:2//

A friend can bring such comfort and encouragement, but nothing compares to our feet standing on the rock of God! He is our firm place to stand, our peace in the chaos, our joy in the sorrow, our companion in loneliness. Without Him we are lost.

ImprintsYour way went through the sea
and Your path through the great waters,
but Your footprints were unseen. //Psalm 77:19//

Many feel the absence of God’s presence in times when they feel He should be very present. This doesn’t make sense to me, but I do know He truly is always working for His glory and our good. When we don’t see evidence of His leading us, of His “with us”-ness, of His help, our faith in Him sustains us while we wait for Him! Even when His footprints aren’t seen, He is there.

I don’t know what’s going on in your world, but I do know where you plant your feet matters. Our God is at work, evidence seen or not! May you be encouraged to keep standing in faith.

blessings on your day.

Seize It!

If you were to walk up to the loft in the Whisper Mountain office you would likely come upon this scene.Heads togetherMarty and Patti, with heads together, figuring out or praying through the situations and "problems" that arise on a daily basis at camp! They would tell you they aren't real sure what they are doing, that they feel like they are grappling in the dark for the right direction. I will tell you that I'm often encouraged by their grappling and inspired to remain in such a need for God! Though it doesn't seem to make sense, our need for God brings such a liberty in Him! In those times when we do mess up or choose the wrong direction, or…Bubble blowing…things blow up in our face even after our best efforts, we can find a peace in Him that isn't found anywhere else on earth. We can find a strength in Him that isn't attained anywhere else on earth. We can find a joy in Him that never ceases while we are on this earth!

Seize today, whether grappling or walking strong! God made this day for living! Don't hold back!