Trail Mix :: Episode 02

You are in for a *shocker* of encouragment today! May you find yourself uplifted through today's episode of Trail Mix!


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{Did today's episode encourage you? Your comments here can serve to encourage other readers!}

Good day to you friends!

2 thoughts on “Trail Mix :: Episode 02

  1. We sure appreicate you and Leann! We loved that you wanted to volunteer your time to serve along with us this past weekend. I really don’t know how we would have done it without your help!
    Gussy helped make a great point about keeping our lives in check. What a great illustration. Thanks so much for sharing on Trail Mix!


  2. I dislike how I am willing to *put up* with certain levels of shocks. My ignoring of God’s nudges is never good for me. and yet I’m stubbornly choosing my own way. I wish I would be more willing, more often to stay within His boundaries! Thankful for this message today!


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