not just a weekend!

Whisper Mountain has been loving a couple things over this past weekend! 


Some of this past summer's staff (and a friend!) joined us for a few days of serving/ministering to the retreat group that leaves us today! We just love how they love to come back as often as possible! We think they are pr-e-t-t-y GREAT! And getting to see what God continues to do in and through them excites and encourages us! (love you guys!)


With what has seemed to be struggle and challenge at every turn, this group of teenagers and their leaders have come away to this quiet place called Whisper Mountain with one hope and one prayer. God, do something BIG in the hearts of each person attending. How thrilling to share with you this news: God-things have been happening! People are choosing Jesus! For this reason alone, we pour ourselves out, and *give up* what some might call a *normal* life! May Christ continue to be proclaimed, received and followed after! Both at Whisper Mountain and in your living as well! To Him be the glory!

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