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Of all the people who read the blog yesterday, only one had the courage to leave a comment! (I'll let everyone come to their own ideas on that one:)) If nothing else, this little [time for trivia] game opens the door for sharing some things about WM!!!

So, in 2003 Whisper Mountain Ministries, Inc was established as a non-profit youth camp. It wasn't until December 15, 2006 that Whisper Mountain acquired the land to begin operating as the youth camp, backpacking and retreat ministry that is running full bore ahead today!  With the support of a great board of directors, after many land pursuits, disappointments, sharing of vision and plain ole struggle, God orchestrated (in His time) the gifting of the land that had been prayed for for years.Wm-founded-4

Wm-founded-2{sharing the vision of Whisper Mountain through coffee meetings in homes}

Wm-founded-1{Wilderness Cove was a backpacking ministry that gifted the land to Whisper Mountain; these are two of the board members to be there at the first purusal of the land!}

Wm-founded-3{the smile says it all…God heard his prayer…a great journey begins continues!}

**On the side:  Marty, I'm sure, is sweatin' at this attention and hoping that I emphasize here…this is not about HIM, it is all about GOD! So true…but it's the story God tells through Marty! Many have found the starting of Whisper Mountain story encouraging and inspiring so we've created a book Following Lamplight and Whispers and made it available to you. Though I forsee a more detailed writing of this in our future, this Proclaims God's work for now! Just follow the link on the sidebar. (The tiny little profit made from your purchase goes right back into the ministry! We are non-profit after all!)

SOOOO, the big question…WHO won The Dream Giver book?

Though she was wrong, I feel it desireable to award our sole guesser just for playing!!!  

Jaclyn said, Haha so I feel like I should know this for sure…but I dont. 
I know that the ministry and board of directors was founded in 2003.
So I am going to say that the land was given in 2004, though it may have been 2005. Because 2006 was the first summer you had camp there…
I am going to go with 2004/2005 :)!

Thanks for trying Jaclyn!

Maybe next time our comments won't require a RIGHT answer…hmn…I'll be brainstorming so you might could (in country twang there!) win next time! Hoping you have a fantabulous Tuesday!

PssstHey Jaclyn, let me know your mailing address!

3 thoughts on “[trivia answer]

  1. Well, I knew it would be wrong, but I figured I would guess anyways! Good thing I did.
    (And now you know who reads this everyday!)
    My address is
    Jaclyn Lawrence Box# 659
    2300 W. Innes Street
    Salisbury, NC 28144
    I miss you guys!


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