Whisper Mountain Dork Ball














Because there's a dork in all of us, that's why! We had a great time dancing the night away as a staff last night! My feet are hurting still this morning, but being a dork was completely worth it! These people, I just love them! The laughing, the comradery, the spiritual strength…this summer is ama-zing!

Embrace your inner dork today! You'll have more fun!

(find a few more pics on our WM Group Page!)

The Case of the Missing Cornhole Beanbags

Arborbrook youth
During this group's recent weekend retreat at Whisper Mountain, the craziest thing happened. All of our Cornhole bean bags disappeared. We have no idea what happened to them. The teens went looking for them during free time and they just weren't there! Along with giving them a hard time for "stealing" them, we threw out the idea that the dogs that live in our woods on occasion must have taken them (other strays have been seen doing such things!)

This week Whisper Mountain received a package.Wild dogs 1

From the guilty party! With a confession letter and all!

Wild dogs 2
I feel so much better now that the Case of the Missing Cornhole Bean Bags is now solved. I shall sleep better tonight! (And we thank the Wild Mountain Dogs for cashing in on our behalf!)

the handful giveaway winner!

Patti with mug
I would like to say thanks to those who in the comments here and on facebook took a stab at the mystery objects from Shaun's pocket! Seriously. How does this kind of thing happen? Anywho….

The winner is:     

Corrie who said: I agree with the butterfinger mini for two of them, but the other look like a link sausage from breakfast!

Not only were there two pieces of chocolate (still up for debate on the type!) but there was also a sausage link in the back there! Who puts a sausage link in their pocket?! (My man does!) Ms. Corrie was the only one to list the sausage with the chocolate making her…well, sort of with an advantage seeing as how she cooked them up for us all summer long! (she's probably still cooking for us in her sleep! amazing, this lady!!) Ms. Corrie, which color should we send you?
It's been fun. We shall do it again some time!
Happy Monday! (yes, I do believe Monday and Happy can fit together!)

a handful + a giveaway

Can anyone tell what Shaun recently pulled out of his junky work jacket pocket from who knows how long ago?!

Guess the handful of items right and you will be entered into a drawing to win a free Whisper Mountain To-Go Mug in the color of your choice!

I'll end the guessing Saturday night by 8:00 p.m. Winner will be announced in Monday's post!!

Happy Autumn! Happy guessing! Happy weekending!

[trivia answer]

Of all the people who read the blog yesterday, only one had the courage to leave a comment! (I'll let everyone come to their own ideas on that one:)) If nothing else, this little [time for trivia] game opens the door for sharing some things about WM!!!

So, in 2003 Whisper Mountain Ministries, Inc was established as a non-profit youth camp. It wasn't until December 15, 2006 that Whisper Mountain acquired the land to begin operating as the youth camp, backpacking and retreat ministry that is running full bore ahead today!  With the support of a great board of directors, after many land pursuits, disappointments, sharing of vision and plain ole struggle, God orchestrated (in His time) the gifting of the land that had been prayed for for years.Wm-founded-4

Wm-founded-2{sharing the vision of Whisper Mountain through coffee meetings in homes}

Wm-founded-1{Wilderness Cove was a backpacking ministry that gifted the land to Whisper Mountain; these are two of the board members to be there at the first purusal of the land!}

Wm-founded-3{the smile says it all…God heard his prayer…a great journey begins continues!}

**On the side:  Marty, I'm sure, is sweatin' at this attention and hoping that I emphasize here…this is not about HIM, it is all about GOD! So true…but it's the story God tells through Marty! Many have found the starting of Whisper Mountain story encouraging and inspiring so we've created a book Following Lamplight and Whispers and made it available to you. Though I forsee a more detailed writing of this in our future, this Proclaims God's work for now! Just follow the link on the sidebar. (The tiny little profit made from your purchase goes right back into the ministry! We are non-profit after all!)

SOOOO, the big question…WHO won The Dream Giver book?

Though she was wrong, I feel it desireable to award our sole guesser just for playing!!!  

Jaclyn said, Haha so I feel like I should know this for sure…but I dont. 
I know that the ministry and board of directors was founded in 2003.
So I am going to say that the land was given in 2004, though it may have been 2005. Because 2006 was the first summer you had camp there…
I am going to go with 2004/2005 :)!

Thanks for trying Jaclyn!

Maybe next time our comments won't require a RIGHT answer…hmn…I'll be brainstorming so you might could (in country twang there!) win next time! Hoping you have a fantabulous Tuesday!

PssstHey Jaclyn, let me know your mailing address!

[time for trivia]

I thought it might be fun to do a little trivia game on this here blog!! The idea is to connect you to more of the ministry of Whisper Mountain, encourage some involvement, and have a little fun trying to win something! Who doesn't like to win something, you know?! I hope you'll get up the courage to leave your answer in the comment section. The right answers will be randomly shuffled to decide the winner!

What shall the winner receive? How about a copy of one of the books that was instrumental in Marty's following God along the trail to Whisper Mountain's founding!   Dream giver book

Okay, let's play…(pretend you hear nice trivia game background music!)

Answer this question in the comments:

[In what year did Whisper Mountain acquire the 130 acres it now resides on?]

You have until midnight tonight! Winner will be announced in tomorrow's post!

Swarms of Fun!

Amidst all the work we do at camp, we do tend to squeeze in some fun!  But it's probably not the fun you are used to (remember, we're in smalltown USA!!) Yellow-jackets-1Part of an ongoing battle (and hazard) around the camp are yellow jacket nests in the ground…everywhere.  The boys are always in the danger zone as they mow and weedwack because they don't know until it's too late that the lovely little evils have started a new nest and are pretty possessive and protective of it! (pretty funny to watch them screaming up the road as they are chased by angry yellow jackets!) Well, a new nest was discovered.  Somehow, it was decided that I needed to get a picture of the swarm of yellow jackets after the mower passed over the nest!  I thought it would be amazing to have the sun gleaming with the swarm swarming.  So…we planned and prepared! Yellow-jackets-4

Yellow-jackets-5One brave Ramsey would be hoodied up, would floor the mower over the top of the nest, and I would be in place to catch the swarm with my camera.  Just picture all of us staff outside, most at a smart & safe distance, watching this "taunt the yellow jackets" fun taking place!Yellow-jackets-6

Yellow-jackets-2Well, Ramsey floored it, as planned. The yellow jackets were spitting angry as planned.  But the photographer (ahem, that'd be me!) was found running and screaming up the road as unplanned. Sounded something like this, "Shaaauuuunnnn, get 'em off me! Ouch! Get 'em off me! Hurry!" Three little zings later, I was frustrated that I missed the shot I imagined capturing, but laughing because it was a kickin' good time!

Hey, I faired better than my man a couple months back…half his face was swollen for a couple days!Swollen face Yeah, it's okay that you think we're crazy!!

So, there’s this game!

…that's really addicting!  It's called carpet ball!  Ever played it?Box We were given the carpet lined boxes and idea by some lovely friends in Raleigh (thank you!) and it has become a big hit in the free times of both our campers and our staff!

The game is played with striped and solid pool balls and one cue ball. With two people playing, one standing at each end, you take turns rolling the cue ball down the lane in the hopes of being the first to knock all your opponents balls down into the pits! This gets a little intense! Innocent bystanders have been known to dodge a few cue balls that have come flying out of the box! It may sound silly, but man is it fun!  And did I mention that it's addicting? (I may need a support group!) The great thing is that this game can be played by people of all ages and skill levels!

Tcue I've gotta say, usually the contestants are not in the box!  

T smile But when you're this cute, you can kinda get away with a lot! 

Shiny Blessings

Thanks to all who stopped by the blog yesterday!  The numbers never cease to amaze me! (though the guessers are few!!)

We're feelin' grateful at Whisper Mountain!  One of our biggest needs before summer camps begin was delivered to the camp last week…all 450 pounds of it!  Bundled-frg

Movers-2  Last summer our refrigerator died…big bummer seein' how feedin' people is a small part of what we do at camp!  When the truck came bringing on it's back a shiny, new (and completely gifted) stainless steel refrigerator those of us who work in the kitchen became a little ecstatic! Woot-Woot!!

The picture on the blog game yesterday was this:May-fridge

I think the spring greens in the reflection of the fridge was a little tricky:) That wasn't on purpose, I promise!!! Thank you to all who played!

Our winner is: Selah…though she's been disqualified for being family and camp kid! (I really should put a rule out there…they just love to guess too!)

Ahhh, maybe I'll let her pick something out in the camp store…speaking of which…did you see the quick little mention at the bottom of this post that announced Good Stuf Online Store is now open?

And I want to give a shout out to Mr. Generosity: Thank you for your heart to help Whisper Mountain through this gift!  You are helping to move this ministry forward and ultimately making Jesus famous!

Glad Tidings to you all today!