[time for trivia]

I thought it might be fun to do a little trivia game on this here blog!! The idea is to connect you to more of the ministry of Whisper Mountain, encourage some involvement, and have a little fun trying to win something! Who doesn't like to win something, you know?! I hope you'll get up the courage to leave your answer in the comment section. The right answers will be randomly shuffled to decide the winner!

What shall the winner receive? How about a copy of one of the books that was instrumental in Marty's following God along the trail to Whisper Mountain's founding!   Dream giver book

Okay, let's play…(pretend you hear nice trivia game background music!)

Answer this question in the comments:

[In what year did Whisper Mountain acquire the 130 acres it now resides on?]

You have until midnight tonight! Winner will be announced in tomorrow's post!

One thought on “[time for trivia]

  1. Haha so I feel like I should know this for sure…but I dont.
    I know that the ministry and board of directors was founded in 2003.
    So I am going to say that the land was given in 2004, though it may have been 2005. Because 2006 was the first summer you had camp there…
    I am going to go with 2004/2005 🙂


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