Bend Ahead

Road The title above reminds me of the response the road sign "Stop Ahead" always gave my brother when we were growing up.

Stop ahead

We'd be riding along in the car, he'd see the sign, then reach forward from the backseat of the car and grab my mom's head.  At her startled freaking out he would say, "The sign said to stop a head!"  Of course he thought he was hilarious!  (And he was, but I'm not sure Mom thought so!)

There's no bending a head today!  But there is a bend in the road!  At Whisper Mountain we are coming out of the breathe-easier days of late fall and early winter and are heading into the yikes-spring-and-summer-are-coming-there's-so-much-to-do days!

With the schedules beginning again today, I find I am beginning with a fresh perspective & motivation. The energy is just surging through my mind and body (having trouble shutting the mind off at night!)! Christmas decorations are cleared out, furniture is rearranged , some major messes have disappeared(finally!)… I'm in this serious nesting mood! You'd think I was pregnant or something (quick clarification…I'm not!).

I'm excited to be in 2010 (do we say this twenty ten or two thousand ten…I'm still not sure!). I'm excited about the work that is ahead of us.  I'm excited as I anticipate what God is going to do in and through my life, my family and this camp! By George, I'm just feeling so….excited!

As we take this bend in the road, I'm thankful and glad you are walking this trail with us (in a blogosphere type of way!)  Sharing the journey is much better than walking it alone!

One thought on “Bend Ahead

  1. Cassi, GOD BLESS YOU!!!I just want to scream it at the top of my lungs for you and your family. Up to this point what you have written, along with the pictures have made me LOL and also made me cry (and yes I am at the office, that’s always fun to explain). I so badly wish I could to more for WMM. I pray to God that my will is no longer mine but a total surrendering to him. What ever that looks like? some how though I get the feeling it has to do with WMM. I love you all and thank God you are in my life and that you are doing what you do!!!


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