monday meeting

Jandesk    I came to the office today after a nice little break, to find my new Layers magazine (exciting!) among other things that need my attention!  Mondays are days for us camp staff to regroup, plan out the week and spend time praying together for this ministry and the individuals that are somehow involved with us.  We have a board:Prayer-board  As people share their needs with us, we write them up on our board and become intentional in remembering them in prayer, together and on our own! Today we were going through the list and found that prayers have been answered!  How encouraging to realize the involvement of God in each situation, to remember again that God hears us when we call to Him…really, He's waiting for us to call to Him!Twork   At Whisper Mountain, we have people standing by to take your requests…let us know how we can pray for you!

2 thoughts on “monday meeting

  1. I was just thinking of you… Looking through your blog made me miss you… and miss getting to know you more while you were here. The prayer board in this post made me smile… knowing for FACT that you had one (perhaps the same?) on your refrigerator in Charlotte. That, for a FACT you updated it faithfully. That, for a FACT you committed to pray. And for a FACT that HE heard and blessed you for your prayer ministry. Praying you are well and feeling HIM close to you tonight.


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