In the *off* season // Ramsey

We often get asked what it is we do in the *off* season, meaning when it's not summer! I started this little series in our monthly e-newsletter, The Echo, but not all of you read that! Thus I'm sharing here! (i love finding an excuse to use the word thus!!) 



Would you say you live on *easy street* when campers leave us after summer?

RP: Yes it is so nice to sit around all day and do nothing….not. Not hardly. My work continues and seems even more stressfull trying to prep for next summer!



What sort of jobs do you work on through fall and winter?

RP: We have work teams during fall, which is a huge help to us, so we are planning work projects for them. I am still mowing and weed wacking, which is a full time job on its own, up until our first freeze. During fall and winter we are working on improvements to the grounds before next summer (so we have tons of projects) plus the general maintenance on the buildings plus our lake project which is a huge deal. There's the cleaning and prepping for retreats during this time as well. Work is never ending, always something to improve and fix and maintain.





What's one of your bigger responsibilities for the year-round work you do at camp?

RP: Grounds Maintenance, making sure the property looks prestine for our guests and all year-round. Taking care of 130 acres is never ending work!




Tell me about one of the better parts of working at camp in the fall and winter.

RP: The best part is that the mowing and weedwacking stops and I have more time to focus on projects that I didnt have time for in summer or projects that have to be completed befor the next summer.


What's one thing you can't live without?

RP: God. I've tried it without him and it didn't work out too well. lol


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