Sam’s Journey at Whisper Mountain Camp | 2020

We first got to know Sam Wammock when she was a camper in 2011 and then as she returned for years until joining our Summer Staff team in 2016. (see these posts: 2016, 2017) Her story continued as she joined Full Time Staff last year (2019).

Today she is sharing with you how her story continues! Watch the video to see a quick peek of her through the years and hear what she has to say!

We love Sam’s heart for the Lord, how well she leads, her strong work ethic and her fun-lovin’ ways!

She tends to leave a mark wherever she goes. We know she will continue to do so as the Lord continues to lead and make Himself known through her.

We love you Sam! Thank you for your years spent Proclaiming Christ with us!

Until next time,
your Robbinsville family

week’s end

Whisper-Mountain-Camp-Solo-TimeWhew. What a week! Many unexpected things confronted us this week — some good, some not so good. But here we are at week's end, still breathing and finding reason to praise our God!


Whisper-Mountain-Camp-PaintballOur campers have experienced purposeful adventure in the great outdoors, times of deep encouragement from their peers, our guides, and God's Word, and through learning how to hear God through solo times and worship sessions.

Whisper-Mountain-Camp-StaffOur staff learned a little more about themselves through serving and improvising this week. Their bodies ache for sleep and down time, but their hearts are full from the experience of seeing God work in teens lives! We are thankful for the way they have poured themselves out and were open to being stretched further than was comfortable at times!

Whisper-Mountain-CampersEven in the midst of life struggle, challenging circumstances, and being emptied beyond what we think we can bear, God is personal and good and restoring. May you find His presence to be a reality today!

Happy Weekending, friends!

summer staff are here

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 8We've officially kicked off the summer camp season with the arrival of (most of) our staff! Some returning, some new — we are excited about who God has brought to serve with us at Whisper Mountain!

Whisper Mountain Camp Commander

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 1

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 5

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 9Throughout staff training this next week, we are having a little fun, Duck Dynasty style! The Camp Commander Headquarters will be filled with work, play, connecting and preparing to greet those campers with excitement, love and Jesus!

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 4

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 6

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 7

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 10Aren't they beautiful?! I think I say this every year, but this group of people is awesome! Such variety in personality, skills and backgrounds! I look forward to introducing you to each one throughout the summer weeks!

Whisper Mountain Staff Welcome 3Hey, have a happy happy happy day, won't ya?!

a little action outside the office

The sun was calling me out, I had some "wait for the uploading" time to burn, and there was a little action outside the office. So I grabbed my camera and went skipping out the door. Yes. skipping. and smiling. and carrying a camera. totally talented!

Whispermountain-men1I caught my man being manly with a chainsaw and some sticks! (look at those muscles. no, don't. nevermind.)

Whispermountain-men2(And then he saw the camera and pulled out the typical Shaun pose. oiy.) He's cleaning up some dead stuff along the road that makes things look really…dead. Something I never realized before coming to Whisper Mountain is that a forest takes a lot of work to keep up! There are always fallen trees and branches and such. Full time work to keep this property looking smashing! Which brings me to Maintenance Chief!

Whisper-mountain-men3Chief Ramsinator was driving his rig around…donuts in the dirt…I think that's all he was doing! No. Just kidding. He was doing something with engines and stuff that goes in the gas for winter or something. (clearly I'm not with the maintenance department!) This guy has much to keep up with! I just leave it to him!

Whispermountain-men4(When he sees the camera come out it's either duck lips or coolness poise! I picked the cool pose! He'd kill me otherwise. –hop in. That's what he'd say if you could be here. in the moment. anyways…) I'm glad he's smart enough to know that working at Whisper Mountain is where it's at! Smart little lad is he! Or maybe Whisper Mountain is smart for keeping him around! hmn. You decide!

Whispermountain-fridge-epidemicBoss Man wasn't around. Something about a board meeting to prep for or the fridge epidemic that's hit camp…no really. Our big freezer and our little fridge in the office went down. What? Hope it's not contagious. We can't stand to lose the pop machine too! (yes. I say pop. lay off!)

I'm super glad you popped in today! It gives me the chance to offer well wishes that all in your life stacks up real nice for you today! Seriously though, life can be tough so hang in there. Light is always around the bend of the shadow!

May His light shine upon you!

In the *off* season // Ramsey

We often get asked what it is we do in the *off* season, meaning when it's not summer! I started this little series in our monthly e-newsletter, The Echo, but not all of you read that! Thus I'm sharing here! (i love finding an excuse to use the word thus!!) 



Would you say you live on *easy street* when campers leave us after summer?

RP: Yes it is so nice to sit around all day and do nothing….not. Not hardly. My work continues and seems even more stressfull trying to prep for next summer!



What sort of jobs do you work on through fall and winter?

RP: We have work teams during fall, which is a huge help to us, so we are planning work projects for them. I am still mowing and weed wacking, which is a full time job on its own, up until our first freeze. During fall and winter we are working on improvements to the grounds before next summer (so we have tons of projects) plus the general maintenance on the buildings plus our lake project which is a huge deal. There's the cleaning and prepping for retreats during this time as well. Work is never ending, always something to improve and fix and maintain.





What's one of your bigger responsibilities for the year-round work you do at camp?

RP: Grounds Maintenance, making sure the property looks prestine for our guests and all year-round. Taking care of 130 acres is never ending work!




Tell me about one of the better parts of working at camp in the fall and winter.

RP: The best part is that the mowing and weedwacking stops and I have more time to focus on projects that I didnt have time for in summer or projects that have to be completed befor the next summer.


What's one thing you can't live without?

RP: God. I've tried it without him and it didn't work out too well. lol


unexpected & practically wonderful


Campers-provisionBack in July, a group of campers arrived and with them came the surprise of  practical portions! Our full-time staff was given groceries and toiletries…those things that are necessary to living but can be hard to scrape together when living on faith support! We were overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness and generosity! Much like other giving we've received, each time we use the detergent or brush our teeth or heat up the ramen (which we've been happily living off of since summer's end!!), our minds drift to the giver and a prayer is lifted up! A prayer of gratitude!

God always does care for us in great abundance and in most unexpected ways! May our faith be strengthened by such a reminder!Campers-provision-3Thank you Hilton Head Youth and your families for being God's instrument of provision to the Whisper Mountain Staff! May God richly bless you all!



My superman! While I do prefer to keep him all to myself, I must share Shaun quite regularly! That's as it should be anyways! Watching him be consumed with leading the programming this summer at camp and shepharding our summer staff caused me to swell with such pride at being married to such a man! His heart for God is quite an inspiring thing for me to encounter! While you won't see him listed in this awesome section, he ranks awesome with me!

And besides all this, who couldn't use a Monday laugh! I couldn't resist giving you such an opportunity! Do stop by Whisper Mountain sometime soon to have your visit with superman!

Happy Monday!

amazing staff

Whisper mountain summer staff 2012Whisper Mountain summer staff 2012 was an amazing group of people, all from such different backgrounds and in different spots along the road of life, but sharing one thing in common. Sharing their love for God with others! I believe the strength of this summer came from the strength of this team! They spent much time in prayer for each group, for each other, and with campers. I would say that was their strong point. I will greatly miss them as they've gone their separate ways now. Please pray with us that they each continue on mission for Jesus! 

Full time staff is enjoying a couple day breather before getting ready for a group next week! Please pray for us to find the refreshment we need to keep on keeping on!

Blessings to you! I'll see you here toward the end of the week!