A Simple Way a Crowd is Making a Difference

A whole crowd of people gathered the cast off things, piled them on the lawn and welcomed the masses! Some call it crazy. We call it amazing! Welcome to a glimpse of the Yard Sale Fundraiser in Fort Myers, Florida.

Several years ago one adult group of people began to bless Whisper Mountain by selling a few things. The one simple idea has since exploded into four storage containers getting filled all throughout the year until the first weekend of March rolls around. Then all the willing and able come set up, run and clean up from the yard sale. IN THE FLORIDA HUMIDITY. (mind-blowing)

This year the sale ended early due to rain, but the volunteers stuck it out with a smile! So amazing! Although cut short, the success of this sale still managed to bring in thousands of dollars to support Whisper Mountain Camp. Seriously, do you understand how huge this is to us?

Even though we are sort of in the routine of them doing this work (and our guys going down to help out each year), we are still continually blown away by so many people willing to give so much of their time, energy and treasure. We know it’s a sacrifice, which makes receiving the blessing so entirely humbling. And encouraging, but so humbling.

While providing financially for the camp, they also give in other HUGE ways too! You may not know it, but ministry can be lonely and discouraging work at times. The job requires grit, resolve and perseverance. When people sacrifice even a little to be a part of the mission — there’s just no words. The overwhelm of support and encouragement helps to renew our resolve and grit to help us keep on keeping on. We feel stood with and if you’ve ever felt that, you know what we mean!

Whether friends of the ministry stopped in to say hello or volunteers came to do the work or shoppers came to shop: thank you to each of you who were a part of this Yard Sale in whatever way you were able to be a part! God sees and knows and we trust Him to bless you in ways we never will be able to. Thank you for standing with us and helping Whisper Mountain in the work of proclaiming Christ to teens!

To God be the glory!

holy smokes, folks


Down in south Florida there exists a small community of people with a really big heart to come alongside the ministry of Whisper Mountain! Last year, one bright idea later, these people found themselves worn out, but successful in having raised thousands of dollars for WM. A couple weekends ago, this same small community organized enormous amounts of donated goods to sell at their second yard sale with all proceeds to be given to WM. If you’ve ever had your own yardsale you know what work these sales can be. Times that by 100 — holy smokes folks!


Spear heading the small community of people are Dave and Nancy Kreller, two wonderful servant leaders who walk an exemplary life of faith, who welcome people with sincerity and grace, and who display super hero strength under stressful circumstances. They are responsible for many of the details of this event and we couldn’t be more thankful for them!

WM-Fundraiser-2 WM-Fundraiser-3 WM-Fundraiser-5 WM-Fundraiser-6

As great as Dave and Nancy are, they couldn’t do this on their own. The event took an army of awesome people with willing hearts to give their time and energy and resources. Being on the receiving end of something like this feels overwhelming. Humbling. Encouraging. Exciting. The support we feel strengthens us to continue carrying on in this (very often) challenging work of camp ministry while also meeting the practical needs of the ministry. In the end, this year’s yard sale raised $15,959.61!! Pick up your jaws, guys — that really happened! Thank you, thank you, thank you to any of you who were a part of this event. We thank God for you and for His provision through you!


(A BIG THANK YOU to Tricia Coggins for her ninja photo skills to capture this event for me to share with you here!)

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