dressed in goodness

Weekending 1Our weekend was full of good things:

Weekending 2
Weekending 3//lovely families with hearts of service occupying our camp cabins

Weekending 5//lots of food prep

Weekending-4//dressing up for his own acts of service (isn't he hot?!)

Weekending 7//little outdoor adventures

Weekending 8//new hair dos and trim ups

Weekending 9//making & consuming grand amounts of hummus (something like this)

Weary but accomplished, fun yet productive. Our weekending was dressed in goodness indeed!Weekending 6Happy Monday!

Week in Review

I thought I would just give you a glimpse of some of the faces that filled our week at camp! 


Who was here?

  •  2 families (who drove 12 hours from Florida) spent 5 days of their spring break working around the camp (I am always amazed that people give their vacations to come work…How cool is that?!)

They were also here to help with a…

  • Local school field trip: the younger kids beat the older kids at tug-of-war, which earned them the right to popsicles first!!!!

The morning we said goodbye to the families we had a couple hours to clean so we could welcome in…

  • A group from Georgia: they are here to do a little spring break service themselves!

Our week ends tomorrow after clean-up and locals paintball! 

The week has been fast, furious, exciting, exhausting, fruitful and all because of Jesus! 

And it all starts again on Sunday night!


I'm so glad I get to serve at camp (most days…just keepin' it real here folks! Anyone feeling "called" to camp cooking?!!)


Part of our programing at Whisper Mountain is to have Mission Work Teams come in for a week or weekend, usually in spring and fall, some working on our property, others in the community.

Here's what I have witnessed in the teams that have come to Whisper Mountain as a Work Team:

::Parents sharing with their children their values of getting outside of themselves to help someone else

::Teens giving more of themselves then they thought possible and feeling good about it…more    confident in themselves.

::Adults glad for a change in work as they invest in something eternal.

::Senior adults glad to find a niche that uses their skills and talents investing in something worthwhile. 

Whoever they are and for whatever reason they come, each person is a blessing and encouragement and each person leaves different than when they came! 

We are thinking about making changes to our work team program.  Anyone wanting to come to Whisper Mountain to serve on a work team must be able to:

Speak English!!  Just Kidding!  Hammer nails while juggling…must be an accomplishment on the resume of those desiring to serve here on a Work Team!!!!!

Okay, not really…we welcome any and all willing hearts and hands!