When Monday Isn’t a Fresh Start

Woodland Pathway

If only a new week always meant a fresh start. How many Mondays show up still holding all the same pressures and deadlines, work loads and baggage? Nothing fresh about that! So what should we do when another long week stretches out before us, the hard only feeling harder as we go?

When tempted to quit hard things, we can help ourselves out by fixing our minds on higher things. We may not get out of our hard, but our mind can be preoccupied with hope to help us through the burdensome. Because it won’t be like this forever, it’s just for right now. So press on, keep going, don’t quit!

Glorious Moth

Practice looking for good, fix your mind on higher things rather than the weighty things and believe God is with you. You might find a little extra pep in your step this Monday!

pilgrim on


The news headlines cast shadows on our daily realities. Changes in the classrooms quicken our breath and lead our thoughts to places we’d rather not visit. Current events darken the threshold of our peace of mind. Heaping piles of fear can weigh us down and cause us to dread the future or lose sleep at night or keep us from choosing to live our lives in a forward motion.


Let us encourage you today to remember that God’s hand is in the undercurrents of all of life. Lift your eyes to the King of Kings, to the One who said in His Word these things will take place, to the One who is aligning everything for His promised return! WE ARE NOT HOME…Pilgrim on! Be the light while light remains. His plan is in motion and He has proven Himself trustworthy. We can hope in Him!