Craftivities Weekend | 2020

In the spirit of catching up on all the communications since the COVID pandemic, I’m taking you back to March, when things were just starting to get harry! March, when the ladies were to be gathering at Whisper Mountain Camp for the annual Craftivities Weekend!

Let me tell you about Craftivities in case you are unfamiliar! Each spring we welcome a small group of ladies to the mountains for simple encouragement, white space for the heart and mind, and a new skill to learn to cultivate beauty in their lives!

This year we learned the art of Block Printing! A simple way to create things of beauty for gifting, homemaking and so much more!

Because this weekend was at the very start of people being afraid to interact with each other, about half the guests who were supposed to come ended up cancelling at the last minute. This was the first disappointment in a long line of disappointments for our ministry in association with the pandemic changing our lives! We definitely missed having those who didn’t feel comfortable coming, but found those who braved the outing to have been glad they did!

Many beautiful things were made, each one’s personality seen in their creations. We hand carved the stamp blocks with our preferred designs then printed those designs with a permanent and washable ink on canvas bags, large cloth “flour sack” towels, and paper for wall art and/or stationary. Each design was happy, unique and beautiful!

Not everyone was around for the group picture, but here’s most people!

When we weren’t creating, eating good food or chatting, we were being encouraged by the words and message of Becca Giancana! Becca is from Long Island, NY living in Columbia, SC. She has a degree from Columbia International University in Bible and Bible Education and is currently studying for her Master’s Degree. We really enjoyed her coming and teaching us!

She had an easy to grasp way of communicating God’s Word with us. Becca gently challenged and encouraged us through Mary and Martha’s story and helped make the Gospel relatable for everyone, no matter where they are in their walks with Jesus.

The weekend was rainy, the fear of the coronavirus was swelling, and we were on the brink of quarantine as none of us had ever known. But this weekend was a weekend filled with the white space necessary to be refreshed, make something beautiful with our hands and be encouraged. Thanks to all who came!

Lord willing, we will host our next annual Craftivities Weekend in the Spring of 2021! So tuck that away in your mind and be looking for more information in the new year!

Thanks for reading and may the Lord be encouraging you in these times,


Weavings Were Woven | Spring Craftivities 2019

Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 1We had such a great time with the ladies who came to our Spring Craftivities Event last weekend! Getting away, even when we think we can’t, to do something we don’t always do has a way of sparking life inside our souls! We saw this be true for these women!

Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 2Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 8

We learned the basics of weaving (on a loom — not to be confused with basket weaving, cough Anna Gab, cough cough! 😉) and were given the opportunity to create whatever masterpiece we could think up!

Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 4

Here’s the fun part: everyone was given the same supplies, the same amount of time and the same set up, but every single loom was woven from a very different place. Each person brought something different to their piece and it was amazing and exquisite and such a wonderful reminder of our uniqueness!

Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 3Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 10

We spent a little time talking about such things and more application found through the experience and found encouragement through the Word in little snippets throughout the weekend. So fueling and refreshing!

Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 5Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 9

Along with the enjoyment found in weaving, many found frustration when the project wasn’t getting done quickly enough, or they wanted to be on the other side of the project. Having persevered, every woman went home a little proud of their accomplishment and a lot thankful for having done something creative!

Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 7

If you were on the fence or unable to come this time, how about planning to join us in September for our next Craftivities Event! September 28th! Block it off now, work it out with your friend or family! Plan to be here! You won’t regret it!!

Weaving at Whisper Mountain Camp 6

Thanks for coming ladies — it was a joy to spend the weekend with you! Hope to see you soon!



Author + Photography | Cassi


Are you coming to our Mosaics Workshop?

Sept Mosaic Promo Block.jpg

It’s almost time for our upcoming Mosaics Workshop! In fact in just one week, our instructor, Texan Mosaic Artist Sarah Paul, will be leading us on the basics of creating mosaic art as we craft a tray of our own design! We are really looking forward to her coming and our spending the day making!

All supplies, lunch and snacks are provided! Come at 9 and leave by 4 with your new piece in hand and a refreshed spirit to boot! The cost for the day is $75. If staying overnight $100.

If you haven’t confirmed your attendance already, we need to know as soon as possible! Email .  We hope to see you there!

Garden Inspired Crafting Event

March Craft Promo Info Block

We are getting ready for this year’s first craftivities event! Make time to make things and bring some simple beauty to your days! Our last event in the fall was a great success. One woman said after the day was over, “We didn’t know how it would be to spend the whole day crafting, but it turned out to be so fun and so refreshing! We are glad we came!”

Plan to join us Saturday, March 12 at our Camp Hub from 9-4. Lunch and snacks are included, as are easy conversations and all the supplies you’ll need! You’ll go home with awesome swag bags and three crafts inspired by the garden! The Day Event Cost is $50. The Weekend Price (for out of owners sleeping over and receiving two breakfasts) is $75.

We keep these events smaller so don’t wait to grab your spot! Email today to let us know you’re coming!

We hope to see you there!

Woven 2014 in pictures


Woven at Whisper Mountain Header BlockWhat a weekend we had with the women as we gathered to be spiritually encouraged and try our hand at the art of basket weaving!

Woven at Whisper Mountain 1Some (one!) of us hated it, many of us loved it, almost all of us walked away feeling the sense of accomplishment and proud of our handiwork!

Woven at Whisper Mountain 5The teaching by Deb was uplifting as she offered gems of wisdom and gently challenged us in our walks with Christ.

Woven at Whisper Mountain 6Worship with Charley and Chelsea was completely renewing as we turned our hearts to the Ultimate Weaver of all of life!

Woven at Whisper Mountain 28

Woven at Whisper Mountain 9Ruth and Renee were a strong sister team teaching us the art of basket weaving. We have such an appreciation for baskets and for their patience!

Woven at Whisper Mountain 2

Woven at Whisper Mountain 22Patti put together amazing meals, added her special touches on the whole event, and decorated the Hub to be a beautiful splash of happy and spring for our guests–as is her usual!

(I still was not feeling well and really only managed to take some really blurry/bad pictures! My apologies to you!)

Woven at Whisper Mountain 3

Woven at Whisper Mountain 4
Woven at Whisper Mountain 11While the company was fantastic, the art satisfying, the teaching uplifting, my very favorite part of the whole weekend was having both young and older women all in one place, sharing the whole experience together. Too often, in both the church and life, there is such a divide between the young and the old. We need each other, benefit from each other, are stronger with each other. My heart was made happy by such a sight!

Woven at Whisper Mountain 8

Woven at Whisper Mountain 10

Woven at Whisper Mountain 12
Woven at Whisper Mountain 13
Woven at Whisper Mountain 14
Woven at Whisper Mountain 15
Woven at Whisper Mountain 17
Woven at Whisper Mountain 24
Woven at Whisper Mountain 25Pretty hard to believe we went from a baggie full of confusion to a basket full of awesome in just a day!

Woven at Whisper Mountain 26

Woven at Whisper Mountain 27Before the ladies left we gave them a few little goodies to put in their baskets, one of which was fudge from these amazing fudge makers over in the Raleigh area. If specialty fudge is your thang, or you're looking for something special for your upcoming something or rather, we highly recommend North Carolina Fudge! (whatever weight I've lost being sick has been kindly placed back on the hips thanks to these yummy morsels!)

Woven at Whisper Mountain 19Most of the crew here–aren't they beautiful! Don't they look so proud?! I love it! There's already chatter of next year's Woven! We weren't sure how this retreat would go, this being our first go at it, but we are very pleased with how well received it was! We look forward to next year. If you missed out this year, be planning to join us in 2015.

A Team Woven Together

A couple weeks out from Whisper Mountain's Woven Retreat, we find ourselves expectant and excited about the ways God is weaving this thing together! (ha. Did you catch it?!)

Woven-retreat-teamRuth, our basket weaving teacher, is gathering supplies…and is a little nervous about the size of our crowd! We won't tell her the number Deb, our speaker, is praying for! Charley and Chelsea are preparing heart and song to lead us in worship–a treat for all of us! We are, and I know some of you are, bathing this weekend in prayer! Thank you for that! (If you're not, you could start now…if you wanted!!) We want the whole event to radiate Jesus! His is the grace and love and compassion and healing and power we need woven into our lives!

I'll leave you to the praying (and waiting with bated breath to see the event in pictures!). I'm gonna get to the details of it all! Have a great day!

Woven for Women

Woven HmPGFrom the youngest of us to the oldest, the fibers of our being crave to be known, loved, enjoyed, adored. Each intricate piece of who we are is woven with His grace. A thing of beauty made for a purpose. 

Just ahead, women (ages tween and up) will be gathering. Friends, mothers, daughters, mentors, sisters, grandmas, small groups. All ages and walks of life, escaping their everyday just long enough to be refreshed and renewed. Just long enough to breathe deep the connections with other women. Just long enough to have a fresh encounter with the personal God. 

From the most uncrafty person to those with serious skill, moments weaving reed (or at least attempting to!) gives time for conversation and contemplation. A woman from our community will help us finish a basket to take home with us. A woman with a heart of gold and a life of grace will offer nuggets of truth, perspective and encouragement throughout our time together. As the beauty of spring is awakening around us, we are praying an awakening of our hearts will surround our time.

Maybe you'd like to gather a few of your favorites or maybe someone who needs intentional time. Spread the word, mark your calendars, get away with us April 4-5. More details are found on our website. It would be a joy to spend a couple days together with you!