Sunshine & Palm Trees

Rp sunshine palm trees[photo by ramsey. see more here!]

If you've followed this blog for at least a year (God bless you!), you may know that the WM Staff travels each year to participate in a mission's conference at a church down in Florida. Their GIC (Global Impact Celebration) event brings missionaries together to love on and encourage. But bigger than that is their heart of having their church body get involved in some way with the ministries represented. You know, get off the couch and do something type of deal!

Sadly, me and the kiddos were left in the dust this year (our decision– That algebra, you know!). Which means I don't have the usual postcards to share with you all. But I do have a few scenes Shaun sent my way!

Sunshine and palmtrees
Boats in waterHis Colorado roots soak in the sunshine and palm trees of Florida's perfect winter weather!

The trip is usually packed full of meeting together with people, catching up with old friends, and speaking to different groups of people. Adding to the full this year is the elementary school hosting WM as their missionaries. Which means speaking in their chapel service each day!

Sfca chapelThere's been lots of minute to win it games, classroom checks (to resemble camp cabin checks!), and Hope (a last year's summer staff) sharing her experience! The classes are in competition to raise money for WM! Such an awesome way to involve kids. And help WM! (Our WM FB Group page has more pics and a couple video classroom checks if you're interested!)

Well, I'm off to get my man from the airport and hug his neck!

See you back here tomorrow for the Big Picture Game!!

a greeting parade

I thought I'd give you a glimpse of how our campers are greeted upon arriving at Whisper Mountain for  their week of camp!

Camp-arrivals-1When we see the dust cloud following the vans up the road, there's a stir of excitement as everyone pours out of the Hub and gets "in position"!

Camp-arrivals-2  By "in position" I mean finding a rock or a spot where screaming and yelling and waving of arms can take place!

Camp-arrivals-3This year we've added some fun little blowing devices that make obnoxiously loud noises. Annoying to listen to when there's 20 of them going off, but really fun when you're the one blowing it!

Camp-arrivals-4Driving into such a parade of happiness usually brings about smiles to those who've been squished like sardines for hours in a church van!

Camp-arrivals-5And when they've reached the top of the road our staff is there to welcome them with hugs or handshakes and a quick get-to-know you before quickly settling in their cabins (dropping bags on beds!).

Camp-arrivals-6Then the week of fun, adventure and encountering begins! The exciting start to our weeks has us holding our breaths every time as we anticipate what God might do in each heart!

Praying your week is off to a great start (even if it's a Monday!).

poles & prayers

Cfk hmpage
The Fishing Tournament is this weekend down in Florida! Would you be willing to pray for this event? Pray for all those organizing and heading it up. Pray for Marty as he will have the opportunity to boldly (and briefly) share Jesus! Pray for safety, a great turnout, pleasant fishing weather, and success as we seek to fundraise scholarships for campers and meeting other financial needs of Whisper Mountain!

Thanks for praying! Your awesome!

May your weekend be filled with goodness!

in surgery today

Surgery1Sleepless nights, limited movement, constant and nagging pain. Marty's life has been this for over a year when he (re)injured his shoulder while spotting a camper on our low ropes course. After months of workman's comp paper shuffling and doctor visits, he finally goes in for surgery this morning.

Surgery 2
Did you see the note: Massive Rotator Cuff Tear. The doctor literally has a thread to work with, hoping to ease the pain and return a little motion to the shoulder. 

The operation takes place today. Are you a prayer warrior? If so, will you pray for a better than expected success with this surgery? For Patti as she has the job of helping to keep this caged lion caged during his months-long recovery? For our guys as they carry a heavier workload (I think we will see just how many details Marty sees to in a day!)? For Marty's sanity as being down, holding still, resting isn't something he's good at? Which is kind of funny since that is the mission of this camp ministry! I'm believing there's a good thing going on here!

And you? How can we be praying for you? We spend time praying for many each morning in our staff meeting! We'd love to pray for you as well!




In case you missed the update in the comments or on fb, here you go!Post surgery update 1These pictures show how they borrowed some p-cord from our high ropes course (only kidding of course!) to tie the tendons into a bundle. We pray this fuses together around the ball and socket! While inside Marty, the doctor also repaired a bicep tear, did 3 convergence sutures to tie around the shoulder socket and removed a bone spur! They didn't intend on all that coming into play, but alas, Marty never goes to the doctor so of course there are issues in there!Post surgery update 2

He got home last evening, still on drugs as you can see! (I did get permission to share this!)  He will be quite sore for some time, so please continue to pray! He undergoes therapy and all for several weeks! His biggest struggle, I believe, will be remaining sane with all the work that comes with this time of year and entrusting it to the guys!

Thanks for your prayers! You are awesome!

building more than a deck

Whisper mounain deck build1With these guys at camp all week, we've been able to build the deck up by the cabins. Campers will now have a place to sit and relax (other than the bathhouse porch!!), meet in small groups, and more during their stay with us.

Whisper mountain deck build2

Whisper mountain deck build3

Whisper mountain deck build5

Whisper mountain deck build6
Whisper mountain deck build4Don and Richard (and their wives whom you shall meet soon!) have done more than just help build the deck. They have blessed us with their fellowship and spirit-filled service! One of my favorite parts of camp ministry is the relationships that are built, the constant connecting and reconnecting with people who share the heart of finding God and volunteer their time, energy, skill, and finances investing with us to that end! (even if it puts me in the kitchen too often:)!!!) God's economy is all about community! And a Whisper Mountain community is being built with many, many people!

Whisper mountain deck build7

Whisper mountain deck build8(for those who may wonder…pickets and seating still need to be added!)

Whisper mountain deck build9We are glad you are a part of our community in your own little way!

looking gor-geous

Wm planting3
Wm planting6
Fertilizing, fixing up, digging out, and transplanting the camp property has been some of our work these past warm days! There's no twisting my arm to get me to ignore the mounds of office work for a little bit of dirt work! God certainly has the place looking gor-geous, but how fun to add in our own splash of preference here or there!Wm planting1

:: hedge of forsythia's

Wm planting2

:: Janet Magnolia and poplars

:: burning bush hedge

:: blue spruce

:: maplesWm planting4

Wm planting5
Most of these transplants we've made started out as free little *sticks* from the Arbor Day Foundation. They don't look like anything more than sticks when they arrive in the mail, but once planted it's only a matter of time before the *tree* in them comes out! 

I wonder if you are waiting for the *tree* to come out in something in your life. If so, don't give up on the waiting. Life will bloom there. The quiet beauty will astound.

dressed in goodness

Weekending 1Our weekend was full of good things:

Weekending 2
Weekending 3//lovely families with hearts of service occupying our camp cabins

Weekending 5//lots of food prep

Weekending-4//dressing up for his own acts of service (isn't he hot?!)

Weekending 7//little outdoor adventures

Weekending 8//new hair dos and trim ups

Weekending 9//making & consuming grand amounts of hummus (something like this)

Weary but accomplished, fun yet productive. Our weekending was dressed in goodness indeed!Weekending 6Happy Monday!

painting dirt

Green 2
Green3Whisper Mountain's high ropes cove probably never felt as big as it seemed to our guys this week! They felt every square inch of its vastness as they raked to (near) perfection! I don't think this cove has ever looked so good! For the past five years, our campers and our staffers have dealt with the dirt and mud as they experienced our course. But folks…that's all about to change!


Green5Today our miracle workers showed up and painted the cove green! We watched with big ole grins!

Green6 Because we all are dreaming of the lush growth that should come by spring!

Green7Lord, bless the growth!