week in review // locals & cornerstone

Our Robbinsville teens joined with the group coming in from Georgia for camp last week! All had a great time, but more importantly, life change took place! Here's a glimpse from their time with us (Check out our group page for convo and a few more pics!) :

Corner-locals-1{photo by Charley // meet her here tomorrow!}

Corner-locals-2{photo by Charley}

Corner-locals-3{photo by Charley}

Corner-locals-4{photo by Hope}

Corner-locals-7{photo by Kaleigh}


Corner-locals-8In whatever we're into today, may we be intentional to connect with others and shine the light of Jesus! There's a lasting impact waiting to be made!

Blessings on your Monday!

week in review // new covenant

New-cove-tubing// the fun //

New-cove-hanging// the adventure //

New-cove-quiet// the point //

Teens of New Covenant in Georgia had a great week of fun and adventure, but many found the quiet in nature, the time away from their noise and the opportunity to hear God whisper to be both refreshing and life changing! A couple more were added to God's family, others were spurred on in their walk with him, still others left desiring more of God! Of course our awesome staff left their mark as well! Check out Whisper Mountain's fb group page…lots of convo going on there from this group!!

New-cove-crazy-shotHappy Monday to you, friends!

week in review // community & beulah

I missed a couple weeks of giving you guys a week in review (please don't take offense if you don't see your people here!!). I'm picking up with this past week's two groups!!







Cbc5I very much enjoyed and was encouraged by the reaching out these two groups exercised among each other throughout their camp week. Bringing two very different groups from two very different places together poses a slight risk, but in this case proved to be a grand success! The only common ground needed is a little Jesus. The great news this week is many hearts were touched. The hurt some of these teens are walking around with would never be evidenced in daily life or in pictures above for that matter. But one evening of giving them a chance to share any struggles opened the door for hearts to be poured out and gathered around for prayer and encouragement! One teen girl even gave her life to Christ!

God continues to do amazing things among us! Now, if we can just keep up with it all!

Blessings on your Monday!

Week in Review // Breakaway Outreach

Breakaway 1

Breakaway 2

Breakaway 3

Breakaway 4

Breakaway 5{above pics kindly taken by Kinsley!}

Our first week of camp was clearly covered in prayer, the gust of wind straigthening our backs and pushing us forward. (Or maybe it was just me feeling that! Lord knows I needed it this week!) Two kids from Breakaway began their journey with Jesus and several more are choosing to know Him more personally! Each child was lavished with the love of our staff and the volunteers they brought with them. 

Of course they did their share to love on us!

Breakaway 6(Tegan and his boys!)

Breakaway 10

Breakaway 11

Breakaway 7Because love is what we all need, isn't it?

Breakaway 9The words I read from one of our staff gives a glimpse into the effects of serving in camp ministry: "First week of camp was amazing, already seeing God challenge and change me in so many ways! its never an easy thing to say goodbye to kids who need Gods love :/ "

We take a quick break then get ready to greet a little more of our staff today! Thankful for you and the prayers you offer up on our behalf! May you blessed in this day!