Captured Moment // Get in the Boat

Whisper Mountain Canoe GirlsOur staff training week has been full of training, filming, photographing, skit planning, worship practicing, program strategizing — always something going on! Next week, I'm introducing you to a couple people I am the absolute most excited about it! They will kick off our 2014 Awesomeness Takes the Stage series! Are you excited?! (you should be!)

The above picture was from a photo shoot we did featuring some of the new products that will be in our online store! More will be seen next week, but this picture reminded me how we really are better when we are together. Going life alone never makes us stronger! May we both make room for a little togetherness this weekend!


how did Noah do it?

Rains have been falling for days now and even as I sit at the patchy internet this morning the rains continue! Grab your umbrella and let's take a quick stroll to see the effects of the rain around us!

<On Long Creek>


Long-creek-03If you've been to camp before, you know the banks of Long Creek are definitely swelling! If there wasn't the danger of smacking into someone's bridge, it could be quite an adventure to tube down!

<at Whipser Mountain>



Where's the hope when life drenches us and threatens to flood our hearts with despair? Why, anchoring to the Rock, that's where!

Long.wm-creek-11I have a little more compassion for Noah enduring so many drab days, confined inside (and with such an odor!) now too!

In whatever you face today, I hope you stay afloat with hope!

what made the trip

A camp group from this past summer invited the Whisper Mountain family to join them at their home church for a weekend retreat they were putting on. A few summer staff and the full time staff were able to drive down to Hilton Head to spend the weekend with the teens and their leaders!


HH Reflections

HH band
HH girls   :: It wasn't the beauty of the church, rocking youth band or fun-loving teens.

HH path
HH splash

HH SandArt
HH Cat   :: It wasn't time spent playing in sand and water.

HH beach
HH Walk   ::  It wasn't the sound of the water spilling upon the expansive beachfront.

HH Sunset
HH SRW   :: It wasn't the quieting such beauty brings.

HH home
HH croc   :: It wasn't the comfortable home and its intriguing wildlife.

What made our trip to Hilton Head memorable was the love & friendship from the hearts of God's people. Each of us were blessed by the open arms of the Workman family and their church body. It's the stuff life is made of!WM hearts HHWhisper Mountain loves you Hilton Head!