“Ohhh Mannn!”

Many people don't get the sacrifices made to begin and run a camp ministry. And that's okay. We don't need everybody to get it. When people do get it, they tend to find creative ways to keep us recharged and encouraged! (and for this we are grateful!)Vroom vroom1Each year for the past few years, a certain group of Romanian bikers travels our way. Usually they stay with us then drive the area for a few days then head back home. Each year for the past few years this certain group of bikers tends to get the big guy a bike rental and *forces* him to hit the road with them for a day!

Vroom vroom3He always feel there's too much to do to leave for a little joy riding, but after it's all said and done, he comes back refreshed and glad he went!

Vroom vroom 2Of course whenever there's a vroom-vroom around, little man is in on the action. In fact, his new line seems to be "Are you ready for this action?"

Vroom vroom4Finding the right words to try to get you to understand how blessed we feel by people who remember us and share with out-of-this-world generosity is a task I have yet to be able to undertake. God's timing, vessels, and means always catch us off guard. And always speak of His love for us! (Thank you to those of you reading this who are among the blessers!) As Tegan would say, "Ohhhhh, mannn!" You are awesome!

Vroom vroom5

tweens & cool people

Oh, our weekend…was a "camp weekend" as our family calls it! Which for you translates, our time and energy was spent at Whisper Mountain! And truly, what a good time it was! Included a sleepover with some giddy tween girls playing working on a school video project, as well as cool people, AKA the Workman Family, coming from Hilton Head to find a little rest and to serve us via work projects! Here's a few snapshots to bring you into the fun!Workman weekend 1

Workman weekend 3//tweens shooting their rendition of Holes (dun-dun-dun)//

Workman weekend 2 //Shaun's idea of a perfect marriage//

Workman weekend 4//a fort for the big boys/girls (paintball course) in the works//

Workman weekend 6Workman weekend 5//new outdoor seating was assembled (and enjoyed indoors)//

Workman weekend 7//beautiful (but cold) days and time with friends in the out of doors//

How much better can it get? Well, take away sleep deprivation from the giddy tweens! Then, how much better can it get?

Happy Monday to you, friends. Excited about what the week holds! And you, what are you looking forward to this week?

not just a weekend!

Whisper Mountain has been loving a couple things over this past weekend! 


Some of this past summer's staff (and a friend!) joined us for a few days of serving/ministering to the retreat group that leaves us today! We just love how they love to come back as often as possible! We think they are pr-e-t-t-y GREAT! And getting to see what God continues to do in and through them excites and encourages us! (love you guys!)


With what has seemed to be struggle and challenge at every turn, this group of teenagers and their leaders have come away to this quiet place called Whisper Mountain with one hope and one prayer. God, do something BIG in the hearts of each person attending. How thrilling to share with you this news: God-things have been happening! People are choosing Jesus! For this reason alone, we pour ourselves out, and *give up* what some might call a *normal* life! May Christ continue to be proclaimed, received and followed after! Both at Whisper Mountain and in your living as well! To Him be the glory!

(turkeys) along the trail

Turkey-on-blog The turkey in the photo above so much reminds me of the people who run from the spotlight after having just blessed us with their showing up!

What do I mean? When we least expect it, people cross our path, bringing an unexpected blessing with them! Like the turkey, freshening up by the creek one morning…an unexpected delight. At the first whipping out of the camera movement (though I tried to be more stealthier than that!), she was off, disliking the attention I wanted to show her!

What does this have to do with anything? Whisper Mountain has had such people recently cross our path, bringing an unexpected blessing with them. And in the fashion of most humble givers that come our way, they too run from attention. So I honor them (not by suggesting they are turkeys!!) by keeping them hidden, but I shout thanksgivings out for the gifts they have blessed us with!Trusses-on-blog Though it may seem unimpressive, this is approximately one thousand dollars worth of trusses that will be spread out among several buildings around camp. Great to have roof tops…now just need some walls! (And there's more where this came from!)

Batteries-on-blog What's so SPECIALty about these block boxes? Oh, yes…they are the life of our carts. Something we've been in dire need of before summer arrives! Batteries. Necessary but financially draining!

Thank you, humble people who don't want me stealing your heavenly treasures!!

God does much to care for this ministry! How refreshing to know He is with us! How great that he allows others to help!


Golf cart Since the day turned out to be sunny (what do those weather people know anyway?!) and my boy can't stand to be indoors when there's all kinds of things out of doors, we took to the road in a golf cart! Well, a camp road that is! Bouncing along the journey to "up top", Tegan has a story for everything we pass! Through our chatting I found myself being reminded of many different people.Whisper mountain burn pile :: the burn piles in waiting…carefully compiled by a recent group of teens!

Whisper mountain carpet ball:: the carpet ball games…passed on to us by a humble man and his group of teens!

Whisper mountain stumpless   :: the nearly stumpless ground…generously worked by a couple guys recently!

Whisper mountain tree felling   :: the tree still stretched across our stream from a work team last year!

Whisper mountain truck   :: ole blue…given most unexpectedly by a local business (A-4, thanks again!)

Whisper mountain signs   :: the signs posted all over…lovingly carved by one of our board members!

Each reminder I saw along the way (and there were more than I pictured here!) grew in me a deeper sense of awe and a swelling sense of humility! The awe because God orchestrates many people (most unexpectedly!) to somehow be involved in Whisper Mountain. Their mark is left and the heart they brought with them lingers, only adding to the experience of everyone that comes after them. The humility because God orchestrates a work so much bigger than us, bigger than our feeble attempts at leaving a mark! 

The greatest work that echoes in these mountains is the work of God in each of our hearts! I'm thankful we walk together along this trail! I'm thankful Tegan pulled me outside to be reminded!

taken by storm

I wish I had a picture of the spread that was laid out before us earlier this week. Instead I have the 2 *crazies* responsible for it!Camp visit(step brothers, I think is what this is about! they aren't, by the way!)

Two guys–one a former summer staff and friend, the other a leader with a summer group and friend–took us by storm earlier this week! Arriving on our doorstep, they were a twister of energy and hype and trays laiden with Chik-fil-A goodness! What I thought was a monstrous amount of food was quickly consumed by everyone! Not only are they both employees of Chik-fil-A, with the dream of owning their own stores some day, these two guys have a passion for God and to see others come to know Him too! They are responsible for some crazy fun held here at Whisper Mountain!Whisper mountain visitorsThank you guys for your encouargement through serving us and providing Chik-fil-A, fun and fellowship!  We are thankful for you and the lives you lead with such passion!