Summer 2016 Volunteers

We couldn’t do what we do here at Whisper Mountain Camp without people serving alongside us. We also can’t thank those enough who spent their time, talent, vacations and energy to come serve with us this summer! These quick snapshots don’t do justice to what these people did to help us this summer, but here’s a try at helping you see some of the faces of our volunteers!

Summer 2016 Volunteers at Whisper MOuntain CampServing at Whisper Mountain CampSummer Volunteers at Whisper Mountain CampWhisper Mountain Camp Summer VolunteersKitchen Volunteers at Whisper Mountain Camp.jpgWhisper Mountain Camp Volunteers

Some served all summer, some two weeks, most one week! For the big and small things they did — we trust God to bless them for their hearts in serving Him!

Thank you, Aaron, Jamie, Bay, Bruce, Brooke, Lori, Dave, Foster, Virginia, Gary, Nancy, Dave, Nancy, Kaleigh, Selah, Lexi, Mitchell, Traci, Parker, Susan, Chuck, Tara, Olivia, Emily, Bernie and Tayman. We appreciate all the ways you helped Whisper Mountain proclaim Christ this summer! 

3 Reasons You Should Take a Trip With Your Life Group

3 Reasons to Take a Trip with Your Life Group.jpg

Have you ever been asked to take a trip with people you don’t know super well (or maybe you do) so you all can work tirelessly together? Maybe it feels too hard to pull away from your schedule, maybe you loathe long car rides, maybe you don’t really like the people you’d go with, or maybe working isn’t exactly how you want to spend your week(end).

We completely understand how you feel! Those are legitimate reasons to say no. Here are a few reasons you might want to think about to help you say yes!

Deepen Community

Entire Kreller GroupEven if you aren’t sure if you like the people, a weekend away with a community helps deepen relationships. You might be surprised by the comradery found with people different than you. You might laugh with people you thought to be boring. You might connect with the most unlikely person in the crowd. A weekend is a short commitment with often a very big return!

Strengthen Family

Cup FunIf the trip includes family, getting away from your everyday helps you bond with each other in fresh ways. Experiencing something different together helps you get to know each other better or strengthens what already exists. Those family relationships can always use a fresh breath of togetherness! If the trip is service oriented, getting to be an example of helping others builds into the character of your kids which ultimately strengthens the family. Husbands and wives serving others together ultimately strengthens the marriage.

have Fun

Serve Others. Kids

We are pretty good about working hard, right? But we don’t always make time to play! Our mental and emotional selves just need a little “let loose” sometimes! A trip, even if service oriented, can be just the touch of fun you need! If you work indoors and at a desk most of the time, the outdoor work of a service trip can actually feel fun because it’s different than your norm! Getting out to move that bod and soak in the outdoors refreshes the spirit!

Here at Whisper Mountain, we really enjoy having families and community groups come serve with us throughout the year! Their help with projects around the property makes a difference and encourages us greatly, but we also enjoy seeing the benefits of their group/families growing stronger together!

Building community can feel scary. Strengthening your family can feel overwhelming. Having fun can too easily get pushed back as unimportant.  We hope you’ll stay intentional to build into these things because they really do matter. Be brave! Take a road trip with some people! Go serve somebody!

Thanks for reading here today!

PS: The pictures above are from the Kreller Class Life Group’s recent trip to Whisper Mountain. A few years ago they helped us make a video about families serving together!  Watch that video!

a ninja has been hanging around camp

Coggins Tricia
Coggins Lydia
Coggins Gracie2(last two photos taken by Tricia!)
All this week Whisper Mountain has been enjoying the presence of the three beauties you see above! And we get them for another week! You may recognize them from their recent trip or the video they were in! Aside from their general awesomeness, this is why I'm excited Tricia is here:

Coggins Ninja TriciaShe's a PHOTO NINJA!!! Armed with her two cameras and a whole lotta spunk, Tricia has been helping to capture the camp week for campers and future marketing of WM. How awesome when someone's talent becomes a blessing because it was offered as help to others. Just how it's supposed to be done. (That whole pulling together thing we were chatting about the other day!) I personally have been blessed because it's a whole lotta work keeping up with the clicking, editing, sharing for ten weeks each summer! Second man on the job makes a world of difference!

Coggins Gracie
Coggins Lydia2
(two pics above were taken by Tricia!)

Gracie and Lydia have been enjoying long days of roaming the hills, tasting some of the adventure and stealing tootsie rolls from the awesome jar!

Coggins camperIf it weren't for a very generous couple donating their pop-up camper to Whisper Mountain, Tricia and the girls might be sleeping in the clubhouse!! Whoa…did you see that? The whole team thing just kicked in again. We are all thankful they have a place to rest their weary heads for the two weeks they are serving with us! The quarters are tight, but that's all part of the adventure, right?! (their dad will have to sleep in the clubhouse when he comes next week!)

Tricia, thank you doesn't cut it, but there's no other words to say. We appreciate your willingness to give up two of your weeks to serve with us and offer your talent to bless us and the work we are on mission with. You are a gift! True story.