can we say CRUNCH?

Marty Building Whisper Mountain CabinOn many levels, we are in crunch time here at Whisper Mountain. While we all feel it, I'm pretty sure Marty is bearing the greatest pressure just now. In a week's time this volunteer cabin needs to be ready to welcome our summer cook! Let's just stop there for a second–we have a summer cook! Can you rejoice with Patti please?! (We are down some helpers in the kitchen, so if you'd like to volunteer, contact us!)

Whisper Mountain Camp Cabin BuildMarty has been giving his all during the day, and paying for it during the night. Pure exhaustion these days and summer hasn't begun! Do pray for him! 

Whisper Mountain Volunteer Cabin Build 1Standing on the front porch, the creek can be heard, as can the chorus of birds and countless other creatures of the woods. Quite peaceful and restoring! I'm already making plans for a personal retreat here this fall!

Shaun and Tegan at Whisper Mountain Cabin BuildThere will be much to share as time allows! Thank you for understanding the quiet of this space lately! Though you can't tell from where you're sitting, much is going on here and still much more to come! We hope you'll journey with us along the trail!

power in the lines

After days of working endlessly to repair a home structure problem. After piling kids and belongings into the car for a twelve hour drive north. After car problems leave them stranded for hours. After climbing the last of the trip into the mountains of North Carolina, we welcomed Keith and Cheryl and family to Whisper Mountain. Cheryl had been praying for four years to be able to come up to camp! Four years! Keith offered us the skills of an electrician for the building of our Volunteer Cabin.

Electrician Serves at Whisper Mountain Camp

Electrician Serving at Whisper Mountain CampWe enjoyed the company, the help, and the sacrifices they made to spend a week with us. Cheryl spent her first Easter away from her family in order to be here. Her husband missed days of work. Their son is battling muscular dystrophy and being on the hills was difficult for him.

Electrician Serving at Whisper Mountain Camp 1We are always floored by the generosity of people investing their time, talent or resources to further the work being accomplished here at camp. We made new friends and new memories and are completely grateful for all this family offered during their time with us.

Thank you Keith and Cheryl and family for all you sacrificed to be with us and lend a helping hand! We very much appreciate you and look forward to seeing you all again!

Build it and they will come!

Volunteer Cabin Build 1For the past several weeks we've had a little construction work going on at camp! We are most excited about this project because this tiny, little cabin will house volunteers during their time of service with us! Which translates this summer (Lord willing) to a cook! (You should see Ms. Patti happy dancing!)

Volunteer Cabin Build 10While I will be putting together a short video to document the construction in its entirety, today I am here to share with you those with us right now helping to put the walls up!

Volunteer Cabin Build 3

Volunteer Cabin Build 4
Volunteer Cabin Build 7
Volunteer Cabin Build 8
Volunteer Cabin Build 9
Volunteer Cabin Build 11
Volunteer Cabin Build 12A bunch of men from Florida came up for several days. Men who pass around a bottle of motrin before holstering their tool belts. Men whose backs don't bounce up as quickly as they used to. Men whose knees have them limping up ladders, or bending slowly, or moving carefully. What I love about these men is their willingness to laugh about all that and still get out there and lend a hand. The jesting and comradery is not only entertaining but also uplifting, I'm guessing for each of them, but most surely for Marty! He misses these ole pals!
Volunteer Cabin Build 5These men giving up time, energy, and painless sleep are making a difference in the tangible way they know how! And we are ever so grateful to have them joining us! Thank you James Propp, Richard Ellis, Mitchell Lee, Wayne Russell and Mickey Franklin!

Volunteer Cabin Build 6