Awesomeness Takes the [2014] Stage


Awesomeness-Takes-Stage-BannerWelcome to Summer 2014 Edition of Awesomeness Takes the Stage! If you are new here, this is where I introduce you to all the awesome people on our summer staff team here at Whisper Mountain! Not to make everyone else feel bad, but I am most excited about two people being on our team this year! By most excited I mean squealing like a schoolgirl excited! You'll understand this more in a sec!

Jamie-Titherington-at-Whisper-MountainPlease squeal with me as you meet Jamie Titherington! That name is going places, isn't it?!!


Photographer-Jamie-at-Whisper-Mountain-CampAny guesses why I'm super excited?!


Photographing-at-Whisper-Mountain-CampCome on, you gotta know now!!!

Videography-at-Whisper-Mountain-CampJamie is one of our photographer/videographers this summer! Oh my goodness! He is not only talented, easy to be around, and carries a contagious laugh as easily as he carries his camera bag,  Jamie also has a very gracious spirit making anyone feel safe around him. He loves Jesus, is quick to lend a hand or teach others, and has a heart willing to go wherever God may lead him.

Greetings-from-Whisper-MountainHis talent will be seen a lot on the WM Facebook Page, the WM Instagram Feed, and even here on the blog! He took great leadership in heading up this summer's rules video. (I'll share the video on the WM YouTube feed at summer's end when all the groups have come through!) There are new twists with live and video interaction playing together! Having fresh ideas and talent and vision is just what I have been praying for for years! 

Balancing my other roles at camp and my family has just drastically improved! Thank you Jesus! And thank you, Jamie, for your willingness to serve with us this summer! Hey, have I told you how excited I am you are here?!!!

Follow Jamie on Instagram @jamieson13 (His star trail pics are pretty awesome!)


Intern Needed this Summer!

2013-HP-Need-Intern-BlockWhisper Mountain is in search of an intern(s) this summer to help me with my load, but also to move us forward into better! Better workers, better flow, better results. Always strive to do better, you know?

All the pictures/videos taken throughout the summer are used in many promotional ways the rest of the year! Booths, brochures, promotional videos, website, displays, etc. All these avenues help us spread the word about Whisper Mountain Youth Camp! If you know someone, or are someone, who's interested in videography/photography, click the above image to learn more, let me know or send them our way!

For all of us, may we strive to be moving forward in all we do today!