[video encouragement] Trail Mix // Episode 16

Phew! We made it! With a little perseverance and heaps of grace we pushed through! (If you've no idea what I'm talking about, read the backstory to this video!)

Have you been overwhelmed by the darkness of our world or filled with fear about something else? I'd encourage you to listen to Marty today! Less than two minutes could change perspective and offer hope!


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Walk in His truth and hope today! Blessings, friends!

Trail Mix // Episode 13

Bjwedd{photo by Lauren Cardwell Photography}
Whether serving as Whisper Mountain summer staff or adventuring into marital bliss, Brian and Jaclyn have left their imprints of generosity, love, passion, fun and creativity on Whisper Mountain! (Nevermind their general awesomeness!) We get to peek into their newlyweddedness (it's a word today!) as they link up to their walks with Christ in our trail mix episode! Check it out!


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Let's put on our love lenses and stand on the side of good!

Trail Mix // Episode 11

Reverend-renaldoReverend Renaldo, a name Ramsey earned in a camp skit a few years ago, brings to those who walk with God a short and sweet and spiritually uplifting reminder! Look out…he's got his chainsaw! 


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May we stay practiced in the basics so we are prepared in the game!

Blessings, friends! 

***In case you are new here: Ramsey is our camp Facilities Manager

Trail Mix // Episode 07

You may have seen the few pics in the Breakaway blog post I recently did! Well, today I'd like to introduce you to the man God is using to make a grand impact on the youth involved in this ministry! Jimmy Larche, who quite vulnerably shares his God's story in his recent book 13-foot Coffins, is a man of depth and wisdom that challenges me regularly, both in the reading of his book on my kindle app and whenever I stop in at his blog. I'm excited for you to hear from him today!


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May you lean into God's promises for you today!

Trail Mix :: introduction [video]

I'm not sure if you've explored any of the new buttons on the left, BUT…there's one titled Trail Mix (looks like the above graphic)! I'm excited to be sharing more about this new Whisper Mountain venture! Watch the quick snippet below to learn a little more about what Trail Mix is all about!


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I'm looking forward to the encouragement myself! Hope you will be too!

Blessings, friends!