The Weight of a Concrete Pour

Our “off season” is code for less people on site, but a ton of work still to be done! One project we recently completed involves loads and loads of concrete.

To many of you, the following pictures may just look like a few good men breaking their backs to pour concrete on a cold, winter’s day. They hauled and poured and scraped until their arms burned. But what we see in these pictures is so much more.

We see a way through a COVID entangled forest. We see getting to say yes to groups wanting to schedule for summer. We see teens filling those weeks. Teens who can leave their reclusive habits and all the screaming voices from their screens, or the deafening silence from their solitude, to get away to a peaceful place.

A place filled with people waiting to engage them, intentionally connect with them, and love them for a string of days in the summer. A place they can breathe the fresh, clean, mountain air and experience the life-giving atmosphere of the great outdoors.

We see a space being repurposed to contain conversations over a meal and the plating up of time and attention to lead them to a greater hunger for the things of God. A space where friends can look into each other’s eyes to feel seen and connected with.

The completion of this project means we can now have larger groups fed at a time while following the social distancing requirements of our state. Sure concrete work costs a pretty penny, but the return on the investment is eternally priceless. Thank you to McGregor Baptist Church for the funds to complete this project and to Eagle Concrete for the hard work, craftsmanship and commitment to doing things well!

We’ve put a short video together of the whole process, including a little drone footage!
(Please be kind about drone footage: we are still getting to know each other 😉)

When you give to Whisper Mountain Camp, you are helping us proclaim Christ to teens! Will you join the work of reaching teens by giving today?

Thanks for being here and taking interest in the work of Whisper Mountain Camp!
Best to you,

WM Stories | God Orchestrates

WM Stories Banner

All kinds of people come to Whisper Mountain from all kinds of places and backgrounds. Their stories are unique and interesting and ordinarily beautiful. Being on staff, we get to see glimpses into the work God is in the midst of remaining faithful to complete. Sometimes it’s messy, frustrating, or impossible, but all that imperfect leads to the redeeming perfection of Christ.

As part of our celebration of 10 years of ministry through Whisper Mountain, we want to share some of the stories of the people who come through our gates. The hope is to help you see how God is encountering people in personal ways so they can know Him and make Him known. This God of ours — there’s none like Him! His name is worth proclaiming!

The video below is a quick picture of God graciously orchestrating our lives so we can have the opportunity to choose Him. He has gone and continues to go to great lengths to rescue us and build a relationship with us! People, if you don’t get excited about being loved like this, come to Whisper Mountain so we can help you encounter Him!

(if unable to view the video, click here)


Team 10 Logo

A while back there were a couple guys who had a bright idea: What if we tried to get a big number of people to commit to give ten dollars a month to Whisper Mountain? What an impact that could make! Anybody can give ten dollars!

We know there are exceptions to the “anybody” but we thought it was brillant! So we began what is now called Team 10. Team 10 is a growing crowd of people wanting to be a part of making a real difference by standing with us in Proclaiming Christ to teens. The team backs us in prayer and gives $10 a month to help us grow and expand the vision of the ministry! The team essentially helps more people find and know Jesus!

Watch this super short video:

(if unable to view video, click here)

Would you want to be part of this dynamic team of people partnering with us to make an eternal impact in this generation of people?

Get signed up here! We can’t thank you enough for partnering with us!

Thank you so much to all of you who have joined the team already! We are super excited you’ve come aboard!


2016 NOW HIRING HM PG slide

We know summer seems really far away right now! But we also know how quickly time flies. Whisper Mountain is now hiring summer staff!

2016 Summer Staff Jobs Block

2016 Use Gifts Staff Block

We have already been doing the work of praying the right team in! If you think you’d like to spend your summer with BIG purpose rather than bored on the couch, would you begin praying about it too?! If you already know you want to work with us, you can go apply now!

We made a video last year with past summer staff sharing their experience! Check it out if you’d like to get a feel for us!

[if unable to view, click here]

A Whisper Mountain Story >> Ramsey Propp

One of the biggest perks of camp ministry is getting to experience turning points in people’s faith journey and pieces of the story God is writing in their lives. With each glimpse of the story, we are always brought to the same conclusion: God’s amazing love and personal pursuit of people astounds us. He holds nothing back to personally bring people to the place of knowing Him and walking them to the place of making Him known.


Ramsey Propp has been a part of our Full-Time Staff for over five years. Watch this video to hear a brief telling of his story and the next chapter God is leading him toward!

(if unable to view the video, click here)

We are thankful to have been a small part of his journey, and we praise God again for His faithfulness in the lives of His people! Ramsey, we will miss you!

coffee for your cup

Whisper mountain camp coffee

We are pretty excited here at Whisper Mountain. And we hope all you coffee enthusiasts will be too! The office and our homes have been smelling heavenly since partnering with a company called Phoenix Community Coffee. They work directly with families of Panama and surrounding countries to offer ethically grown and traded coffee. When you purchase our coffee, $3 of every bag goes directly to Whisper Mountain to help fund our ministry. (We got our first check this month! Felt pretty awesome!) While I must admit, the coffee is more expensive than you may currently pay, you can feel good about spending a little extra knowing you are helping families live this life and find Jesus!

I've put together a one minute promo for the coffee–our guys are awesome, don't you think?:


[if unable to view the video, click here]

Help us spread the word, learn more about it and buy your coffee at! To have the proceeds go to Whisper Mountain you need to buy off of this site.

We appreciate you all and hope to share a cup of joe with you real soon!

flying cars and other pursuits + [video]

For those who haven't been around here before, the folks at Whisper Mountain (and some awesome people walking Along the Trail with us) offer short video encouragements meant to spur you on in your own walk with Jesus! We all can use a little spurring on, right? The Trail Mix videos run about once a month, unless it's summer camp season; then you're lucky to hear from us at all as we run dog tired Proclaiming Jesus to a bunch of teenagers! Just wanted to fill you in!

I must admit, I was expecting to be flying in cars by now. Anyone else with that childhood thought? Obviously things don't happen like we hope, but life does happen. Boy does it! My turn came on the Trail Mix so today I'm sharing a little encouragement as we remain on the front-end of 2014! (from insecurity–it's out of focus and I was interrupted a bunch of times! so see Jesus!)


[if unable to view video, click here!]

Even as life happens, may we be found pursuing Jesus!

RP + Helium = A Celebration

RP-Bday1The ole RP turns 31 tomorrow. Read it people…THIRTY-ONE! Yikes! Yah, he doesn't really act it as you can see from this post! But that's what makes him fun to be around! Always lightening the mood, offering craziness, randomness and all around color to life! We are thankful to have him in our days–working alongside us, through the thick and thin of life within Whisper Mountain!

RP Bday2
RP-Bday3We had a little par-tay with him this week, Mr. Alex joining us too! Always a good time when you put crazy people, cake and helium together!!


[if unable to view the short video, click here!]

Enjoy your weekend friends!