so we practiced + video postcard

Escape the Noise at Whisper MountainWhisper Mountain Staff is amazing at telling and helping others get away to hear God’s whisper. It’s our motto for Pete’s sake! Escape the Noise. Encounter the Whisper. The thing we struggle with is practicing this ourselves. Kinda feels like when Mom tells Kid to do something she’s not doing herself. Yah. Love that conviction…eep!

Well, the other weekend we were given the privilege and gift of practicing! We had some amazing folks fly in from Iowa to invest in us. Our time was wonderful. They are wonderful! They simply shine Jesus!

Be Still 1A couple filled with the grace and tenderness of God, they are both inspiring, real and the perfect match to bring our staff much needed reminding, refocusing and refreshing–both physically and spiritually. 

Be Still 2We are quite good at the business of serving, even sacrificially. What is harder for us is stopping. Quieting ourselves in God’s presence–listening, inquiring, leading from His presence. All.The.Time. Our weekend was spent practicing the stopping.

Be Still 4Stopping to consider His deep love. Not for the camper, not for the summer staff, not for the donor, not for the other guy–for us individually. Stopping to consider His longing for us to just be with Him. Stopping to consider the great adventure of allowing Him the opportunity to speak and lead us specifically.

Be Still 3We slept in cabins, the Werner kiddos were home with one of our faves, we enjoyed an Appalachian outing, and we simply immersed ourselves in the quiet. Get a glimpse into our weekend with this short video postcard:



{if unable to view the above video, click here}

Pulling out of life to get away takes great effort and a million excuses will arise to keep you from going through with it, but if we are serious about deepening our walks with Christ, getting away can be the perfect jump-start we need. Make the effort. He’s waiting for you!