Bigger than we Imagined!

Fot=rest    I find this pattern crazy: we pray~God moves~we're surprised…by how extravagantly He does so! Pretty silly, really! Nonetheless (love that word!) that's how we tend to operate!  Tonight was one of those times for us as staff!  We have covered this week in prayer (as I know many of you are doing…thx) and continue to do so at every turn, yet we found ourselves delightfully surprised tonight at the evidence of God's powerful work in the lives of those with us this week, even those among our staff!RagsTonight's worship, teaching and footwash went further than anyone expected.  The tears, the encouragement, the steps toward group unity, the brokenness that began to take place in lives…all this, to the extent that it went, surprised and overwhelmed each of us in a way that only God can do!Foot

  Yp wash




    I love this God we worship!

One last thought about it all…it's only Wednesday!