it’s a wild life in robbinsville

2-turkeysWhile we don't see many deer (they say it's all the hunting dogs that over populate our area) or bear (they say they are everywhere, just pretty shy), what we do have in abundance are turkey. Could have something to do with the feeders scattered around the property, but they are our entertainment on many occasions! My favorite is seeing the jakes strutting their stuff among the womenfolk who could really care less! (I won't draw any parallels here!) And hearing them cackle and chat with each other! Community…makes everyone a happier being!

Some of *our* girls (hens) are sitting on eggs which has me excited to catch a siting like this one sometime soon!

Observing wildlife…a fun activity that may not be on google's list of *fun things to do in Robbinsville* but it's on our Whisper Mountain list! Speaking of google's list, when I did this recent search one site put this tip on their page: Increase your radius in the upper right corner. Yep. It's true (and had me laughing…yes, out loud!). If you're looking for something big to do here, you better increase that radius in your search. But me, I find small town livin' is the best!

Happy May, friends!

(P.S. Only 18 days until I get my camera back! Just had to share!)

joyful trots

Turkeys-2 Our minds and energies are being spent on preparations for the new arrivals that will be trottin' the Whisper Mountain trail this week! I can't wait to introduce you to our summer staff!

For now, I wanted to give you a peek at the littles running around! How Mama Turkey keeps all her chatty babes in tow intrigues me! As I watch, I find myself grateful that I only have 3 (though some would say 4!) to look after rather than ten!TurkeysWhether tending to the family like Mama Turkey, or preparing for summer like the WM Staff, or working, living & playing however it is you do, may the walking be with joy as we walk with a thankful heart!

(turkeys) along the trail

Turkey-on-blog The turkey in the photo above so much reminds me of the people who run from the spotlight after having just blessed us with their showing up!

What do I mean? When we least expect it, people cross our path, bringing an unexpected blessing with them! Like the turkey, freshening up by the creek one morning…an unexpected delight. At the first whipping out of the camera movement (though I tried to be more stealthier than that!), she was off, disliking the attention I wanted to show her!

What does this have to do with anything? Whisper Mountain has had such people recently cross our path, bringing an unexpected blessing with them. And in the fashion of most humble givers that come our way, they too run from attention. So I honor them (not by suggesting they are turkeys!!) by keeping them hidden, but I shout thanksgivings out for the gifts they have blessed us with!Trusses-on-blog Though it may seem unimpressive, this is approximately one thousand dollars worth of trusses that will be spread out among several buildings around camp. Great to have roof tops…now just need some walls! (And there's more where this came from!)

Batteries-on-blog What's so SPECIALty about these block boxes? Oh, yes…they are the life of our carts. Something we've been in dire need of before summer arrives! Batteries. Necessary but financially draining!

Thank you, humble people who don't want me stealing your heavenly treasures!!

God does much to care for this ministry! How refreshing to know He is with us! How great that he allows others to help!