Bald Balding is a part of life, just ask…well, I won't mention any names!  Though it may hurt the pride, a balding head doesn't really damage too much! However, balding tires become a hazard that shouldn't be ignored!  You know it's bad when you leave a trail of rubber behind as you are driving! When the funds seem short and winter is quickly approaching, you just gotta talk to the best God ever, who will then help you in asking for help, so that others can be part of your blessing as well!  That's just what happened here at camp!Stacked One amazing guy called up another amazing guy who then called up other amazing guys for a quick, impromptu Sponsor a Tire Program!  Eight tires later we are tearin' up some road with this amazing thing called tread!

TogetherThank you for REtiring us here at camp!  Our tires are squealin' in gratitude!