Summer Camp 2019 | Robbinsville Locals + Mine City Baptist

The joining of two smaller groups made for a great week at Whisper Mountain Camp!

Robbinsville Locals.Mine Group.Adrienne

A little rain tried to mess our week up, but when you get to escape your noise, there’s no rain that can ruin that parade! Our Robbinsville Locals joined up with Mine City Baptist this past week. We never know for sure how groups will mesh together, but these guys all really enjoyed each other!

Mine City Archery at Whisper Mountain CampRobbinsville Locals at Camp.AdrienneMine City Bazooka Ball at Whisper Mountain Camp.adrienne

The safe and fun atmosphere we work hard to create is important. The intentional conversations and connections we work hard to establish are crucial. The purposeful activities we work hard too translate into tangible life lessons are useful. The encouragement and support we work hard to display can be game changing. But ultimately God’s love and grace infusing each of these opportunities is what makes camp at Whisper Mountain so special!

Robbinsville Locals Human Knot at Whisper Mountain Camp.adrienne.jpgMine City Smiles.adrienneMine City Encouragement at Whisper Mountain Camp

Daily activities bookended by God’s Word open up hearts and minds to hear God’s whisper.

Mine City Solo Time at Whisper Mountain Camp.AdrienneWorship at Whisper Mountain Camp.adrienne.jpg

May the friendship, experiences and growth found here continue to spur each one on to walking deeper and more fully with Jesus!

Robbinsville Locals Pamper Pole at Whisper Mountain CampLocals Hammocking at Whisper Mountain Camp

Thanks for spending the week with us, Locals and Mine City! Keep spending that time in God’s Word and pursuing His holiness! Until next time….

Author | Cassi     Photography | Adrienne + Cassi


Summer Camp 2019 | Southbrook 1

When the groups coming to us are too large, often they will divide their group into two separate weeks of camp. Definitely not ideal, but we are completely thankful youth pastors value our ministry here at Whisper Mountain enough to come two separate times during the summer! SO last week was Southbrook Week 1!

Southbrook Church at Whisper Mountain Camp

They came on a big bus from Charlotte and because of our current property layout, there’s not a great turn around place for big ole buses. The teens get dropped at our gate and get to walk the trail to their cabins. If you’ve ever been here, you know how big of a walk that is! Talk about instant immersion😂!

Southbrook Arrival walk.adrienneSouthbrook Arrival Walk.cassi

Nobody seems mad about it though! They are just happy to finally be at camp!

Southbrook fun at Whisper Mountain CampSouthbrook at the Lake.cassi

While we were all about having fun with Southbrook;

Southbrook High Ropes BattleSouthbrook High Ropes Dangling Duo

and we worked hard to make the adventure purposeful and life lessons tangible;

Southbrook Solo TimeSouthbrook Solo Time 4Southbrook Solo Time3

it was actually the time spent alone being quiet in God’s Word that we heard the most feedback from! Because it doesn’t matter what we plan or how well we execute a plan, God’s Spirit moving in personal and powerful ways in teen’s lives is where it’s at! And Southbrook Part 1 experienced God this week!

Southbrook Boyz.Cassi

Thanks for coming and spending a week with us! Keep pursuing Jesus! Be Holy because He is Holy!

Find pictures from their week using #southbrookatwm on Instagram or on our Facebook page!

Author | Cassi      Photography | Adrienne + Cassi

nobody should have to miss out!

Color War at Whisper Mountain Camp

We’ve talked before about the power of camp! Getting away from the everyday noise that tends to stick us in some unhealthy routines and stress, practicing some quiet, getting outside and adventurous in an environment that is loving and intentional, being challenged and finding healing from God’s Word — all this and more is a part of the camp experience. Whisper Mountain gets the chance to witness life change all year long, but especially in summer during our week long camp months.

Mercy Tree at Whisper Mountain Camp

Although camp can be completely life-changing, families have a lot of struggles these days! Probably always have, but now too! With all the places money is trying to stretch to within a family budget, camp is often not even a consideration or possibility.

Teen Boys at Whisper Mountain Camp

Maybe you can relate — being a parent that wasn’t able to send your kid or being a teen and not being able to go — missing out can be super hard. But why do people have to miss out? Can’t we pull together as the body of Christ and help people have the camp experience?

Kayak with Whisper Mountain Camp

I say, yes — yes we can! If you have a little extra money to add to our scholarship “corners of the field” program, it just takes a second to go here and give! Your money might be tight too, so don’t sweat it if you aren’t able! But if you can, we would greatly appreciate getting to expose more teens to the power of camp!


the three percent & the power of camp

Three clay potsThe guys came home from their regional camp conference last week with a startling stat:

Three percent — read 3% — of teens in America today believe in Christian tenants.

Do you feel the shock I felt when I heard this? Alarming when we as Christians realize how we've failed to share the light within our families, workplaces and communities. While it's true that "the times" must get worse before our wait for Jesus is over, it's equally true that we have many to be reaching in the wait. Our "Africa" is outside our front doors

Camp ministry has the awesome opportunity to use the elements of adventure and undistracted quiet for teens to discover the hope of Jesus. A short video was put together by 3CA on the power of camp! Check it out:


[if unable to view the above video, click here]

I share this to awaken us, but also to say thank you to many of you for seeing the value of the ministry we do. We value your support and shared passion to see teens find Jesus! 

I also share this to encourage us to be brave enough to make a difference in the world around us. Our time and efforts investing in others with God's truth are not only vital but a worthy spending of the time we've been given.