#tbt summer 2014 [ Calvary + Crabtree ]

Today’s #tbt brings to you the radiant people of Calvary + Crabtree! If you are from either of these groups, let us know what a favorite memory was from your time at Whisper Mountain! Remember when…




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campers! winter! weekend!

Winter retreat at whisper mountain
Winter workers at whisper mountain
Winter retreat whisper mountain campers
Winter campers at whisper mountain campIf you're from Hilton Head Island traveling to the mountains of NC in the winter, you pray for snow. And then rejoice when it comes! Even with a little outside service project thrown in, the teens with us through the weekend enjoyed their dose of winter, Jesus and each other! 

And now we rest (sort of!). Happy Tuesday!

week in review // locals & cornerstone

Our Robbinsville teens joined with the group coming in from Georgia for camp last week! All had a great time, but more importantly, life change took place! Here's a glimpse from their time with us (Check out our group page for convo and a few more pics!) :

Corner-locals-1{photo by Charley // meet her here tomorrow!}

Corner-locals-2{photo by Charley}

Corner-locals-3{photo by Charley}

Corner-locals-4{photo by Hope}

Corner-locals-7{photo by Kaleigh}


Corner-locals-8In whatever we're into today, may we be intentional to connect with others and shine the light of Jesus! There's a lasting impact waiting to be made!

Blessings on your Monday!

Shaun’s Top 5 List :: #2

Why working at Whisper Mountain is living the dream for Shaun: #2 investment in campers!Campers

Along with investment in summer staff as I mentioned yesterday, is his love of relationship building with campers. May seem obvious…we are in camp ministry!! But really!  Shaun lives for the moments that can be teachable, that can make spiritual truths make more sense.  I've been married to the man for over 12 years now and the times that I have seen him most joyful, most full of life, is when he is with teens, loving them with God's love. He may not be the best at what he wants to be the best at, but he sure knows how to love teens!  Isn't that what it's all about?

Campers 2

Camp Road

Kids-on-road Dust kicks up as they walk the road, valleys echo the laughter, air fills with chatter but in the quiet of each heart God is whispering! These are the summer days at Whisper Mountain

This space may seem quieter (as you may have noticed!) for a time as I am stretched in many different directions during camp weeks! I have been missing my time of pause to share here. 

For now, we are Proclaiming Him to all who walk this road!

Blessing to you today!

Rippin’ It Out!

Splash-waterslide   A highlight at camp in summers past has been the water slide!  Campers would sit at the top of 160 feet of white tarp set into hallowed-out earth, slip down the hill at neck-breaking speed, and plunge into the small pool of ice cold spring water…with a loss of breath and a smile!  They'd climb out, start back up the hill talking about their plunge the entire way and begin waiting their turn to do it all over again!

This has been summers past. 

Then HE (the health inspector) came!  Last year HE (we'll refer to him as the BAD GUY for our purposes here!)…the BAD GUY came and informed us that unless the pool at the bottom was given a pump and filtration system and was monitored by a trained life guard we could no longer use the slide.


Folks, the "pool" is a small hole that serves as a landing spot, and the whole set-up could be considered slightly hillbilly:)! So for us to invest the money to "bring it up to code" would just be ridiculous. (We'd love to get one of these to replace it!)

Since we are law-abiding citizens at Whisper Mountain we are doing what the other alternative was…

Rippin' it out…sad, we know!One

Oh, and these guys are sad too…they are losing a home!Three (well, he lost a little more than a home…he lost his head!)


(not pictured…ground hog!)

Change…such a hard part of life!

I hope you and your families enjoy this Memorial Day weekend!

I'll meet you back here on Tuesday!

Unique Boutique

Last Year:


Camp-fireWhisper Mountain held a weekend just for teen girl's. Our days were filled with girly fun laced with the truth that God loves them and finds them beautiful! Their peace and joy will rest in His opinions rather than the world's! The weekend was a lots of fun, but more importantly, effective! 

Well, that time of year is coming upon us quickly…Boutique
LadyWe've been busy with the details of this year's girl's weekend! It's been oh so fun! The theme is a vintage boutique and the message is that each of the girls is unlike any other dress in the shop!

We are thrilled as we prepare and anticipate how God is going to use this event!  We wanted to give you the chance to be involved too!Scholarships
You can be sure we'll keep you up to date on all things Boutique!!  If you'd like to give a whole or partial scholarship (the girls and us would be so appreciative!) you can go here to give (mark TrueID in the notes section) or mail checks to Whisper Mountain at 2240 Long Creek Road/Robbinsville, NC/28771!!

Would you pray with us, too, that God reaches the hearts of all who come?!

I better get back at it! Oh, and hey, you're pretty great too!