small numbers, big purpose

Many camps shoot for numbers, big fun, big noise. There is a place for this. There is effect in this. Here at Whisper Mountain, we've been given a different purpose. When numbers are less than hundreds, the faces become names and the names become hearts. We are able to offer a more intimate atmosphere fostering an encounter with Jesus.

Work Team at Whisper Mountain Camp 1Whisper Mountain recently had the privilege of welcoming a small work team all the way from Lagro, Indiana.

Work Team at Whisper Mountain Camp 3

Work Team at Whisper Mountain Camp 4
Work Team at Whisper Mountain Camp 5

Work Team at Whisper Mountain Camp 8Within this small group of teens, one met Jesus as Savior, two renewed their walks with Christ, and three asked to be invested in throughout the year through our discipleship focus. I'm not sure of your experience with camp, but for us, purposeful adventure and intentional connection is our heartbeat. 

Work Team at Whisper Mountain Camp 6For those supporting our ministry here at Whisper Mountain, know you are making a difference. Your backing of us prayerfully and/or financially is leading others to Jesus. We are a team and we couldn't do this without you! Thank you!

Work Team at Whisper Mountain Camp 7Lagro–we enjoyed having you with us! Thank you for your help around the camp! May you continue to walk with Jesus!

girly time ahead

True id prep 1
True id prep 2
True id prep 3
Things are starting to feel a little girly around Whisper Mountain! We are in the final hours of preparation for our teen girls True ID retreat! Details, menus, decor…details! These are just a few of the things filling our minds, hands and time. We are praying that both the local and non-local girls attending will find themselves awash with God's redeeming grace and the mission of living for Him! Will you join us in praying?

Someone New In These Parts

Dear Friend,

I know you have only been with us for a short time, but in that time I have seen you grow so much!  The way you are willing to become whatever is necessary so that we can teach others about God's personal love has really inspired me. I know that you are struggling right now, embarrassed about your appearance, but hang in there. The time is quickly approaching when you can stand tall and proud, proclaiming a truth that many will need to know! You will be as a beacon of hope to those who may be hopeless! Stay strong, Sally! Stay strong!

Your friend forever, Cassi

What you have just read is a letter I have written to someone who is new to camp.  Let me introduce you to Silver Sally Junior!Silver-Sally-Junior She will be a part of our True ID retreat that is coming in just a couple weeks (Yikes…is it really that close?!) She had her start as a Swimming Suit Holder at a warehouse last summer!  She has now adapted to the duct tape transformation…Duct-tape-sally …and patiently awaits her paper mache makeover that will be coming very soon!  Her end result will be a DIY dress form that we are using in a decorative scene, proclaiming the truth that we are each tailor made!

We still have much to do to get this retreat ready, but we look forward to having Liberty University come host the weekend for our local girls.  If you'd like to help a local girl afford to come to this weekend you can go to this page on our website.

I really like Silver Sally Junior (aptly named by our friend Katie!), though I wish I had her figure!!!