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Girls retreat work 1Each fall we hold a teen girl's retreat at camp. In years passed, we have hired a college ministry group to come and run the program for us. While that was good for then, the time has come for us to run our own program! And I couldn't be more excited. As I've been praying through the direction and material and the help, my excitement grows! I can't wait to see how God personalizes this retreat for each person coming!

Girls retreat work 2
Feel free to pass the word along to any teen girls! (More info hereThe more the merrier! Would you also begin praying with us that God is in every square inch of the planning, preparing and executing?!

blessings on your day!

True ID 2011

Shop-block-1Whisper Mountain had a lovely time this past weekend hosting our annual True ID Retreat for teen girls! With "God's Boutique" all set and the tables decked out for a feast, we welcomed both local and non-local girls for their one night stay, and their 2 day encounter with the truths from God's Word about their value, their purpose, their hope! Gods-boutique

Did-blockGiveaways, yummy food, girly time, pop-culture vs God's truth, dance-off, connecting, smores…this is how we spent the weekend!Girls-block

Leaders-blockThe True ID leaders who came from Charlotte and Virginia to run the program did a great job connecting with these girls, leading workshops, and teaching! We appreciate them sharing their hearts as they did!Girls-3-block

GroupThank you to those who helped us bless these girls through the provision of giveaway prizes and those who helped cut felt that we fashioned into hair accessories (as seen on some of the girls above), those who prayed for this event! We believe God has used this in the hearts of some girls who are desparate for Him! (To learn how to make your own hair accessories, visit this page!)

 (oh and…my daughter was old enough to participate in this event. gulp.)

Let’s Get Visible!

This is just a little design I pulled together for a T-shirt for our upcoming teen girl's retreat.  

I am super excited about the printers of this shirt!  Someone I haven't seen or talked to in years has now become one of God's kids.  He and his buddy have started a company called Visible Christian. His company and our ministry have been the connection that started communication again! As I think about his life, (his hardships, his choices, his search) I can't help but be amazed at God's patience with us, His heart-healing love and forgiveness, His way of weaving our messes into beautiful tapestries!  It's just so amazing!  

Well, anyways, you can read their story and check out the goods on their website. At some point in our near future we are getting hooked up with a program that will allow you to enter a code when you purchase something off their site and money will be given to Whisper Mountain!  Woo-Hoo!  So check them out! But wait to buy until you get the code:)!

oh, and don't you love how we are all tailored made?!