Upside Down & On His Way Down

We've been dragging ourselves along in some areas and feeling upside down in details the past few weeks (mostly Patti) as we prepare for the annual Whisper Mountain Board meeting. Last year's board meeting was held here at WM, but this year Marty will be traveling to Florida. The point is to reconnect the guys with all the happenings of the camp and then to help direct the moving forward of the ministry!
Upside-down3I know there will be a little breathing happening the next few days…a sort of dignified flopping in Patti's case!

If you would, please pray for Marty heading down to FL (and truck to hold up!), wisdom and great sharing of ideas, and a reigniting of excitement and passion for all the camp is about! These guys are awesome! We're glad they are on our team!

What team(s) are you a part of serving alongside of? Isn't it great to be a part of something with others who care about the same thing?! Happy Serving & Happy Day to you!

amazing staff

Whisper mountain summer staff 2012Whisper Mountain summer staff 2012 was an amazing group of people, all from such different backgrounds and in different spots along the road of life, but sharing one thing in common. Sharing their love for God with others! I believe the strength of this summer came from the strength of this team! They spent much time in prayer for each group, for each other, and with campers. I would say that was their strong point. I will greatly miss them as they've gone their separate ways now. Please pray with us that they each continue on mission for Jesus! 

Full time staff is enjoying a couple day breather before getting ready for a group next week! Please pray for us to find the refreshment we need to keep on keeping on!

Blessings to you! I'll see you here toward the end of the week!


Blessed Indeed!

Alex alex
His smile is with us again this week, along with his help, encouraging attitude, and patience with the sorrowful state of our equipment (he brings our carts, mowers, etc. to life again every time he comes!). Alex Alex (as he is fondly called around these parts) is serving us in such small-big ways (meaning may seem unimportant but it's actually HUGE!)!

What an encouragement people like him are to Whisper Mountain. They are the building blocks to God's work that is accomplished at/through/within this ministry. Team effort round these parts! We are glad Alex Alex is on our team!

Willing & Generous

Barring the details…God hugged us the other day when we got an email asking if we could use a specific kind of equipment that was listed on our Projects & Needs List. Brand new, in the box, with the accessories included!  (This piece of equipment is a much needed item as it will enhance all our programming at camp.)  Can we use it?  Ummmm……YES!

These out-of-the-blue gifts really put a skip in our step as we go about our ministry here. We really felt the need for this by summer, especially, though spring would be perfect, but the money was the kicker (as usual!). And then God…put us on the heart of a willing man!

The most generous people are often full of humility and no desire for recognition (thus the secrecy here!).  They feel they have hardly anything to give, and what they do give really isn't a big deal.  Let me just this…to the receiver…it's a big deal, no matter what it is! 

When everyone does just a little, God's plan is being accomplished. He likes the idea of TEAM. He likes to pull in as many as possible, each doing their small part.  I have found God to be quite economical in all He does!

So we go about our day today grateful, encouraged, excited, and hopeful!

God cares for the details in our lives.  I love that about Him!