Awesomeness Takes the Stage [2015] >> Megan

Today you get to meet someone who was on our first ever summer staff team! Pretty crazy, right? Welcome Megan to Awesomeness Takes the Stage, will you?


Megan is very good with details and helps to keep things going forward! This gift coupled with her servant’s heart and thoughtful ways causes her to shine brightly!

Megan at Whisper Mountain Camp

She enhances our skits with her flare for drama and offers help occasionally with her photography skills. She has been an overall help in whatever way we are most needing this summer!

Megan at High Ropes

Megan at Whisper Mountain Camp 1

Megan excels at always lending a helping hand and cheering people on in whatever ways she can! Her generosity and thoughtfulness bless all who know her!

Megan is Sunflower

Megan is always up for an adventure, especially when it involves connecting with other people in the simple and beautiful and lasting ways!

We love you, Megan! Thank you for wanting to serve with us this summer! You are beautiful!

Author + Photo Creds >> Cassi

Awesomeness Takes the Stage [2015] >> Seth

We already have gone through all the days of June! What!?!!? Which brings me to the place of realizing I haven’t begun our (mostly) annual Awesomeness Takes the Stage routine. Which, if you’re new around here, means we put a little spotlight on our summer staff so you can catch a glimpse the awesomeness running around this here camp! And also, because the ministry we do wouldn’t be half of what it is without our summer staff! They are true heroes! And you should know them! So, let’s begin…


Seth doesn’t always have scary eyes!!! But he does have a heart about as big as those dimples that grace that face! He truly has a passion for Jesus and people encountering Him personally! He’s goofy and fun to be with, contemplative and kind. He’s got a knack for connecting with people through the smallest things. In that moment of connection, he exudes love, care and thoughtfulness in a way that leaves the person feeling better than before! Which makes him awesome in his role as a Guide.

Seth-and-Tegan-at-Whisper-Mountain-Camp Seth-and-Tom-in-Canoe

God uses Seth’s enjoyable personality and humble heart to draw people to Him. One of my favorite things about Seth is his authenticity and willingness to be open and raw about his struggles even in the midst of walking with Christ. Through his teaching and leading of breakout sessions and day to day living, Seth helps us see the grace and redemption of life in Christ…and it’s contagious!


We are grateful for God’s plan to connect him with Whisper Mountain, first as a camper and now as a veteran on our summer staff team! It’s also his birthday today — celebrate him with us!?!

[ Seth has been a blog contributor in the past — catch his article here! ]

Author >> Cassi | Photo Creds >> Tom + Cassi

Jumping In

Jumping-Into-Summer-2015Staff training week is coming to a close which means — ready or not — we are jumping into the ministry of Proclaiming Christ to campers! Training week is a favorite around here because we have the great privilege of seeing the unique ways we’ve all been created, hearing and connecting with the stories of the very different faith journeys of each person, and connecting with each other and God in such deep and intimate ways that ordinary life doesn’t always allow.


Morgan and Amanda Jumping

Seth Jumping

Aaron-Kayaking The fun and adventure, the beauty and quiet — the whole package resonates with who we are as people and who God is calling us to be. Being Whisper Mountain Summer Staff means you find a sense of family, a place to love and be loved, and freedom to grow in Christ no matter where we are on the journey.


Summer 2015 promises to be another summer where we see God move in big but personal ways — to God be the glory!

Adopt a Staff


Whisper Mountain’s Summer Staff Team spends the long days of summer pouring out and pouring in. They pour out all their time, energy and heart so they can pour into the teens that come to camp all summer long. The work of our summer staff is completely depleting and exhausting but totally worth it. There’s nothing more exhilarating than seeing teens (or anyone for that matter) come to Jesus!

To help fight off any discouragement from weariness, etc. we are looking for people who would like to “adopt” our staff for the summer months. People who would commit (from June-August) to regularly pray for a single staff member, send notes/texts/emails of encouragement and maybe even brighten a week with a random care package.


Gather your small group, a few friends or families to make a real difference in those who are “missionaries” at camp this summer. What do you say? Would you like to adopt?

Email Cassi(at)WhisperMountain(dot)org to get the adoption process started (super simple stuff)!

We thank you for considering being a part! Oh, also: adoptions need to take place by May 25! Can you help spread the word?!