Awesomeness Takes the [2013] Stage // Kyle

We are wrapping up the 2013 Awesome Stage with Kyle!

Whisper mountain staff kyle 1Kyle, the camper who found Jesus at a week of camp with us a few years back and has returned as staff since, left us a week before summer camp was over to start boot camp with the US Army. As much as we hated to say goodbye we are thrilled for him as he begins this next chapter of his life!

Whisper mountain staff kyle 2I can see how his years of growing as a leader and his strong love for the Lord will serve him well in this new world he's entering. 

Whisper mountain staff kyle 3I really appreciate Kyle's work ethic. He is a guy who's willing to give it all until the job is done. 

Whisper mountain staff kyle 4His gifts and talents were a blessing as he helped lead campers in worship throughout the summer. Watching Kyle give his life to be a blessing and encouragement to those around him helped to make our team a stronger unit and has uplifted me in many ways! I am blessed to call Kyle friend. 

Whisper mountain staff kyle 5Before he left to go to boot camp, Kyle was kind enough to shoot a trail mix, encouraging us and sharing his heart for joining the Army. Check it out!


{if unable to view above video, click here}

He's probably not able to keep up with it much now, but to see snippets of Kyle's life, check him out on instagram @iam2nd.

Blessings on your day!

Awesomeness Takes the [2013] Stage // Erin

A little more awesomeness for today! We had the lovely pleasure of having one of our local teens work with us this summer as a GIT (Guide In Training). Meet Erin!

Whisper mountain staff erin 2

Whisper mountain staff erin 3A real beauty, inside and out, Erin's fun-loving nature makes her very comfortable to be around! Almost a down-home hospitality about her personality, if that makes any sense, which matches up real well with the bluegrass music in her veins and clog dancing in her feet! A true Robbinsvillian!

Whisper mountain staff erin 4Working at Whisper Mountain has a way of stretching us, all of us, beyond our comfort zones. Seeing Erin grow through the summer, being involved with the campers and our staff was such an encouragement to me. Her willingness to be used however she could, serving in whatever way asked of her is testimony to the work God is doing in her life! This girl has A LOT going for her and she has a God lovingly at work in her life! Like I said before, she's a real beauty!

Whisper mountain staff erin 1Follow some of Erin's fun on instagram @erin_goodpaster.

Enjoy your today!

we are flipping out!

Flips 1
Flips 2
Flips 3We've pressed on through the exhaustion, the fun, the struggles, the God-workings and we've crossed the finish line! Celebrate with us as Summer 2013 has been completed! I look forward to sharing more about the summer and a couple more staff in the days ahead. For today, we hug the last of our staff goodbye and begin to exhale.

Flying highWe thank our Daddy for caring us through and allowing the adventure in the first place!

Have a great Monday!

Awesomeness Takes the [2013] Stage // Emily

Whisper mountain staff emily 5When a girl loves to play gaga ball (read: conquer the guys) as much as Emily, she becomes Queen of Gaga Ball! She represents the girls well, I'm telling you!

Whisper mountain staff emily 4Emily first came as a GIT (Guide In Training!) last year and wanted to come back for sm'ore! I've seen her grow more this summer and become a stronger leader because of it! The thing with Emily is she really has a way of connecting with others! 

Whisper mountain staff emily 1

Whisper mountain staff emily 2She's fun, thoughtful and stays pretty upbeat even when stuff gets tough! And we all know it does! Emily has the ability to take what is dished out and rise to the occasion with finesse! Though I believe the finesse came through life's hardships, she certainly is better equipped for whatever life brings. You know, that whole God works all things for the good thing?!

Whisper mountain staff emily 3As Emily gears up for her first year of college, I think I say for all of us…You got this Em (insert swat on backside!). Catch more of this ball 'o fun on instagram @emily_roedding.

Awesomeness Takes the [2013] Stage // Chelsea

Friends…I know you're being bombarded with some awesomeness. It's quite a lot to take in. BUT time is short and it's worth it, don't you agree?!

Meet Chelsea.

Whisper-mountain-staff-chels 1Remember her from last year? Every year gets better with Chelsea! She's been a rockstar from the beginning, but this year, like Aaron, she has taken on a greater leadership role through summer camp! God has stretched, used and strengthened her! Beautiful!

Whisper-mountain-staff-chels 2Much as the above picture shows, Chelsea spends much of her time laughing or smiling or spending time with her Lord to return to such a state! That's one thing I admire most about Chelsea. Her joy-filled living that only comes from her time with Jesus!

Whisper-mountain-staff-chels 3Having just graduated college, Chelsea will begin her student teaching in the fall. She's giddy about it, guys! She can.not.wait. to teach. Such passion is sure to leave a mark on some unsuspecting elementary kids!

Whisper-mountain-staff-chels 5I'm thankful for Chelsea's heart for discipleship and the time she creates to make it happen! She's an inspiration and encouragement to all who know her! If you'd like to get a peek into her everyday, follow her on instagram @chelseamichele11

Whisper-mountain-staff-chels 4May today be "ev-a in your fav-a!"

Awesomeness Takes the [2013] Stage // Hope

Whisper Mountain Staff Hope 2Hope is with us today on the Awesomeness Stage! (remember her from last year?!) We are very thankful to have her with us this year because she's getting to spend her time in the place of service of her choice…the kitchen!! She's been a great help to Ms. Patti and putting that food out for all the campers (a humungo job…now accepting applications for a camp cook!)

Whisper Mountain Staff Hope 1
Aside from her enjoyment of cooking, Hope loves to have her a good time! Who doesn't, right?! Give her some boots, chai tea and a day of adventure and you'll see Hope grinning ear to ear!

Whisper Mountain Staff Hope 3And she's always looking to learn new things. Summer 2013 marks Hope's new-found love for picking…strings, not noses!! Sheesh! I mean every country girl ought to know how to pick, right!?

Whisper Mountain Staff Hope 4Seriously though. I find Hope to be quite thoughtful and generous with folks, always looking for a way to boost them up. Whether it's a note of encouragement, a gift of clothing, a specially made treat or simply a hug, Hope is ready to give of herself as much as she is able! I appreciate her willingness to work through things when they seem tough, her ability to make a stranger her friend, her sincere pursuit of Christ and her love of life, whatever it's dishing her!

Whisper Mountain Staff Hope 5I'm excited for her as she soon begins a journey toward a life in ministry!

You can catch all sorts of random happiness on her instagram @hope_rogers. Happy Day to you, folks!

Awesomeness Takes the [2013] Stage // Aaron

Wow! On one hand it's hard to believe we are starting our last week of camp today. On the other hand,!

In an effort to catch you all up on our staff, I will be slam jammin' the awesomeness stage this week! hang on, here we go!Whisper-mountain-staff-aaron-1Does it get any better than this? Aaron is a goofball. What you see above is his amazing paintball outfit! I wish for markers to color in his shirt every time he wears it!!

Whisper-mountain-staff-aaron-2Along with being a goofball, Aaron has an awesome heart for kids and people in general. He's been with us a number of years now as a guide, but has taken on more of a leader role this summer, overseeing a little more and even teaching one night during the week. The more he grows in the Lord, the more of a shepherd he becomes to others, showing them the way to a passionate relationship with Jesus!!

Whisper-mountain-staff-aaron-3I admire the way he strives to keep his mark set on Christ in all things and his honesty when things have gone askew. His openness to being sharpened and chiseled into a more fine-tuned soldier of Christ reveals the humility growing in his heart.

Whisper-mountain-staff-aaron-5If anything marks Aaron's life, it's the way he clings to the Rock of Christ and kindly and encouragingly helps others do the same!

Follow him on instagram @ajenness3 for some random goodness.

Hope you find some goofball moments to enjoy today!! (I know I'm needing them today!)

Awesomeness Takes the [2013] Stage // Melody

Whisper mountain staff Melody 2Maybe it's her constant smile set between sweet dimples. Maybe it's her bounce around camp as she's quick to help get things done. Or just maybe it's her down home way of connecting, ease of laughing and general overall upliftment. Whatever it is, Melody is true to her name offering "an agreeable arrangement" to our days at Whisper Mountain!

Whisper mountain summer staff melody 3
Whisper mountain staff melody 5
Whisper mountain staff melody 1 Melody is spending her first summer with us as a guide and we couldn't be happier! With a healthy sense of adventure she is very willing to dive in and try new things. Always sweet, peaceable and with a positive attitude, it's hard not to enjoy the girl!

Whisper mountain staff melody 4
We are very thankful to have such a willing heart serving with us this summer! Mel, you da best!

If you wanna follow her on instagram, you're outta luck! She's instagramless because she's busy adventuring!

Awesomeness Takes the [2013] Stage // Charley

Today with the awesomeness taking the stage you get a video encouragement (aka Trail Mix!)! Fabulous, right?! It's a good day!

Whisper Mountain Staff Charley 2You may remember meeting Charley last year. She's one of our high school GITs (Guides In Training) serving with us at Whisper Mountain through the summer!

Whisper Mountain Staff Charley 3

Whisper Mountain Staff Charley 5As she's grown more over the past year, I have seen Charley begin to spread her wings a little more in the areas of leading worship and intentional investment in campers. Her tendered heart toward God allows her to be effective in her areas of ministry! She shines her some Jesus!!

Whisper Mountain Staff Charley 4
Whisper Mountain Staff Charley 6
Whisper Mountain Staff Charley 1Having a flare of artsy in her, she can be found capturing her moments with her camera or giggling with Chelsea over their spur of the moment lyrics to random songs!

I had asked if any staff wanted to share an encouragement for our Trail Mix Episodes and Charley readily agreed! Take a listen and be encouraged in your own walk!


{if you are unable to view above video, click here}

Little Fun Fact: I'm late in sharing her video which means Charley has already experienced her NYC trip! Check out/Follow her instagram @givebeautyforashes to see a window into her trip! 

We are thankful for Charley's service with us, her love for Jesus, and her heart for others to know Him too!

Has anyone let you know lately you're awesome too?! Have a great day!