Awesomeness Takes the [2013] Stage // Brent

Welcome to another glimpse into Whisper Mountain 2013 summer staff! Meet Brent, a newby on our staff this year!

Whisper-mountain-staff-brent 3The muscles may make him look a little tough, but this guy has a tender heart! (Does this embarrass guys? I don't know. But it's true!) Hearing a piece of his story at the beginning of the summer convinced me of this!

Whisper-mountain-staff-brent 4A guy who has patience with my boy is a guy with some tenderness! Okay, I'll stop embarrassing him! Brent is quick to serve, quick to lend a hand, and quick to tell you he can't sit still! He's in an ongoing battle with Ms. Patti in the kitchen as he keeps stealing work from others. She would say it's to get extra helpings of ice cream! (it's working!)

Whisper-mountain-staff-brent 1I admire the way Brent has taken obvious strides to turn his life more and more toward Christ. As he is a recent college grad, I believe his growing leadership and servant attitude will be used greatly in the *real* world to shine Jesus and be a blessing to others!

Whisper-mountain-staff-brent 2What more can I say? He's a great guy (who's counting down to the start of college football), an asset to our team (though a goofball at heart) and a true blessing to have around this summer!

Brent is thinking of football or his woman and therefore has no time for sharing random moments with the world! #instagramlessbrent

amazing staff

Whisper mountain summer staff 2012Whisper Mountain summer staff 2012 was an amazing group of people, all from such different backgrounds and in different spots along the road of life, but sharing one thing in common. Sharing their love for God with others! I believe the strength of this summer came from the strength of this team! They spent much time in prayer for each group, for each other, and with campers. I would say that was their strong point. I will greatly miss them as they've gone their separate ways now. Please pray with us that they each continue on mission for Jesus! 

Full time staff is enjoying a couple day breather before getting ready for a group next week! Please pray for us to find the refreshment we need to keep on keeping on!

Blessings to you! I'll see you here toward the end of the week!