i know it’s the last day of a camp week when…

Charleys camp fire

// campers are quiet (from sheer exhaustion) // 

// the DVD duplicator hums as memories are stored //

// summer staff shout and wave one more time //

// the office is crowded for the debrief meeting //

// our hearts rejoice in the lives touched this week //

// the exhausted staff find pep for their step (holla for some FREE TIME!) //

// kitchen leftovers head home with us //

// home is a thrilling place to be going //

// all my kids willingly nap //

// the hum of the washing machine lulls us to sleep //

// doing nothing for 12 hours is exhilerating // 

We survived our first month of camp! Unreal that much time has passed already, though our bodies feel the exhaustion of it! I'll be posting some pics from the week on Monday! For now, I'm off to rest a little!

happy weekending, friends!

the work of encountering

Stream in spring Summer 2011 marks Whisper Mountain's fifth summer of camp and first summer with every week FULL!!! (Full meaning every week is scheduled and contracted with a group, and almost all of them new groups at that!) I hope you are woot-wooting in front of your screen right now! Most of you reading this blog are friends of this ministry in some way, so I know that you can feel our excitement with us! And give God some holy hollers for answering the prayer to fill the weeks!

Whether full or not, the months of spring become slightly intense as we plan and fine tune the camp theme/program, hire our summer staff (of which we are really pumped about…solid people coming our way!) and prepare for their coming, and a thousand other details that go into making Whisper Mountain run! I happened to get a snapshot of our office after an all day staff meeting…Office tornado 1    I had to laugh at this scene (of which I didn't capture even half of!) The physical mess (mostly from a toddler being occupied during the meeting!) represents well the mental mess of lists and deadlines, ideas and brainstorms cluttering our minds! But all the cluttering, we pray, is Divine Creative Genius that God might use to encounter hearts this summer! That's the end goal, wouldn't you agree?!Office tornado 2And so we stream along, bending and flowing as we go about our business of camp ministry…as we continue the work that needs doing daily, plan for the work that is just around the corner, and pray for the work God surely wants to do in the hearts of the campers!

Whatever your work in life is, may it be the work of encountering God and helping others to do the same!