Dear Monday


Dear Monday,

I know you generally enjoy breaking me down with your sledgehammer of frustrations. (Is it your feelings of inferiority to Weekend or just my yelping you enjoy most?) But I was wondering…just this once…if you'd mind laying off the nasty? I mean, Weekend was stunning with all his casual, slow paced suave and his heady scent of Perfect Weather. I understand the competition. But please try to keep the outlandish tricks and trip-ups to yourself! Please? I'd really like to look forward to your arrival each week!

I thank you kindly,

Weekend lover

idk (i don’t know)

Idk1// idk why Aaron popped out from the armpit with a thumbs up //

Idk2// idk why Kyle looks creepy upside down //

Idk3// idk why Charley enjoys catching gnats in the woods //

Idk4// idk why they pose like this //

Idk6// idk why they are throwing my daughter in the pond //

Idk7// idk what's going on here //

Idk5// idk how many pictures Kaleigh has photo-bombed //

What I do know is our staff is meshing super well, laughter surrounds us quite a lot, and each person here is ama-ZING! I will start making introductions here on the blog next week! I'm excited to share them with you because I do believe you will find yourself encouraged by their hearts for God and just general awesomeness!

Enjoy today. Laugh a little more. Now is what we've got.

Here we go!

First camp 2010 Suitcases will be flying open tomorrow as our first campers of the season settle in for their week of camp!

 Our staff is having a kickin' time as we prepare to welcome and minister through all that camp involves! On the side…I have completely enjoyed and been encouraged by the hearts of our summer staff! What beautiful people!  Each heart is so different, each at a different place in their journey, yet each is tied together with a love for God that shows through in their service at Whisper Mountain!  I am confident God has big plans to minster to and through, stretch and grow each one in His perfect way!

LeaderThis pic is just for fun (I have considered the consequences of my actions and am willing to pay!)…but it made you laugh didn't it, to see our fearless leader decked out in an Ozzy wig and pink boa?!?! Laughing is good! When it's just for fun. not making fun of. just silliness. it's. good. ok?. fun. laughing.  (don't kill me dad)

If you're a prayer warrior, would you please pray? (not for me! for this week of camp!) It's through the power of prayer that our camp would ever become effective! That's the goal…to Proclaim Jesus! thx!