2019 Summer Volunteers | June

Each summer we rely heavily on people coming alongside us to help get the work done. Our summer staff are obviously critical to the work we do, but we are already tell you all about them on our Awesomeness Takes the Stage! (you should go read about them if you’ve been missing out!)

The other set of people that are pretty critical to our work here, especially in the summer, are our week-long volunteers! In fact, we call them our superheroes because most people are giving up vacation time, family time or rearranging a whole slew of things just to make it possible to be here helping out! We are continually blown away by our volunteers! So this post is about telling you all about our June volunteers!

Well, let’s back it up to May when people helped us get ready for summer to begin!

Weston and Craig at Whisper Mountain Camp

Craig and Weston drove looooooonngg hours to come and clean. COME.AND.CLEAN. What?! (Hold on while we try to pull ourselves together real quick.) We felt so blessed by their hearts to serve us in this way because here at Whisper Mountain Camp the few do it all! (phew. Okay. we’re okay.)

Ellis Family at Whisper MountainEllis Couple Canoeing

A lovely couple, Richard and Tina, spent their time with us beautifying spaces, building more sets of corn hole boards for our campers (which they have loved BTW), folding a bazillion t-shirts for our camp store, forming the new sidewalk that was put in just before summer, among many other things! Their mark is all over the place!

Harkness Boys at Whisper MountainHarkness Family at Whisper Mountain

The Harkness family came alongside us in many ways as well. Shoveling gravel (among other manual labor that young men excel at!), fixing vehicles, helping in the kitchen, etc. Seeing a family serve together is always a beautiful thing, especially when they have a strong work ethic already in place! Such a gift!

Kathy at Whisper Mountain Camp

Kathy is a woman who mentors and works with college kids at Columbia International University! We met her through Sam, and were delighted she was willing to come and use her skills and know-how in the kitchen to help Patti cook all the food! We were thankful for her thoughtfulness and encouragement while she served!

Anna Megan Kyle at Whisper Mountain Camp

I’m not sure how it happened at around the same time, but we had a week where we got to have a few past staff come and serve! Whatever ways they could be involved or helpful, they were! Returning during summer can be weird for past summer staff because they see how things are different than when they were here, but their time is also refreshing as they get away, remember how God has been working in their lives, and see how He is working in campers and current staff’s lives. We are thankful for the time we got with Anna, Megan and Kyle!

Foster and Virginia at Whisper Mountain

What a surprise to get Foster and Virginia back again this summer! When we said goodbye last year, we thought it was the last time they’d be back to serve with us! Imagine how sad we were because they are the greatest! Virginia keeps us laughing in the kitchen with her sass and Foster finds so many small things we’ve let go too long to help out with. They are both such an encouragement and help! We love them to pieces!

Dennis and Corrie Serve at Whisper Mountain CampDennis at Whisper Mountain Camp

Dennis and Corrie have been serving with us for years! Dennis, all the things with Marty plus serving on the food line and cleaning dishes! Corrie, all the heavy cooking in the kitchen. We are always thankful for the ways they encourage us and help us when they come! Well, mostly thankful! Dennis can be a real stinker! But we love him and are thankful for the fun he adds to life! We’d keep ’em both around forever if we could!

Whisper Mountain Volunteers Help Run the Race

We are completely thankful for all these who have given their time, energy and talents to work alongside us as we strive to reach teens for Jesus! It takes a team effort to keep all the balls moving! Every minor or major part each of these played while with us has been seen by our God. When we serve with a heart of worship, no matter how big or small the task, we bring Him the greatest glory! May we each be encouraged to continue (or start) serving with a willingness in whatever capacity is made available to us! To God Be the Glory!

Author + Photography | Cassi




We lost a Super Hero

If you’ve spent any time around Whisper Mountain or read our stuff, it’s likely you’ve read about how highly we esteem our volunteers! We see them as super heroes, really! They are the turbo boost to the work that happens around here — we simply couldn’t do it all without them!

Alex in the Woods 4.11.jpgA little more than a week ago, we lost one of our favorite volunteers and friends.

Alex Birthday Group 10.11.jpgMr. Alex or Alex Alex, as we called him (his last name was Alexandrov so it was easier!), got to take the flight of a life time as he headed to heaven! Since near the beginning of Whisper Mountain, Alex has served with us! Here are a few of our favorite things about him (that we can share — because he was a character!).


He was bold in his faith, willing to do the most tedious tasks, spent his retirement serving (not just us, but multiple non-profits), and helped us keep an eternal perspective. His honesty sometimes surprised us but also made us think. He didn’t seek the spotlight but was well deserving of it.

Alex Birthday 10.11.jpg

He always made us laugh, shared a passion for people knowing Jesus, was a man who made mistakes in life but allowed God to work in and through him to make him a brilliant light in this world.

Alex Birthday Balloons 10.13

He was family to us and we looked forward to his spring and fall weeks of coming to “live” with us, serve with us, and share in the work of Whisper Mountain.

Alex Mechanic 6.10

He brought life to the broken down and new life to the passed over — both in equipment/material things and those things involving people.

Alex Apartment 7.17

We are most thankful for the life Alex shared with us individually and as a ministry. He’s a valuable part of our family. We love him and will miss him greatly.

Alex Smiling 10.11

Until we see you again, Mr. Alex!


Awesomeness Takes the [2013] Stage // Charley

Today with the awesomeness taking the stage you get a video encouragement (aka Trail Mix!)! Fabulous, right?! It's a good day!

Whisper Mountain Staff Charley 2You may remember meeting Charley last year. She's one of our high school GITs (Guides In Training) serving with us at Whisper Mountain through the summer!

Whisper Mountain Staff Charley 3

Whisper Mountain Staff Charley 5As she's grown more over the past year, I have seen Charley begin to spread her wings a little more in the areas of leading worship and intentional investment in campers. Her tendered heart toward God allows her to be effective in her areas of ministry! She shines her some Jesus!!

Whisper Mountain Staff Charley 4
Whisper Mountain Staff Charley 6
Whisper Mountain Staff Charley 1Having a flare of artsy in her, she can be found capturing her moments with her camera or giggling with Chelsea over their spur of the moment lyrics to random songs!

I had asked if any staff wanted to share an encouragement for our Trail Mix Episodes and Charley readily agreed! Take a listen and be encouraged in your own walk!


{if you are unable to view above video, click here}

Little Fun Fact: I'm late in sharing her video which means Charley has already experienced her NYC trip! Check out/Follow her instagram @givebeautyforashes to see a window into her trip! 

We are thankful for Charley's service with us, her love for Jesus, and her heart for others to know Him too!

Has anyone let you know lately you're awesome too?! Have a great day!

a few faces stirring my heart right now

Whisper-Mountain-VolunteersToday I'm making famous (in this small online space) a few of the faces who have been shining around Whisper Mountain very recently. A few may be familiar from a video or other spotlight moments, but what I want to share today is something that stirs my heart regularly.

God has led me and my family to share in the founding and running of this camp ministry. So it's expected we would pour ourselves out regularly for it. I am continually blown away and challenged by the people who have a few extra days, are passing through to somewhere else, or have chosen to spend a week or more with us just so they can serve. As if the serving in general isn't awesome enough, of all the places they could choose to serve, they choose Whisper Mountain! As a whole staff, we are encouraged by these people, blessed by their sharing in the effort, and grateful for their willingness to leave their mark here.

Thank you to each of you who have given of yourselves in some way to the work done at Whisper Mountain! You are a blessing!

Trail Mix // Episode 13

Bjwedd{photo by Lauren Cardwell Photography}
Whether serving as Whisper Mountain summer staff or adventuring into marital bliss, Brian and Jaclyn have left their imprints of generosity, love, passion, fun and creativity on Whisper Mountain! (Nevermind their general awesomeness!) We get to peek into their newlyweddedness (it's a word today!) as they link up to their walks with Christ in our trail mix episode! Check it out!


{if unable to view the above video, click here}

Let's put on our love lenses and stand on the side of good!

Upside Down & On His Way Down

We've been dragging ourselves along in some areas and feeling upside down in details the past few weeks (mostly Patti) as we prepare for the annual Whisper Mountain Board meeting. Last year's board meeting was held here at WM, but this year Marty will be traveling to Florida. The point is to reconnect the guys with all the happenings of the camp and then to help direct the moving forward of the ministry!
Upside-down3I know there will be a little breathing happening the next few days…a sort of dignified flopping in Patti's case!

If you would, please pray for Marty heading down to FL (and truck to hold up!), wisdom and great sharing of ideas, and a reigniting of excitement and passion for all the camp is about! These guys are awesome! We're glad they are on our team!

What team(s) are you a part of serving alongside of? Isn't it great to be a part of something with others who care about the same thing?! Happy Serving & Happy Day to you!

Nothing Short of Inspiring

Seniors-work-team-1A caravan of experienced and willing hearts teamed up to bring Whisper Mountain a week of service!


The men spent the week investing in several little and a couple bigger jobs around camp. A Laundry Room makeover was completed (on the inside!).



Construction of two bench/picnic tables was completed!

Seniors-work-team-7Starts out as a bench, folds down to be a table! Yeah, pretty awesome!

The ladies spent their week on the details we don't have time for but are ever so necessary! One of these details was preparing sweet sacks for a holiday extravaganza WM participates in via volunteers down in FL! 

Seniors-work-team-8Another big deal was prepping dinner for our whole staff each night! ummmmm….completely awesome!

Seniors-work-team-10I scream for (homemade) icecream!!!!

They even were able to help serve a group we had in over the weekend!


For Tegan, it was a whole new set of grandparents to love on him! He even called her Grandma!

Our entire staff felt completely blessed by these beautiful people! Though they never felt they did enough, for us, the encouragement of people wanting to come along side and support our efforts did more for us than we could ever ask! People giving of their time to serve God in whatever way they can…nothing short of inspiring.

Seniors-work-team-13Camp always brings out the crazies in our *campers*! ("COL-ON!!")

Thank you for coming to spend the week with us, for your thoughtfulness, your generosity, your fellowship! May God richly bless you and continue to use you to bring Him glory!

How have you been inspired lately?

tweens & cool people

Oh, our weekend…was a "camp weekend" as our family calls it! Which for you translates, our time and energy was spent at Whisper Mountain! And truly, what a good time it was! Included a sleepover with some giddy tween girls playing working on a school video project, as well as cool people, AKA the Workman Family, coming from Hilton Head to find a little rest and to serve us via work projects! Here's a few snapshots to bring you into the fun!Workman weekend 1

Workman weekend 3//tweens shooting their rendition of Holes (dun-dun-dun)//

Workman weekend 2 //Shaun's idea of a perfect marriage//

Workman weekend 4//a fort for the big boys/girls (paintball course) in the works//

Workman weekend 6Workman weekend 5//new outdoor seating was assembled (and enjoyed indoors)//

Workman weekend 7//beautiful (but cold) days and time with friends in the out of doors//

How much better can it get? Well, take away sleep deprivation from the giddy tweens! Then, how much better can it get?

Happy Monday to you, friends. Excited about what the week holds! And you, what are you looking forward to this week?

not just a weekend!

Whisper Mountain has been loving a couple things over this past weekend! 


Some of this past summer's staff (and a friend!) joined us for a few days of serving/ministering to the retreat group that leaves us today! We just love how they love to come back as often as possible! We think they are pr-e-t-t-y GREAT! And getting to see what God continues to do in and through them excites and encourages us! (love you guys!)


With what has seemed to be struggle and challenge at every turn, this group of teenagers and their leaders have come away to this quiet place called Whisper Mountain with one hope and one prayer. God, do something BIG in the hearts of each person attending. How thrilling to share with you this news: God-things have been happening! People are choosing Jesus! For this reason alone, we pour ourselves out, and *give up* what some might call a *normal* life! May Christ continue to be proclaimed, received and followed after! Both at Whisper Mountain and in your living as well! To Him be the glory!

the thread remains

Both wonderful and dreadful is the coming and going of many amazing people in our camp world. Getting to know, hear the stories of, be challenged by such diverse people always puts me in awe of how God works intimately and intricately with His people, for His people and through His people. A tapestry of beauty.Stones-at-whisper-mountain-3 More than thirty years ago, Marty and Patti met Dennis and Corrie Stone at college. Time carried on, paths went different ways, and life got busy as it always does. They kept in sparse contact over the years, until last year when the Stones (who are both teachers) wondered if they could come serve with us for the summer. Corrie became our cook (bless her!)Stones-at-whisper-mountain-2 (this summer's kitchen crew!)

and Dennis became our help in grounds & general maintenance!Stones-at-whisper-mountain-1 (this summer's maintenance crew)

I think I speak for us all when I say that they blessed our socks off as we served with them and got to (re)know them! As this summer approached we were excited to hear they wanted to give their time and energy for the month of June! You know those people that you can pick right back up where you left off, as if you never said goodbye? Like they are part of the family? That's how it is with the Stones.  We laughed with them, struggled with them, shared our world with them! Not too challenging to feel at home with them! Stones-at-whisper-mountain-4What is dreadful about feeling at home with people is the saying goodbye. Today we said goodbye to these most humble, fun and generous people!  Stones-at-whisper-mountain-5
Stones-at-whisper-mountain-6 But all wrapped up in the dreadful is the wonderful! In their going they have left us to soak up the love they shared, hearts to make God famous, encouragement through having watched them pour themselves out with no thought to themselves. They have left that scarlet thread that never really leaves our tapestries, but continues to weave us together in the family of God until that day when we never say goodbye again!