CWE Build | Week Two

The volunteers from last week’s group were just as excited to be serving as the first week! They were responsible for putting on the roof and siding, and they did so with gusto! Because of their hard work, they finished early and were able to enjoy a little swing by choice on our ropes course at the end!

We’ve put together a video we would love for you to watch! Let us know what you think of all that’s happening!

We are entirely grateful for each person who gives their time and energy and talent to be a part of this building! God continues to encourage us by His provision, but also His people!

Author & Photography | Cassi

3 Reasons You Should Take a Trip With Your Life Group

3 Reasons to Take a Trip with Your Life Group.jpg

Have you ever been asked to take a trip with people you don’t know super well (or maybe you do) so you all can work tirelessly together? Maybe it feels too hard to pull away from your schedule, maybe you loathe long car rides, maybe you don’t really like the people you’d go with, or maybe working isn’t exactly how you want to spend your week(end).

We completely understand how you feel! Those are legitimate reasons to say no. Here are a few reasons you might want to think about to help you say yes!

Deepen Community

Entire Kreller GroupEven if you aren’t sure if you like the people, a weekend away with a community helps deepen relationships. You might be surprised by the comradery found with people different than you. You might laugh with people you thought to be boring. You might connect with the most unlikely person in the crowd. A weekend is a short commitment with often a very big return!

Strengthen Family

Cup FunIf the trip includes family, getting away from your everyday helps you bond with each other in fresh ways. Experiencing something different together helps you get to know each other better or strengthens what already exists. Those family relationships can always use a fresh breath of togetherness! If the trip is service oriented, getting to be an example of helping others builds into the character of your kids which ultimately strengthens the family. Husbands and wives serving others together ultimately strengthens the marriage.

have Fun

Serve Others. Kids

We are pretty good about working hard, right? But we don’t always make time to play! Our mental and emotional selves just need a little “let loose” sometimes! A trip, even if service oriented, can be just the touch of fun you need! If you work indoors and at a desk most of the time, the outdoor work of a service trip can actually feel fun because it’s different than your norm! Getting out to move that bod and soak in the outdoors refreshes the spirit!

Here at Whisper Mountain, we really enjoy having families and community groups come serve with us throughout the year! Their help with projects around the property makes a difference and encourages us greatly, but we also enjoy seeing the benefits of their group/families growing stronger together!

Building community can feel scary. Strengthening your family can feel overwhelming. Having fun can too easily get pushed back as unimportant.  We hope you’ll stay intentional to build into these things because they really do matter. Be brave! Take a road trip with some people! Go serve somebody!

Thanks for reading here today!

PS: The pictures above are from the Kreller Class Life Group’s recent trip to Whisper Mountain. A few years ago they helped us make a video about families serving together!  Watch that video!

power in the lines

After days of working endlessly to repair a home structure problem. After piling kids and belongings into the car for a twelve hour drive north. After car problems leave them stranded for hours. After climbing the last of the trip into the mountains of North Carolina, we welcomed Keith and Cheryl and family to Whisper Mountain. Cheryl had been praying for four years to be able to come up to camp! Four years! Keith offered us the skills of an electrician for the building of our Volunteer Cabin.

Electrician Serves at Whisper Mountain Camp

Electrician Serving at Whisper Mountain CampWe enjoyed the company, the help, and the sacrifices they made to spend a week with us. Cheryl spent her first Easter away from her family in order to be here. Her husband missed days of work. Their son is battling muscular dystrophy and being on the hills was difficult for him.

Electrician Serving at Whisper Mountain Camp 1We are always floored by the generosity of people investing their time, talent or resources to further the work being accomplished here at camp. We made new friends and new memories and are completely grateful for all this family offered during their time with us.

Thank you Keith and Cheryl and family for all you sacrificed to be with us and lend a helping hand! We very much appreciate you and look forward to seeing you all again!

Awesomeness Takes the [2013] Stage >>> Luke & Jake

Let's kick off the week with some more awesomeness in the form of a duo! Mostly because I'm behind and running out of time, but also because they kinda go together anyways!

Whisper Mountain Staff Luke and JakeJake and Luke, The Dangerous Duo. At least that's what the weeds say as this duo immerses themselves in chigger infested lands where the grasses grow tall, the snakes slither, and the stinging insects harass! With weed-whackers in hand they face opposition at every turn, defeating the army of overgrowth trying to conquer the camp! (hee, that was fun!)

Whisper Mountain Staff Jake1Jake started his summers at Whisper Mountain several years ago as a camper…a very shy, hardly said two words all week camper! Two years ago (I think!) he spent his first summer on staff as a weed whacker! He keeps coming back for more and we were thrilled! Jake's a hardworking fella! I can't speak for everyone else, but his life encourages me. His life is such a picture of how God patiently grows us, transforming, shaping and molding us into something bringing Him glory. As I see Jake around the property working his little tail feathers off (weed whacking acres of property isn't for the faint of heart mind you!), I see a quiet confidence growing in him, a charisma making him quite enjoyable to be around.

Whisper Mountain Staff Luke1Jake drafted his pal Luke to join this summer's weed whacking crew. As I was thinking about what to share about Luke I kept chuckling to myself. An outgoing chap, Luke comes up with some pretty random stuff. All I can do is laugh! As much as he is random, he also loves Jesus! His hard work and positive attitude was definitely an asset to our team! Sadly he had to leave us recently, but we are thankful for the time he was able to spend with us! Thankful for all the blood, sweat and tears (well, I never saw those!) poured out to help make Whisper Mountain look as well-groomed as it does!

You can keep up with Luke's randomness on instagram @lukeskywalkerjr

I'd love to have you experience moments with Jake too, but he never posts pictures. In case my harassing inspires him (unlikely!) you can find him @turkey_thug96.

Let's make Monday awesome, friends!

a ninja has been hanging around camp

Coggins Tricia
Coggins Lydia
Coggins Gracie2(last two photos taken by Tricia!)
All this week Whisper Mountain has been enjoying the presence of the three beauties you see above! And we get them for another week! You may recognize them from their recent trip or the video they were in! Aside from their general awesomeness, this is why I'm excited Tricia is here:

Coggins Ninja TriciaShe's a PHOTO NINJA!!! Armed with her two cameras and a whole lotta spunk, Tricia has been helping to capture the camp week for campers and future marketing of WM. How awesome when someone's talent becomes a blessing because it was offered as help to others. Just how it's supposed to be done. (That whole pulling together thing we were chatting about the other day!) I personally have been blessed because it's a whole lotta work keeping up with the clicking, editing, sharing for ten weeks each summer! Second man on the job makes a world of difference!

Coggins Gracie
Coggins Lydia2
(two pics above were taken by Tricia!)

Gracie and Lydia have been enjoying long days of roaming the hills, tasting some of the adventure and stealing tootsie rolls from the awesome jar!

Coggins camperIf it weren't for a very generous couple donating their pop-up camper to Whisper Mountain, Tricia and the girls might be sleeping in the clubhouse!! Whoa…did you see that? The whole team thing just kicked in again. We are all thankful they have a place to rest their weary heads for the two weeks they are serving with us! The quarters are tight, but that's all part of the adventure, right?! (their dad will have to sleep in the clubhouse when he comes next week!)

Tricia, thank you doesn't cut it, but there's no other words to say. We appreciate your willingness to give up two of your weeks to serve with us and offer your talent to bless us and the work we are on mission with. You are a gift! True story.

Awesomeness Takes the Stage // Katie

Here we go with our second staff highlight! (catch the first one here)


// welcomed in love but came prepared with her own "love"! //

Awesomeness-kt1// finds a happy spot while rock climbing //

Awesomeness-kt2// is the perfect balance of girl and tom boy //

Awesomeness-kt3// also a member of the Bros on Ice Band (silliness at WM!)

Awesomeness-kt5// fun to be with no matter who you are //

Peek insideKatie was our first camper at Whisper Mountain. She came up from Florida to go on a backpacking trek the first summer we were open (six years ago)! Since then she's kind of worked her way into our affections and made herself part of the family, returning each summer to help out! We wouldn't have it any other way! 

Cassi: Why did you want to be a Guide (summer counselor) this year?

Katie: I sound so shallow but I just love it here!

Cassi: Um, you're not shallow, it's just awesome here! What do you wanna be when you grow up?

Katie: Either a lawyer or a philosopher for Christ, kind of a CS Lewis type thing

Cassi: (sheesh, she's so smart!) What's your favorite verse?

Katie: James 1:19 "everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger"

Cassi: Do you have anything you want our WM friends to be praying for?

Katie: that I will be listening for what He's saying to me and with the whole philosophy thing that I will be able to answer in wisdom

Katie's heart isn't always shared in words but is most definitely shared through the spending of her energies each day. Such fun and full of love! I'm grateful for her being a part of our camp but also our lives! She's pretty awesome! Please be in prayer for her as she serves with us this summer!

Wishing you heaps of awesomeness in your day!