teens making a difference

Gateway at Whisper Mountain 5When teens are given the chance to walk outside of themselves to help another they are able to realize their time and efforts can make a difference! Mission work teams are such a beautiful thing.

Work Service

Gateway at Whisper Mountain 3
Gateway at Whisper Mountain 1
Gateway at Whisper Mountain 2
Gateway at Whisper Mountain 4

Fun of Camp
Gateway at Whisper Mountain 7
Gateway at Whisper Mountain 6

Gateway at Whisper Mountain 8

Intentional Times with Jesus

Gateway at Whisper Mountain 9
Gateway at Whisper Mountain 10…it all adds up to a pretty awesome week!

I hope your day is filled with the open opportunity to Shine Jesus and know Him more!

mix of life

Last-week-3Though in many ways we don't want to face the ending of our summer, the reality is we enter our last week of summer camp today.

Last-week-2The window of our staff's service with us is closing. This is my least favorite and most loved time of the year. I am ready to embrace some serious resting! But saying goodbye to these now-family people makes my heart hurt! You've glimpsed their awesomeness so maybe you can glimpse the aching!


Last-week-5The summer is marked by fun and silliness and bonding and growing…

Last-week-1…but certainly memories of unwanted things are slithered in as well. But isn't that life? Both the good and the bad, the joy and the sorrow, the struggle and the victory all lumped together into one big heap. The richness of life is found as we grow through it all!

Whether on the brink of change or struggling through monotony may you find strands of good lacing your mix of life!

Blessings to you!

building more than a deck

Whisper mounain deck build1With these guys at camp all week, we've been able to build the deck up by the cabins. Campers will now have a place to sit and relax (other than the bathhouse porch!!), meet in small groups, and more during their stay with us.

Whisper mountain deck build2

Whisper mountain deck build3

Whisper mountain deck build5

Whisper mountain deck build6
Whisper mountain deck build4Don and Richard (and their wives whom you shall meet soon!) have done more than just help build the deck. They have blessed us with their fellowship and spirit-filled service! One of my favorite parts of camp ministry is the relationships that are built, the constant connecting and reconnecting with people who share the heart of finding God and volunteer their time, energy, skill, and finances investing with us to that end! (even if it puts me in the kitchen too often:)!!!) God's economy is all about community! And a Whisper Mountain community is being built with many, many people!

Whisper mountain deck build7

Whisper mountain deck build8(for those who may wonder…pickets and seating still need to be added!)

Whisper mountain deck build9We are glad you are a part of our community in your own little way!