Sam’s Journey at Whisper Mountain Camp | 2020

We first got to know Sam Wammock when she was a camper in 2011 and then as she returned for years until joining our Summer Staff team in 2016. (see these posts: 2016, 2017) Her story continued as she joined Full Time Staff last year (2019).

Today she is sharing with you how her story continues! Watch the video to see a quick peek of her through the years and hear what she has to say!

We love Sam’s heart for the Lord, how well she leads, her strong work ethic and her fun-lovin’ ways!

She tends to leave a mark wherever she goes. We know she will continue to do so as the Lord continues to lead and make Himself known through her.

We love you Sam! Thank you for your years spent Proclaiming Christ with us!

Until next time,
your Robbinsville family

Summer Camp 2019 | Robbinsville Locals + Mine City Baptist

The joining of two smaller groups made for a great week at Whisper Mountain Camp!

Robbinsville Locals.Mine Group.Adrienne

A little rain tried to mess our week up, but when you get to escape your noise, there’s no rain that can ruin that parade! Our Robbinsville Locals joined up with Mine City Baptist this past week. We never know for sure how groups will mesh together, but these guys all really enjoyed each other!

Mine City Archery at Whisper Mountain CampRobbinsville Locals at Camp.AdrienneMine City Bazooka Ball at Whisper Mountain Camp.adrienne

The safe and fun atmosphere we work hard to create is important. The intentional conversations and connections we work hard to establish are crucial. The purposeful activities we work hard too translate into tangible life lessons are useful. The encouragement and support we work hard to display can be game changing. But ultimately God’s love and grace infusing each of these opportunities is what makes camp at Whisper Mountain so special!

Robbinsville Locals Human Knot at Whisper Mountain Camp.adrienne.jpgMine City Smiles.adrienneMine City Encouragement at Whisper Mountain Camp

Daily activities bookended by God’s Word open up hearts and minds to hear God’s whisper.

Mine City Solo Time at Whisper Mountain Camp.AdrienneWorship at Whisper Mountain Camp.adrienne.jpg

May the friendship, experiences and growth found here continue to spur each one on to walking deeper and more fully with Jesus!

Robbinsville Locals Pamper Pole at Whisper Mountain CampLocals Hammocking at Whisper Mountain Camp

Thanks for spending the week with us, Locals and Mine City! Keep spending that time in God’s Word and pursuing His holiness! Until next time….

Author | Cassi     Photography | Adrienne + Cassi


Summer 2017 | Berry’s Grove & Robbinsville Locals

Being from similar small town living and quieter in nature helped our two groups meld into one this past week! Berry’s Grove and Robbinsville locals were a great fit!

Berr.Locals Blog Group

At the end of the day, the adventure (whether scary or exhilarating) and fun, the teachable moments and Gospel truth all hit us in personal ways. We find ourselves stretched and growing when we least expect it! These teens encountered moments like these! We pray they are better for it!

Click the picture below to catch a glimpse of their week with us!

BerrLoc Vid Pic

Thank you Berry’s Grove for entrusting your teens to us for the week! We pray God continues His work in you even when you go home! Robbinsville Locals, thanks for trusting us and coming to be a part of Summer 2017! Keep chasing Jesus!

See more of their week on our instagram feed using the hashtags #robbinsvillelocalsatwm and #berrysgrove

[Author + Photo Creds: Cassi | Video Creds: Christian Miller | Video Content Creds: Emilie, Chloe, Casey ]

Mt. Tirzah, Robbinsville Locals, Community Baptist | Summer 2016

The Whole Group Shot

For our last week of our tenth summer, we enjoyed welcoming three smaller groups together into one big happy family!  Mt. Tirzah, Community Baptist and some local Robbinsville teens meshed together so well, we had a hard time knowing who was with what group!

3in1 at Whisper Mountain CampCommunity Baptist CollageHigh Ropes at Whisper Mountain Camp

The week meant different things to different people, but in the end (we pray) it meant an encounter with God and His love. Whether they enjoyed getting away from their home lives, hanging with people they enjoy or experiencing fun and adventure, these teens were given a week of intentional connection from their leaders and our staff, the truth from God’s Word and a place to pause and hear some quiet.

Mt Tirzah. Community. Locals

We loved spending this historical week in Whisper Mountain’s history with you everybody! Thank you for coming to spend your camp week with us! You are a great crowd of people!

Keep God’s vantage point in mind in all you pursue! Whisper Mountain loves you!

Captured Moment // Get in the Boat

Whisper Mountain Canoe GirlsOur staff training week has been full of training, filming, photographing, skit planning, worship practicing, program strategizing — always something going on! Next week, I'm introducing you to a couple people I am the absolute most excited about it! They will kick off our 2014 Awesomeness Takes the Stage series! Are you excited?! (you should be!)

The above picture was from a photo shoot we did featuring some of the new products that will be in our online store! More will be seen next week, but this picture reminded me how we really are better when we are together. Going life alone never makes us stronger! May we both make room for a little togetherness this weekend!