we did it!

2011 summer staff Wow! We are having a hard time believing (although our bodies fully believe!) that summer camp at Whisper Mountain is all done! All the work of planning, preparing, and praying has finished for this season, though after a brief break the cycle will start again! We have welcomed, connected and worked with some of life's most amazing people! Now having said goodbye to all the summer staff, we begin the process of syncing back into "normal" life again! Part of syncing is the attempt to quiet ourselves that we might find His refreshment! I sincerely hope you find the same today!


Sfca 2 This is why we pour ourselves out day after day here at Whisper Mountain Youth Camp! Teens and adults coming to (re)discover the God in pursuit of their hearts, to find refreshment for their worn out souls, to experience connection with others in meaningful ways! Kind of a big deal!

SFCA, we have loved having you with us this week!

I want you to know:: you are worth God's pursuit of you! May you find Him trustworthy today!

This Week

Nest We are stepping out of the nest for a few days to find refreshment, encouragement, inspiration, training, and who knows what else!  We'll be joining hundreds at Ridge Crest for the annual 3CA conference (it's a camp thing!). I may be quiet in this space while there, but then again, I just might not be able to keep the inspiration to myself and will squeeze in time to bring you along the virtual road!  We'll see how it goes.  For now, may your nest be warm and your day bright!